Invite and Manage Users

Last modified: February 02, 2022

Only users with Platform Admin or IT Admin user roles can access the Users tab. For more information on user roles, see the User Roles page.

View Users

In Platform, there are Active Users and Invited Users:

  • Active Users: See the users who have signed in to Platform and what roles each user has.
  • Invited Users: See which users have been invited to Platform but have not yet signed in, and what roles each user has.

To search for an enabled user, enter a user's name into the Search bar. Note that disabled users will not appear from a search query.

Invite Users

Invite users to proactively inform them of their Platform access and to provide a link to their Platform instance.

To invite users to Alteryx...

  1. Go to Admin Users.
  2. Select Invite Users.
  3. Enter the email of all users you want to add. Make sure to separate emails with commas.
  4. Assign 1 or more roles to to the users. If you do not want to assign a role now, you can assign it later.
  5. Select Invite.

Make sure each user's email is the same as what's configured for Single Sign-On.

User Page

Once a user has been invited, a User Page is created for them. To access a specific User Page, select the user's Name from the list. 


To edit a user's Details, select Edit. Editable details include:

  • Role: Add a Role by selecting it from the dropdown. Remove a Role by selecting the X next to the role.
  • User Status: Enable or disable a user's access to Platform using the User Status dropdown.
  • Designer Link: The user's refresh token that links Designer Desktop to Platform. Select Remove All Active Links to remove all active refresh tokens.


  • Last Active: Notes when the user was last active on Platform.

Manage User Roles

Roles can be modified from the Users view or from their User Page. To modify a user’s roles from the Users view...

  1. On the user’s row, select the three dot menu.

  2. Select Product Roles.

  3. To remove a role, select the X next to a role. 

  4. To add a role, select the dropdown.

You can modify multiple users' roles at once from the Users view only. To modify multiple users' roles at a time…

  1. Check the box next to each user that should be modified.

  2. Select Add Roles to add roles.

  3. Select Remove Roles to remove roles.

Administrators can't remove their own administrative roles or disable themselves. Platform Admins can't assign or remove the IT Admin role.

Disable and Enable Users

You can disable users to temporarily restrict access to Platform. To disable a user from the Users view…

  1. On the user’s row, select the three dot menu.

  2. Select Disable. The user's row becomes unavailable.

To enable a user from the Users view…

  1. On the user’s row, select the three dot menu.

  2. Select Enable.

Update User Metadata

By default, Alteryx displays the 1st names, last names, and emails found in your IdP. Alteryx refreshes that info for a user every time they sign in. If you want to update a user's 1st name, last name, or email address, you have to make that change in your IdP or its associated Active Directory.

Update Local Admin

You can't update the Local Admin on your own. Contact Support.

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