Learning Guide

Want to use Alteryx, but not sure where to start?
To guide you through your journey, we have provided a comprehensive list of available resources!

Getting Started with Designer

Ready to start processing your data with Alteryx Designer?

  • Manage your license to remove the gold locks on the tool icons. (English only)
  • Get familiar with the Designer interface by watching these introduction videos. (English only)
  • Use the Results window to gain insight into your data as you build.
  • Check out these use cases to see what other users have accomplished with their data. (English only)

Data Sources

Ready to dive into building your first workflow?


Want full access to content created by the Alteryx team, power users, and analytic gurus?

  • Register for Community, a place for users and builders to share resources and tools. (English only)
  • Get your questions answered on the forums by Alteryx users and experts. (English only)
  • Contribute your own knowledge and experiences by writing blog posts and responses. (English only)

Alteryx Academy

Looking for a self-paced learning tool to elevate your usage throughout your Alteryx journey?

Check out Alteryx Academy, a training institution that provides tools to take your skills to the next level. (English only)
  • Use Interactive Lessons to boost your skills. (English only)
  • Take Live Training or watch a past session to learn from Alteryx experts. (English only)
  • Complete the Weekly Challenge to stretch the way you think about problem solving. (English only)

Beyond Basics

Ready to advance your knowledge and expand your Alteryx capabilities?

  • Run Alteryx Starter Kits to see the spectrum of our capabilities, from platform integration, such as Tableau, Qlik and Salesforce, to sophisticated data insights, such as market basket analysis and A/B testing. (English only)
  • Master one tool at a time by applying the tactics used in the Tool Mastery series. (English only)
  • Learn tips and tricks to optimize your workflow, or even just make the building process easier and more fun. (English only)

Continue Your Journey

Ready to make use of all you've learned and join our growing data analytics community?

  • Attend user groups available across the globe, and discuss the product and the possibilities that will be opened with future development. (English only)
  • Join over 1,500 data analysts, business leaders, and Alteryx partners at Analyticon! This user-focused event includes customer break-out sessions, product training, and powerful keynote speakers. Look at previous years and see what's coming next! (English only)
  • Prove your skills with the Alteryx Certification Program, a series of exams that demonstrate your proficiency, communicate your expertise, and promote your personal brand in the global community and marketplace. (English only)

Your Relationship with Alteryx

Still have questions? Our relationship doesn't end with training.