Aide Pour Développeur

Accédez aux SDK et aux API qui vous permettent d’étendre la fonctionnalité et la flexibilité des produits Alteryx.

Alteryx SDKs

Alteryx SDKs let you extend your Alteryx experience in several different ways.

Build Connect Loaders

Connect Loader SDK allows you to create custom loaders for existing databases, as well as create and integrate custom metadata and object types into Alteryx Connect.

Build Custom Tools

While Alteryx provides a wide range of functionality with the available tools, you might find that you perform a specific action that could be better served by a custom tool. Custom tools allow for distribution within your organization and environment while still leveraging the speed and flexibility of Alteryx Designer and Gallery.

Create Custom Formula Functions

You can create custom functions that users can access in Alteryx Designer anywhere that an Expression Editor is available in the tool configuration.

SDK Quickstart Guide

Learn how to use the latest developer tools to create a custom plugin or tool for use in Alteryx.

AYX Plugin CLI Quickstart

The AYX Plugin CLI provides a single mechanism to guide you through the entire SDK development process, from scaffolding to packaging.


The AYX UI SDK is a React-based software development kit that lets you build custom applications to use within the Alteryx platform.

AYX Python SDK

The AYX Python SDK lets you extend the functionality of Alteryx Designer via custom tools and plugins. This SDK serves as the back-end engine component.

Custom Plugin Testing

Maximize development cycles by testing your plugins ahead of time without Designer.​ Use the SDK plugin unit test scaffolding and Testing Client to perform unit and client-side testing.

Alteryx APIs

Our APIs let you programmatically interact with Alteryx products to extend and customize your experience.

  • Programatically execute Alteryx Designer workflows via the AlteryxEngine API.
  • Integrate Alteryx functionality into your own systems with the .NET API.
  • Access data from Connect with the Connect API.
  • Access data from your Gallery with the Gallery API.
  • Access data from Alteryx Analytics Hub with the AAH API.

Get Started with APIs

AlteryxEngine API

Connect API

Gallery API

Analytics Hub API

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