Upgrade Guide

Last modified: May 05, 2022

Upgrading to a newer version of Alteryx? Use this list to upgrade Designer.

Optional Test Drive

Download a trial and run a few existing workflows to test drive the upgrade. You can download the trial here.

The 30-day trial installs the Non-Admin version and removes a previously installed non-admin version. You can download the trial on a separate machine or install the 30-day trial alongside an already installed Admin version. Go to the Alteryx Community for more instructions. Go to Alteryx Online Help to find out more about the Admin and Non-Admin versions.

Review Release Notes

Review Alteryx release notes for each product in our release notes documentation center.

Review System Requirements

Review system requirements and technical specifications to ensure your environment is ready for the upgrade.

Get to Know Your Secure Licensing Portal

Watch a video tour of the new licensing portal.

Review Your License Keys and Gather Credentials

Don't want to hand out license keys? Consider installing and using your own local Alteryx License Server in lieu of providing license keys to users. Go to Install and Use Alteryx License Server for instructions.

Ensure you have the license key email from your Alteryx account representative that contains your sign-in credentials and valid license keys. Find out more about the new license keys at About Alteryx License Keys.

  • Upgrading from Alteryx version 11.8 or newer? Skip ahead to the Perform the Upgrade section.
  • Upgrading from Alteryx version 11.7 or prior? Review your product license keys and then contact Fulfillment if you have any questions.

    Perform Upgrade

    1. Sign in to the Alteryx Downloads and Licenses portal at downloads.alteryx.com.
    2. Download and Install a Product
    3. Activate Alteryx

    Choose Your Activation Path

    Depending on the number of users in your company and how software is distributed, you might want to follow the standard online activation path, the offline activation path, or the command-line activation path. Go to Activate Alteryx Overview for an overview of all activation paths.

    Review Admin Checklist

    License administrators can administer machines and users in the Alteryx Downloads and Licenses portal. Users can view information about their machines. Go to the License Administrator Checklist.

    Plan Your Next Upgrade

    Plan for quarterly upgrades by visiting the release notes page each quarter. Go to the Alteryx Community and review topics by product to stay informed.

    Notify Your User Community

    Send a message to your Alteryx user community and let them know about the upgrade. Use the Release Notes to let them know about new features and capabilities. Point them to the Alteryx Community for training and getting started.

    We upgraded CEF to version 91.0.4472.124. You might encounter a blank screen when authenticating to OneDrive, Dropbox, Dataverse, Box, SharePoint, and Power BI Connectors. Please note that you need to update these connectors to resolve this issue. To learn more about Connector compatibility with Designer, go to Designer Compatibility with Data Connectors.

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