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Last modified: September 09, 2021

Docs are available before the release of Designer Cloud so you can get a sneak peek. This content might change between now and the official release.

One Tool Example

Message has a One Tool Example. Go to Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Alteryx Designer Cloud.

Use Message to report messages about a specific process in the Results window.

Configure the Tool

Message Timing

Select the Message Timing, which configures the time when the message is written and sent to the Results window. Use this option to capture the row count with the Message tool or to generate a message after an output has completed.

  • Before 1st Row is Processed
    1. Receive the 1st row from upstream.
    2. Write the message.
    3. Pass the row downstream.
  • Before Rows Where Expression is True: All rows pass through regardless of whether the expression is true or false.
    1. Receive a row from upstream.
    2. Evaluate the expression, which might depend on columns in that row.
      • If the expression evaluates as true, the tool writes the message before passing that row to downstream.
      • If the expression evaluates as false, the tool does not write the message.
  • After Last Row Is Processed
    1. Pass all rows downstream.
    2. Write the message.
  • After All Downstream Tools Run
    1. All downstream tools finish processing the passed rows.
    2. Writes the message.

Message Type

Select the Message Type the tool writes. For more information, see the Results window.

Message Priority

Select the Message Priority, which determines the behavior of the tool when it is used inside Macros.

  • Low: The message is only written when the tool is included in the workflow that's running.

  • Medium: The message is only written when the tool is included in the workflow that's running or inside a macro in the workflow. So it outputs if it is up to 1 level deep in a macro.

  • High: The message always writes regardless of how many levels of macros it is contained in. Conversion errors and error message types are always high priorities.

Replace This Tool's Standard Messages: When checked, the message replaces an existing message issued by the same tool. This is useful for messages that report tool progress, like reporting the number of rows that have been processed.

Write a Message

Enter the message you want to display. This message can be fixed text or built from data fields.


"Age:" + [AgeField] + "is outside the allowed limits."

[_RecordNumber_] Variable

  • Before First Row: [_RecordNumber_] always equals 1.
  • Before Rows Where Expression Is True: [_RecordNumber_] equals the row number of the expression you want to calculate.
  • After Last Row and After All Down Stream Tools Have Completed: [_RecordNumber_] equals the total number of rows passed through the tool.


    "Amount of records generated by Text to columns tool: " + TOSTRING([_RecordNumber_])

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