Multi-Tenant Workspace Setup

Last modified: September 30, 2022

Sign In

Sign in to your workspace to access the Platform Portal. In the Platform Portal, you can access all of your licensed applications.

  1. Go to the sign in page.
  2. Enter the email address that you used to register for your workspace.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Select Sign In.

Platform Sign In Screen

Invite Users

Invite users to your workspace. If you intend to share the workspace with other users, you can invite them from within it. You must assign each user an application-specific role.

First-time users of the product should access it by invitation only. Don't provide direct URLs to first-time users.

  1. To invite other people to join your workspace, select Admin Console from the upper-right User menu.
  2. In the Admin Console, select Users.
  3. On the Users page, you can see the invited users or users who are members of your workspace. Select Invite users.
    1. Setup Workspace Users
  4. Enter a comma-separated list of email addresses of the users you want to invite to your workspace. Select Invite users to send an invitation email.

Assign Roles

When you initially invite users to your workspace, we assign their accounts a default, non-admin role. You might want to change the role or roles assigned to their account.

To access a specific application, such as Alteryx Machine Learning, you must assign a user a designated role.

  1. On the Users page, locate the user to assign new roles.
  2. From the context menu on the right side of the user's entry, select Edit.
    1. Workspace Edit Users
  3. In the Edit user dialog, you can modify the user's roles.
    1. To assign a new role, select it from the Roles dropdown.
    2. To remove a role, select the X next to it.
  4. For Alteryx Machine Learning, the application-specific role is ML user.
  5. To apply the changes, select Edit user.
  6. Repeat the above steps for each user that you wish to modify.

Getting Started for Workspace Users

This section contains additional steps for individual users.

Email Verification

We invite users to your workspace via email. Select the link in the email to begin using the product.

Check your Spam folder if you haven't received an expected invitation.

When you connect to the product, you might see a banner that indicates that you haven't confirmed your email address.

You can't invite other users to your workspace or receive email-based notifications from the product until you verify your email address.

  1. Select the button in the banner to send an email to the address that you used to register.
  2. Check your inbox for the verification email.
  3. Select the verification link.
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