Box Output Tool

Last modified: August 16, 2021

Use the Box Output tool to write the data to your Box workspace. 

Tool Configuration 

To install the Box Output tool, in Designer open the Box Output yxi file you have downloaded from Alteryx Analytics Gallery.  

To install the Box Output tool for all users, open the Designer app with administrator credentials.

  1. Select the Box Output tool to navigate to the configuration panel. 

  1. You can either Select Existing Connection or enter your credential details in the left side panel.
    You can choose from following authentication methods: 

    1. Sign in via Internet Browser – a pop up window appears to grant the access to Box. 

    2. Provide Access Token - authentication with an access token generated to call for your account without going through the authorization flow.   

You can also choose to Connect through your own Box application with the client ID and secret. 

  1. Select Connect

  1. Choose the files collection from Collections dropdown menu. 

  1. To select the file or folder to write the data in, you can enter full file or folder path in File Path textbox, use Search to find the file with its full name with extension, or select a file from tree view. 

  1. To create a new file

    1. select Add File to create a new file: 
      1. By Name - write an output to a new file with the given name. 
      2. By Field - write an output rows to new files named by the column. 
    2. using the file path: 
      1. write the file name with file extension in the File Path field and press enter, 
    3. select appropriate file format on Options tab. 
  2. Select Run to run the workflow. A new file is created and displayed in the tree view. 

    You can create a new folder using file path.


  3. In the Options tab, you can choose the File Format. Option fields are updated based on the selected file extension. 

XLSX File Format Configurations 

  • For the XLSX file format, in the Options tab you can choose the Existing File Action (Rename, Overwrite, Append, and Abort) and select whether First row contains field name

In the Data tab you can select Data Range: 

  • By Sheet Name - the sheet name which will be created in Box, including the starting cell. 

  • By Field - to create the multiple sheets based on the field name of the input sheet. 

CSV File Format Configurations 

  • For the CSV file format, in the Options tab you can select File FormatMax Field LengthField Delimiter (Comma by default), Quote Character (None by default), and Code Page
    You can also choose whether to Write Headers, Start Data on Line, and Existing File Action (Rename, Overwrite, Append, and Abort). 

YXDB File Format Configurations 

  • For the CSV file format, in the Options tab you can select Existing File Action (Rename, Overwrite, Append, and Abort). 


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