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Last modified: September 09, 2021

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One Tool Example

Find Replace has a One Tool Example. Visit Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Alteryx Designer Cloud.

Use Find Replace to find a string in 1 column of a dataset and look up and replace it with the specified value from another dataset. You can also use Find Replace to append columns to a row.

Tool Components

The Find Replace tool has 3 anchors: 

  • Input anchors:
    • F input anchor (find): This input is the initial input table. This is the table that is updated in the tool's results.
    • R input anchor (replace): This input is the lookup table. This is the table that contains data used to replace data in (or append data to) the initial input.
  • Output anchor: The output anchor displays the results of the Find Replace tool.

Configure the Tool

The Find Replace tool configuration is has 2 sections: Find and Replace.

Find Section

  1. Choose the option that best describes the part of the column that contains the value to find:
    • Contains: Searches for the instance of the column value in any part of the column. The entire column does not have to only contain what is being searched for.
    • Starts With: Searches for the instance of the column value at the beginning of the column. The entire column does not have to only contain what is being searched for.
    • Exactly Equal To: Searches for the instance of the column value contained within the entire column. The instance has to be there in its entirety to be replaced with the new value.
  2. String Column to Search: Select the column in the table with data to be replaced (F input anchor) by data in the reference table (R input anchor).
  3. Find Value: Select the column from the reference table (R input anchor) that contains the same values as the String Column to Search field in the original table (F input anchor).
  4. Select optional search conditions:
    • Case Sensitive: This option includes the case in the search.
    • Match Whole Word Only: Strings are only matched if there are leading and trailing spaces. For strings at the beginning or end of a cell, there must be a space at the other end.

Replace Section

​​​​You can choose to replace data using these options:

  • Replace Found Text:
    1. Choose the column from the Replace Value dropdown (R input anchor) to use to update the original table (F input anchor) String Column to Search.
    2. Optionally select Replace All Matched Items. This should only be used if you selected Contains from the 1st option.
  • Create Columns with Replace Data:
    1. Choose this option to create a column populated with the reference table (R input anchor) data whenever the selected Find Value field data is found within the selected String Column to Search.
    2. Check the columns you want to create.
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