Last modified: April 28, 2022

The Schedules page allows you to create and schedule Designer Cloud workflows to run at specific times.

Only users with the Designer Cloud Creator role can create and manage schedules. For more information on user roles, go to User Roles.

Navigate to Schedules

To navigate to Schedules, select Home from the Main Menu, then select Schedules from the header. On the Schedules page, there are 2 tabs: All and Runs.

  • All: This list shows the details of the schedules you’ve created, like the name, workflow, frequency, when it was created, the date and time of the last run, and the date and time of the next scheduled run. It also shows whether a schedule has been disabled. Hover over the Status column to see whether a workflow is enabled or disabled.
  • Runs: This list shows the status of each individual workflow’s last scheduled run, as well as details about the date and time the run was completed and how long the run took to complete. Hover over the Status column to see the status of each run.
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