Manage Workflows

Last modified: November 29, 2021

Docs are available before the release of Designer Cloud so you can get a sneak peek. This content might change between now and the official release.

You can save the workflows you build in Designer Cloud so that you can reuse them or share them with other users.

Save Individual Workflows

Save your workflow to the Alteryx Platform. With the workflow open, select File > Save As, then select the location where you want to save the workflow.

Export Workflows

Select File > Export to download your workflow to your local machine in .yxmd format.

Open Individual Workflows

Open a workflow that has been saved to the Alteryx Platform.

  1. Select File > Open.
  2. Select the workflow you want to open from the Files list.
  3. Select the file name and then select Open, or double-click the file name to open it in Designer Cloud.

Import Workflows

Select File > Import to open a workflow (.yxmd file) from a local file directory.

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