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Last modified: April 04, 2023

A license administrator can view license keys by product or by machine name. A license administrator can search to find specific information. For example, the license administrator can search the machine name to find out which license keys a user has activated.

View License Keys by Product

To view license keys by product...

  1. Sign in to the Alteryx Licensing & Downloads portal.

  2. Select the Licenses tab.

Alteryx displays a table with the Product Name, License Key, Available Seats, and license key Start and Expiration date. You can also include the expired licenses in the table by switching on the toggle button.

The following options are available from the Licenses page:

Search for Specific License Key

To search for a specific license key...

  1. In the License Key column header, select the filter.

  2. Choose Contains or Equals.

  3. Enter or paste a license key.

  4. Select Apply.

Search for License Key by Date

To search for a license key by either the start or expiration date...

  1. In the Start or Expiration column header, select the filter.

  2. Choose On, Before or After.

  3. Enter a date.

  4. Select Apply.

View License Key Details

Select the Product Name of a License Key to view the details. Alteryx displays the License Key information and a table with the User Name, Email, Machine ID, Last Modified date, and a button to Revoke an individual user’s access to the license key.

You can filter the User Name, Email, and Machine ID columns. 

To revoke multiple users, check the boxes next to their User Name, and then select the Revoke button at the top of the table.

Export Data

You can export the data from the Licenses and License Key pages into a CSV file.

  • The Simple export includes all licenses with current filters applied in the view.
  • The Complete export includes all licenses and all their machines. The size of the data affects the speed of export.

View Usage

Select the Usage tab to display charts of products and their available and in-use seats.

Deprecated Features

These options were available in the previous version of the View Licenses page and we won’t implement them into the new experience.

Download Product by License Key

To download a product by license key...

  1. In the Downloads column, select Download.
  2. In the Download Packages window, select the version of the product you want to download.
  3. In Downloads, select the plus sign to display a description of the product.
  4. Select the link for the product to download the file.

Alteryx Licensing & Downloads portal 23.1

To download a product, go to the Home page.

View License Keys by Machine Name

To view license keys by machine name:

  1. Sign in to the Alteryx Downloads and Licenses portal.
  2. Select Machines > Administer Machines.

Alteryx displays machines by Machine Name, Machine ID, Type, and license information.

These options are available from Administer Machines:

Search for a User's License Key Using Their Email Address

To search for a license key using an email address...

  1. In the search area, select Machine Name.
  2. Enter a wildcard character (*), any part of the user's email address, followed by another wildcard character (*).
  3. Select Search.
  4. Select the user's email address in the Machine Name column.

Alteryx displays the activated products on the machine, the license keys, and the license key expiration dates.

Alteryx Licensing & Downloads portal 23.1

To search for a license key using an email address, search for a user on the Users page and select the user to display a list of the products and license keys assigned to the user.

Search for a User's Email Address Using Their License Key

To search for an email address using a license key...

  1. In the search area, select License Key.
  2. Enter or paste a license key.
  3. Select Search.

Alteryx displays the user's email address in the Machine Name column.

Alteryx Licensing & Downloads portal 23.1

To search for an email address using a license key, search for a license key on the Licenses page and select the product to display a list of the users associated with the license key.

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