User Roles

Last modified: April 08, 2022

Alteryx uses Roles Based Access Control (RBAC) to restrict access to Alteryx products and some components of Platform. Users can be assigned multiple roles at once.

  • No Role: Users who have not been assigned a role.
  • IT Admin: For administrators who are responsible for setting up and managing enterprise applications.
  • Platform Admin: For department leaders and power users who manage user access on behalf of IT.
  • Designer Cloud Creator: For analysts who create and share workflows and datasets. This role grants users access to Designer Cloud.
  • Machine Learning Creator: For analysts who create insights and predictive models. This role grants users access to Machine Learning.

This table outlines the permissions associated with each role for different parts of Platform.

  No Role IT Admin Platform Admin Designer Cloud Creator Machine Learning Creator
Designer Cloud
Create and Run Workflows        
Import Workflows        
Import Data        
Connect to Data Sources        
Machine Learning
Import Data        
Train Model        
Create Predictions        
Manage Assets  
Download Assets  
Manage SSO Configuration        
Manage Users      
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