Last modified: July 08, 2021


The ImplementIncomingConnectionInterface class initializes an IncomingConnectionInterface for a tool. This class assumes your tool adheres to the standardized naming conventions:

II_Close() II_Init(const wchar_t * pXmlRecordMetaInfo) II_PushRecord(const RecordData * pRecord) II_UpdateProgress(double dPercent)

Because this is a templated class, you must specify the type when calling methods.



Initialize an incoming connection interface.

static void Init(int nToolId, const EngineInterface * pEngineInterface, IncomingConnectionInterface *r_pIncomingConnectionInterface, T_II *pII, bool bTakeOwnership)

nToolId: The ID of the tool calling the function.

pEngineInterface: A pointer to the Alteryxengine provided to the plugin's entry point.

r_pIncominngConnectionInterface: A pointer to the IncomingConnectionInterface object to initialize.

pII: An unmanaged pointer to the instance of your plugin.

bTakeOwnership: An option that determines if Alteryx is responsible for releasing the PluginInterface once processing is complete:

  • True: Alteryx is responsible.
  • False: Interface release is managed by the tool.
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