Single Sign-On

Last modified: February 09, 2022

After you set up the Local Admin, you can set up Single Sign-On using your identity provider (IdP). After you complete this setup, your users can access Alteryx.

Only users with Platform Admin or IT Admin user roles can access the Admin tab. For more information on user roles, see the User Roles page.

Navigate to Single Sign-On

To navigate to the Single Sign-On page, select Admin from the toolbar, then select Single Sign-On from the side navigation menu. 



To configure the Settings, select Edit:

  1. Enter the Identity Provider Name. This name displays on users' sign-in screens as the sign in option.
  2. Select whether to enable Single Sign-On using the dropdown.
  3. Select whether to disable Local Admin access. If disabled, you will only be able to access Platform using single sign-on.
  4. Select Save.

Configure Identity Provider (IdP) Details

  1. Copy the information found in the SAML Metadata section. You need to enter that information into your IdP.
  2. Select the Attribute Mapping between Platform and your IdP. You need to sign into both Platform and your IdP.
    • email = Email or equivalent.
    • firstName = 1st name or equivalent.
    • lastName = Last name or equivalent.
  3. Copy the application's metadata URL. You need to enter that URL into Platform.
  4. In Platform on the Single Sign-On page, go to Identity Provider Details.
  5. Enter the metadata URL you copied in step 3 into IdP SSO URL.
  6. Select Test Connection (optional).
  7. Select Save.


If your IdP doesn't support metadata URLs, you can use the Add IdP Endpoint or Import IdP Metadata from XML File methods to add that information to Platform.

Assign Users

In your IdP, assign access by mapping your users, security groups, and roles to Platform. Users you assign to Platform can access the core components.

For more information on the different types of user roles in Platform, go to User Roles.


Admins can choose to send certain email notifications to users. To make sure users receive those notifications, we recommend that you whitelist email notifications from in your email service provider (ESP).

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