Improving Our Products with Usage Data

Last modified: September 14, 2023

Alteryx understands that the enhancements we make to our products are driven by the invaluable use cases demonstrated by our customers. While we recognize that data analytics is a common feature of the products and services we all consume on a regular basis, it is our intention to take measures to limit user-specific information where practicable in the circumstances. Alteryx takes user privacy seriously and we endeavor to provide adequate transparency about how and when we utilize usage data. Alteryx telemetry refers to specific usage events that are automatically logged by Alteryx software before being shared with Alteryx. Alteryx maintains oversight of the data events for which usage data is collected and incorporates customer feedback, industry research, and cross-functional technical when designing event specifications.

Examples of usage data that is collected as part of telemetry include: 

  • Details relevant to troubleshooting and error resolution, as well as to identify preventative support measures, such as software version number.
  • How and when feature sets are used within Alteryx, such as search behavior within a product interface.
  • Device data, such as the number of cores.
  • Browser interactions, limited to sessions within Analytics Hub, such as mouse clicks.
  • Relevant configurations of Alteryx software products, such as Alteryx language preferences.

Alteryx follows best practices and makes every reasonable effort to prevent the collection of metadata about an environment that might be regarded as confidential or proprietary. Alteryx does not collect metadata outside of the Alteryx software product. The input and output data processed within Alteryx is never subject to collection. This means that while we are interested in how our customers use Alteryx products, we do not view, collect, or use the data our customers process within our products. Protecting the confidentiality of our customer data is our first priority and we implement our telemetry strategy accordingly.

Collection of Personal Data 

As further described by the Privacy Policy, Alteryx may collect data attributable to an individual through a few primary sources: directly from the individual or his/her employer (e.g., to administer license keys or log-in credentials); from Alteryx partners and data processors (e.g., as part of participation in Alteryx Community); and as described above, through use of Alteryx products and services. As part of the usage data collected within Alteryx products, the following Personal Data elements are collected:

  • Persistent unique identifier (UID) for each user
  • Device hostname
  • User email address, provided at signup or through a user registration process
  • IP address

Purposes for Processing Personal Data

License Administration and Compliance

Alteryx may use the Personal Data elements listed above, together with other individually identifying information directly provided by a user or the user’s employer, in order to administer licenses to Alteryx’s products (e.g. to log the fulfillment of allocated licenses), and to ensure compliance with the terms of the Alteryx End User License Agreement (“EULA”). Alteryx may also use usage logs that include Personal Data in order to protect and enforce Alteryx’s IP rights, such as by identifying instances of unauthorized product use.

Security; Legal and Regulatory Compliance 

To the extent Alteryx must investigate the use of its products, usage logs that contain Personal Data may be used to identify the source of a security risk (e.g., the introduction of malicious code); to ensure compliance with the EULA and other Alteryx terms of use and policies, as well as compliance with all laws and regulations; and to comply with any lawful requests by law enforcement or regulatory authorities. 

Legal Basis for Processing

Personal Data collected through the use of Alteryx products is processed on the basis of legitimate interests for the purposes outlined above. 

Data Controller Obligations

Alteryx acts as a data controller with respect to all Personal Data processed by Alteryx globally and has adopted privacy practices across the organization to address its regulatory requirements, including specific, local regulations in the European Economic Area, Asia Pacific, and the United States. More information about how Alteryx handles the Personal Data of its users, customers, and others, including obligations of Alteryx’s third-party data processors, data transfers, and the data access rights of individuals, is provided in the Alteryx Privacy Policy, found at

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