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Last modified: July 08, 2021
Everything you need to know to get started with Alteryx Licensing.

About Alteryx License Keys

Alteryx uses FlexNet Operations (FNO) as a 3rd-party service to provide licensing administration. Alteryx is the producer of the license while a user is the user of the license.

Download and Install a Product

Alteryx products, like Designer, Server, and Alteryx Data Sets, are available for download from the Alteryx Downloads and Licenses portal.

Activate Alteryx

Use the online activation service to activate an Alteryx product, or use offline (file activation) to activate from a computer that cannot access the internet.

Manage Licenses in Alteryx Designer

View, activate, and manage product licenses, including data sets, Alteryx Designer Desktop Automation, and additional server CPU cores, in the Manage Licenses window in Alteryx Designer.

License Administrator Checklist

License administrators can administer machines and users in the Alteryx Downloads and Licenses portal.

Install and Use Alteryx License Server

Alteryx License Server allows license administrators to locally deploy Alteryx products.
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