Designer 2020.3 リリースノート

Last modified: November 19, 2021

Release Note Product Versions

Version Date Release
2020.3.4.30228 September 1, 2020 Major
2020.3.5.30242 September 29, 2020 Minor

New Features

Find and Replace Window

You can now replace text in Designer via the Find and Replace window. Access this feature in the Designer main menu via Edit > Find or via the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut. Visit Find and Replace for more information.

Localization and International DateTime Support

  • International DateTime support was added to the Report Header and Date Time Now tools, as well as the DateTimeParse and DateTimeFormat functions.
  • Calendar display mirrors Alteryx Designer language instead of OS language.
  • Korean Code Page 949 was added to the Input Data tool.

Lock Workflow

The Encrypt Workflow feature is now called Lock Workflow. Additionally, you now need to acknowledge that you understand the Lock Workflow feature before you can lock your workflow.

Tool Conversions

The Dynamic Replace tool was converted to AMP. With AMP, you can now use these built-in macro tools: Select Records, Count Records, Weighted Average, Date Time Now, Random % Sample, and Create Samples. Additionally, the 17 Interface tools used in Analytic Apps have been converted to AMP.

We now have 74 fully converted and 14 partially converted tools for you to use with AMP. For more information about tools that have been converted from the original engine to AMP, visit Tool Use with AMP.

Text Mining

  • The Word Cloud tool has the option to Generate Phrases. If you select that option, the tool treats two-word phrases as single phrases.
  • The Image to Text tool can parse PDFs that contain multiple languages.
  • The Image Template tool has an extended markup field to accommodate more info.

Assisted Modeling

The Assisted Modeling tool has a new step. You can select whether you want the tool to walk you through each step in the modeling process or to build the model automatically.

Browse Tool Data Profiling

Several updates and improvements were made to the Browse tool data profiling:

  • Data Profiling in the Browse tool is now capped at 300 MB. This allows you to process very large datasets faster. For each record in the incoming dataset, we process the record and add the record size to a counter. Once the counter reaches 300MB, we stop processing records. It is important to note that there is no specific number of records we can process. The limit depends on the dataset since a record size can range from 1 byte to a few thousand bytes. This record size is different from the file size, displayed in the Results grid and Data Profiling Holistic View. The file size is generally different since it has been compressed to optimize spacing. In other words, 300 MB of record size is not the same as 300 MB of file size.
  • We added a Distincts count for Float and Double data types.
  • We updated the data type icons for all data types in Holistic Data Profiling.
  • We now show a sample icon when a field in the dataset shows only a sample of the full dataset.
  • You can now filter the Data Profiling Holistic view based on Fields (columns) and Data Types.

Email Events

You can now specify a port number for Email Events. The port number can still be added to the SMTP URL if needed.

Insight Tool

We fixed an issue that prevented users from creating filters in the Insights tool. Previously, the filter panel collapsed before a filter could be edited. This issue has been addressed.

Local Staging for Snowflake Bulk Loader

Previously, the Snowflake bulk loader only supported staging through an Amazon S3 bucket. You can now utilize Local Staging to stage data locally before it is copied to Snowflake. For more information, please visit Snowflake Help.

PostgreSQL Bulk Loader

The PostgreSQL Bulk Loading functionality stages the data locally and performs a bulk copy operation for more performant writing to the database.

Teradata Upgrade to 16.20

Teradata driver version 16.20 is now supported.

XLSX on Linux: Read and XLSX on Linux: Write

Users can now expect that XLSX files used in Input and Output tools will run with the AMP Engine when Use AMP Engine is selected.

One Tool Example for Insights Tool

A new One Tool Example (OTE) for the Insights tool is now available in Designer.

One Model Examples in Designer

One Model Examples, which feature tools from the Alteryx Intelligence Suite, are now built into Designer. Select Help > Sample Workflows > Learn One Model at a Time.


Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2020.3

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE7958 Unicode name of a nested file in .zip archive is garbled. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE11099 Problem writing spatial data to SQL server. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE13156 Batch Macro: Union tool setting changes output results. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE13529 Run Command tool sometimes throws an unhandled exception. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE16325 Google BigQuery: Designer is unresponsive when adding Interface tools. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE19220 Engine Log Timestamp Error: 1 minute vs. 60 seconds. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE19221 Engine Log Timestamp Seconds Field Issue 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE21191 Inappropriate error message is shown in the Multi-Field Formula tool in all non-EN supported languages. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE21770 Decision Tree: Glyphs in predictive graphs. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE21955 Date Time Now tool in Japanese UI misses several output format options. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE22492 Unable to create a new Filter for an Insight. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE22924 Certain sections of the Multi-Field Formula tool Configuration window are clipped and not fully visible. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE23592 Annotations are being translated at runtime. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE23661 Warning message no longer displays when you import less than 10,000 cells into the Text Input tool. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE23900 Table tool XML configuration contains localized content (it should not). 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE23958 With AMP Engine, Multi-Field Formula tool results with Missed Conversion errors. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE24007 TS Forecast tool is not handling MBCS column names. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE24237 Allow Select configuration component to be copied to the clipboard. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE24304 Select a sheet dropdown is no longer cut off for Excel inputs and outputs. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE24347 Render tools do not display Chinese or Japanese font and return a The font ???? could not be found message. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE24373 Connection errors don't show in Configuration runs with AMP Engine. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE24610 Report Text tool displays garbled field names. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE24685 Dynamic Rename ignores certain columns. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE24736 Oracle connection fails with a password that contains special characters. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE24816 Workflow with no output only generates 1 row of data, while the same workflow with AMP Engine generates the full 3 million rows. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25286 Maps will now render in the Map Input and Map Interface tools in certain proxy environments for admin users. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25316 With AMP Engine, Browse Map displays multiple records as selected when only one is selected. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25329 Column names are garbled in Forest and Score tools in the Japanese version of Designer. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25367 Strange wrapping in Interface tool's anchor ("Q"). 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25374 Fixed the tool connection visual after deleting a tool between Tool Containers. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25687 When a field or column is renamed to a lower case, the new name is not propagated to the next tool with AMP Engine. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25691 R tool reports an error and halts the execution when running Association Analysis macro. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25846 With AMP Engine, the Basic Data Profile tool returns an incorrect value for Values with Both Whitespace 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25874 With AMP Engine, YXDB Map Reference Layer does not render for App selection. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25875 Dragging map browse window can change highlighted shape with AMP Engine. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25918 Locked Analytic Apps should not show Open Debug for errors. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25931 Data Connections always show as red when Test button is used in Workflow Dependencies window. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25938 Cache run from Data Cleanse fails in AMP. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25969 Action tools in Macro don't work as expected with AMP Engine. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE26038 Japanese messages from the R tool are garbled. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE26130 Engine.WorkflowFilename logic changed with AMP Engine. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE26162 Folder path with Japanese characters in the Decision Tree tool causes an error. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE26213 Replace Window throws an exception when you search for an empty string. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE26332 Data Cleansing tool renames field in 2020.2. It doesn't return the original name. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE26343 Find Replace: Using the Enter key after results are found, clears the results. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
* The Topic Modeling tool correctly displays percentage values for the minimum and maximum dictionary options in the Configuration window. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
* The Topic Modeling tool more closely matches the tokenization method used in the Text Pre-Processing tool. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
* The Sentiment Analysis tool now displays only one warning for null rows. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
* The Image to Text tool can now parse single characters. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2020.3.5.30242

DE26637 ADLS can't connect to storage in proxy environment. 2020.3.5.30242 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE24958 Charting and Insights: Charts are not rendering in Gallery. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE25056 ToNumber function hangs if the string is not easily parsed. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE25287 Power BI is not able to use Proxy. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE25315 The BigQuery End User login option cannot connect in Proxy Server environment. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE25540 Entering CDATA into a Formula tool crashes Alteryx. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE25550 Interface Tools' annotations don't update when Questions or Actions are updated. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE25563 Alteryx Designer: Container doesn't automatically move while inserting tools in a workflow. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE25581 OneDrive Connector fails during run-time in Proxy Server environments. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE25704 Error code 400011: Publish to Tableau Server with .tds metainfo file. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE25753 Workflow upload to Analytics Hub is getting into an infinite loop if the workflow name is very long. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE25789 The Render tool displays an error when it uses more than 999 rows. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26017 VQB does not support SAP HANA Views. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26027 Download tool results with "InboundNamedPip GetOverlappedResult: The pipe has been ended." 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26029 Map Input and Map Interface tools can't pull map tiles when used in Proxy Server environments. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26077 Open functions don't catch the exception when the original engine YXDB reader discovers it has an AMP Engine YXDB file. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26134 An "Unhandled Exception Occurred" error appears in Designer when disabling and enabling containers with multiple nested and closed Tool Containers. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26161 With AMP Engine, the double Byte space in a formula causes errors. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26163 Disabling the in-product notification also disables the check for updates functionality. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26191 With AMP Engine, Spatial Object selection within Map Browse not highlighting when there are multiple record packets. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26223 Workflow returns the Invalid XPath error on Action tool in 2020.2 but works in 2020.1. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26237 Custom Mapping intermittently disabled due to Table Name casing using Snowflake. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26308 Selecting Overwrite with Skip Field Name, causes hang for XLSX. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26351 Multi-Row Formula tool intermittent error: "Multi-Row Formula. You have found a bug. Replicate, then let us know. We shall fix it soon." 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26366 Data Profiling Configuration window does not load properly. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26383 The Tree View ordering of Actions in Interface Designer is not used by AMP. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26423 Over translation issue on Radio Button (others too) Interface tool in Japanese UI. The "First N% or Records" translated to Japanese word. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26477 Report Text tool PCXML Expert Mode paired with Email tool (blank email template). 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26486 Data Profiling filters don't persist when opened in a new window. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26902 Output Data tool fails to overwrite or append to Excel sheet with multibyte characters in the path. 2020.3.4.30228 Known

*This defect does not have an associated defect number.


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