Promote 2018.4 Release Notes

Last modified: October 10, 2019

New Features

  • Promote accepts model-package dependencies you install from private Git repositories via personal access token (PAT) authentication over HTTPS. Promote doesn't currently support SSH.
  • Promote supports API key rotation.
  • Use a browser-based GUI to install Promote.

Known and Fixed Issues

ID Description Issue status
DE18081 Previous versions of the Promote R Client (versions 1.1.0 and earlier) set the src parameter to "CRAN" by default in calls to promote.library. This no longer causes redeploy issues for R models when you upgrade to 2018.4. Fixed
DE18080 A 400 Error sometimes occurs when you try to access the Promote UI through a browser after you upgrade. Known
DE18079 Model UI logs show duplicate output in some cases. Known
US42457 Installation fails if a Docker network subnet conflicts with the internal IP address of a node in the Promote cluster. Known



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