Input Data tool

Input Data Tool

Last modified: September 09, 2021

Docs are available before the release of Designer Cloud so you can get a sneak peek. This content might change between now and the official release.

One Tool Example

Input Data has a One Tool Example. Visit Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Alteryx Designer.

Use Input Data to add data to your workflow by connecting it to a file or database.  

Configure the Tool

You have 2 options to add data to the Input Data tool.

Add New File

With the Input Data tool on the canvas, select Add New File to connect to a file in a local or network directory. 

My Files

The My Files window shows recently uploaded files. Select a file from this list to connect it to the Input Data tool.

Supported File Types

Alteryx Database .yxdb
Comma Separated Values .csv
Microsoft Excel .xlsx


Once your file is connected to the Input Data tool, you can configure the file using Options. Options vary based on the file or database to which you connect. See File Format Options.

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