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react~Component → DateTimeField

Date component that allow input of date, time and datetime strings into a field input, time toggles and a calendar overlay.

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public static

propTypes: {"ariaLabel": *, "ariaLabelledBy": *, "ariaDescribedBy": *, "dateTimeDelimiter": *, "dateFormat": *, "timeFormat": *, "value": *, "onValueChange": *, "locale": *, "disabled": *, "hidden": *, "pickerAlignment": *, "min": *, "max": *, "tabIndex": *}


Static Public Members

public static propTypes: {"ariaLabel": *, "ariaLabelledBy": *, "ariaDescribedBy": *, "dateTimeDelimiter": *, "dateFormat": *, "timeFormat": *, "value": *, "onValueChange": *, "locale": *, "disabled": *, "hidden": *, "pickerAlignment": *, "min": *, "max": *, "tabIndex": *} source



tabIndex number
  • optional

Sets tabindex attribute on the primary element tag to modify the tab order.

locale string
  • optional
  • default: window.Alteryx.SystemLanguageCode || 'en-US'

Specifies the language and format of the date time picker. should be a Language Culture Name listed at https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee825488(v=cs.20).aspx. Not all are supported by MomentJS.

pickerAlignment string
  • optional
  • default: 'left'

Optional value to make the picker fly-out align to the right edge of the date time fields input box.