AYX Python SDK Release Notes

Last modified: December 12, 2022

2022 H2 Release

Fixed Issues


ID Description Issue Status
TVULC-814 Configure tool Help URL redirect issue. Fixed
TVULC-893 The ayx_plugin_cli produced tools always set the name to "Passthrough". Fixed
TVULC-915 Ayx 'build_utilities' reference in SDK/CLI conflicts with the existing PyPi package of the same name. Fixed
TVULC-962 The latest fixes to the SDK and CLI for FIPS had the same revision as the previous WHL file. Fixed
TVULC-964 Specify MarkupSafe==1.1.1 dependency in the CLI. Fixed
TVULC-992 Resolving Run/Dry Run issue from Live-Lock Refactor. Fixed
TVULC-1062 Tools installed in the HtmlPlugins directory might not load. Fixed
TVULC-1076 Investigate if an out-of-memory issue is out-of-process related. Fixed
TVULC-1080 The Python CLI can't load workspace JSON files from older CLI versions. Fixed
TVULC-1118 Fix tool Help URL redirect issue (Part 2). Fixed

Known Issues and Unresolved Defects


ID Description Issue Status
TVULC-718 SDK generates a message that is not translated. Known
TVULC-849 Don't skip complex tests on CI/CD system tests. Known
TVULC-871 Alteryx.read() returns "attempt to seek past the end of the file" on an empty incoming data source. Known
TVULC-904 Exceptions raised in plugin __init__ should cause an execution stop. Known
TVULC-1063 Error when a tool on the canvas is not given an incoming connection (but expects one). Known
TVULC-1114 The error state of a tool seems to affect other tools as well. Known
TVULC-1213 Platform-specific requirements for ayx-python-sdk are not working. Known
TVULC-1233 Resolve Plugin Init timing issue. Known

Test Client Known Limitations

We have identified these known limitations with the Test Client:

  • There is an intermittent issue where output JSON/CVS might be blank.
  • Ability to pass in arbitrary UI data. The ayx-sdk-cli plugin run function doesn't have the ability to pass in arbitrary UI data and custom data to a tool when run. This allows for passing what would normally be collected from the UI (for example, credentials/etc.) that is not present in the CLI.
  • Reading a large JSON array can be non-performant.
  • Inference logic limitation: The Test Client CSV/JSON readers contain logic for inferring schema based on data. Currently, our SDK sets this at one row of data. Regardless of the amount, if none of the data has a "null value", then the schema is "nullable: false" and this inference is incorrect.

2021.4 Release

2021.4 Known Issues


ID Description Designer Version Issue Status PyPi Version
TVULC-686 Automating DCM schema manual step. 2021.4.1.04899 Known ayx-python-sdk 2.0.0
TVULC-806 Sometimes, workspace JSON versions are not resolved nicely. 2021.4.1.04899 Known ayx-python-sdk 2.0.0
TVULC-814 Configuration of Tool Help URL doesn't redirect correctly. 2021.4.1.04899 Known ayx-python-sdk 2.0.0
TVULC-837 Optional Input runs twice when nothing is connected. 2021.4.1.04899 Known ayx-python-sdk 2.0.0
TVULC-856 Incomplete Tool ID work in SDK v2. 2021.4.1.04899 Known ayx-python-sdk 2.0.0


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE28475 The AYX Python SDK currently only supports datasets up to 4 MB. You might receive an error message, like "Received message larger than max (5038057 vs. 4194304). N/A Known
DE28660 Optional input anchors still require an incoming connection. N/A Known
DE28782 Currently, we do not support multiple connections on a single anchor. N/A Known
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