Connect API Overview

Last modified: March 23, 2022

Access Connect API Reference Docs

The Swagger documentation is now available in the Help, Guides, Feedback menu represented by a question mark icon in the upper right corner. To open the Swagger documentation, select API documentation.

Choose the API documentation option in the help menu.

Screenshot of API documentation in Swagger.

Get Started with the Connect API

This getting started guide runs through a common user flow to get familiar with the Alteryx Connect API. The examples use cURL calls. 

1. Login
2. Get Entry
4. Use Lucene Query
5. Create or Update Custom Field
6. Bind Custom Field to an Asset
6. Set a Custom Field Value for an Asset
7. Set Asset's Lifecycle
8. Logout

Overview of Endpoints

Endpoint Description


Use this endpoint to login.
You must provide username and password parameters.


Use this endpoint to logout.

Use this endpoint to get entry, entry parent or entry children. You must provide path parameter xid.
rest/1/lucene Use this endpoint to get entries, attachments, comments or todos by lucene query.
Possible query parameters: query (required), offset, and limit.
/rest/1/lifecycle Use this endpoint to set asset's lifecycle.
You must provide req parameter.


Use this endpoint to create a new custom field. 
You must provide params parameter.


Use this method to bind Custom Field to an asset.

/rest/1/field Use this endpoint to set an entry field value. 
You must provide req parameter.
/rest/1/admin/upload Use this endpoint to upload configuration files and loading job configurations to Connect.
Possible query parameters: removeConfigFiles.
/rest/1/jobs/execute Use this endpoint to execute the called loading job to Connect.
You must provide req parameter.
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