Microsoft Power BI

Last modified: August 09, 2021
Connection Type

Alteryx Tool (available from the Alteryx Analytics Gallery)

Release Notes
Version Description
  • Built-in multitenant Azure App with an option to use custom Azure App 
  • Supports multiple table inputs 
  • Keeps existing dataset and its structure with updating/overwriting data 
  • User can select which workspace to work with
  • Proxy support 
  • Compatible with Alteryx Designer version 2021.2.2 and later
  • Removed pre-packaged virtual environment configuration in support of .yxi installer enhancements made for Designer 2020.2.
  • Add/correct the metadata search tags to both the config.xml in the yxi package and the tool’s configuration xml files.
  • Fix issue with request-oauthlib version conflicts with oathlib version 2.0.6 at runtime.
  • Tool metainfo update.
  • Added support for selecting a data set and table from a populated dropdown.
  • The new YXI Power BI Output Connector with the following improvements from existing macro.
  • Adds support for selecting Power BI workspaces other than “My Workspace”.
  • Updates UX to match other YXI Connectors.
  • Name changed to Power BI Output.
v1.0.0 (deprecated)
  • Initial release.


接続に使用される Alteryx ツール

Microsoft Power BI Output Tool

Microsoft Power BI 出力ツール


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