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Microsoft Azure ML Scoring Tool

Last modified: July 29, 2020

This is a beta tool. Do not schedule this tool or use it in production.

Use the Azure Machine Learning Scoring tool to score data from an Alteryx workflow. You must have an existing Microsoft Azure machine learning experiment. See Azure ML Training Tool.

To use this tool, sign up for a Microsoft Azure account.

Gallery tool

This tool is not automatically installed with Designer. To use this tool, download it from the Alteryx Analytics Gallery.

Tool Configuration

Experiment Setup

Experiment Name: Provide a name for the experiment you want to use to score your input data. The Azure Machine Learning Scoring Tool will select the model with the highest performance metric (accuracy for classification; R-squared for regression) from the experiment you select. To avoid an error, the input data schema must match the original training data.

Azure Credentials

For more information about identifying your Azure credentials, visit Microsoft Azure: Resource access management in Azure.

  • Subscription ID: Enter an Azure subscription ID.
  • Resource group: Enter an Azure resource group. If a resource group does not exist, a new one will be created.
  • Workspace name: Enter an Azure workspace. If a workspace does not exist, a new one will be created.
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