Python Engine SDK Classes

Last modified: August 05, 2022

This Python SDK uses outdated technology that limits your extension opportunities. We've built a new Platform SDK using Python and the latest open-source technology to deliver a vastly improved development experience. Go to Platform SDK to get started!

Classes allow you to control data and determine functionality, bundling them together for easy control. For more information on Python classes, see Python Documentation.

These classes can be used when creating custom tools.

Class Description Documentation
AyxPlugin Instantiate objects, create functionality that connects to the user interface, and manage data flow. AyxPlugin
AlteryxEngine Retrieve information from the Alteryx engine, like variable values or messages, and sort data on incoming data connections. AlteryxEngine
Field Retrieve or change values with different get and set methods for different data types. Field Class
OutputAnchor Access the output anchor and data connection, which includes methods to determine the record count, push records to the outgoing stream, or close the outgoing stream. OutputAnchor
OutputAnchorManager Access a specified output anchor. OutputAnchorManager
RecordCopier Duplicate an existing record, which can be used with RecordRef to create new records that match the existing dataset. RecordCopier
RecordCreator Create empty records. RecordCreator
RecordInfo Access data within a record and manipulate the information. RecordInfo
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