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Last modified: September 09, 2021

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One Tool Example

Generate Rows has a One Tool Example. Visit Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Alteryx Designer Cloud.

Use Generate Rows to create new rows of data. Use this tool to create a sequence of numbers, transactions, or dates.

The Generate Rows tool follows a process to generate rows of data. That process consists of an initial expression (applied to row 1), then a loop expression is applied (for example, an increment) that builds subsequent rows based on a condition (true or false) that ultimately builds rows until the condition is false, at which point the loop terminates.

Connect an Input

An input connection to this tool is optional.

Configure the Tool

  1. Choose to update an existing column or create a new column.
    • Create New Column: The tool is configured as an input. If this method is chosen, specify the new Column Header and appropriate Data Type and Size.
    • Update Existing Column: Assesses the rows coming in and adds new rows accordingly. An example is an input that contains a start and an end value where you would like to generate a row for each value in between.
  2. Specify the Expression to Generate Rows By to start the creation of rows.
    • Basic Expression: Specify the Start NumberIncrement By, and End Number to generate rows.
    • Advanced Expression: Use the Expression Editor to build an advanced expression to generate rows. 
      • Initial Value: Specifies the initial value using an expression. The 1st generated row is populated with the initial value. 
      • While Condition: Specifies a while condition for row generation. Rows are generated when the while condition is true. When the while condition is false, row generation stops.
      • Output Value Expression: Specifies an expression to compute the output. This is typically an increment that generates rows until the while condition is false.

To preserve hard-drive space, make sure to configure the While Condition expression so row generation ends.


● GenerateRows (5): The value did not change after the Loop Expression.

Adjust your Loop Expression to contain the column being modified.

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