Administer Alteryx License Server

Last modified: February 27, 2023

Alteryx License Server allows a license administrator to locally deploy Alteryx products. The License Server operates offline so users can activate and deactivate Alteryx product license keys without having to connect to the Alteryx online activation service.

This article refers to the Alteryx License Server. For help with the product, Alteryx Server, go to Alteryx Server Help for Administrators.

Search for License Server

To search for a License Server...

  1. Sign in to the Alteryx Downloads and Licenses portal.
  2. Select Machines > Administer Machines.
  3. In the search area, select the filter icon.
  4. In the filter menu, select Local License Servers as machine type and also deselect all other machine types, so that the search results only show local license servers.
  5. In the filter menu, select a status.
  6. Select Apply to apply the filter.
  7. In the search area, select License Key, Machine Name, or Machine ID.
  8. Enter the search criteria and select Search.

Alteryx displays the machine matching the search criteria.

View Machines Served by License Server

To view all machines served by a License Server...

  1. Search for the Machine Name of License Server in the licenses portal's Administer Machines section.
  2. Select the Machine Name. Alteryx displays View Server.
  3. Select View Served Machines from the View menu.

Alteryx displays machines by machine name, machine ID, type, and license information.

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