Analytics Hub 2020.2 Release Notes

Last modified: September 19, 2020

New Features

Centralized Collaboration Platform

Driving better outcomes is the end goal of analytics, but it requires empowering teams to answer questions together. The power of collaborative analytics unlocks meaningful business outcomes for modern organizations. With Alteryx Analytics Hub, every team can share analytic assets and automate processes, reports and insights in a central, secure, governed analytics environment.

Scale Analytics Across the Team

The Alteryx Analytics Hub streamlines user-level access. Unite rogue data processes existing across the organization, and help teams collaborate in secure sites with workflow version history and rollback features that add an additional layer of assurance for team collaboration.

  • Business Leader: Share the great work that your team is doing and leverage analytic assets created across departments.
  • IT: Provide a safe and secure environment for your organization to create, consume, and share analytics.
  • Analyst: Focus on answering tougher questions when you automate and put those mundane, yet necessary, weekly status reports on cruise control.

Key Capabilities 

  • Accelerate daily insights and actions and free people from manual tasks by automating repetitive and complex analytic processes.
  • Flexibly schedule workflows by date, time, frequency for a recurring or customized ad-hoc schedule.


  • Seamlessly share workflows and apps from Designer to Alteryx Analytics Hub so that your teams can accomplish more together.
  • Collaborate through centralized team sites that let teams share every important analytic asset.


  • Leverage all the data in the organization. Access metadata from a multitude of data sources and use all of your existing infrastructure.
  • Access and use all analytic assets to accelerate insights across teams and departments within your organization Security and Governance.
  • Easily set up and maintain security, integrate into your current identity and user management processes (LDAP, Active Directory, SSO), free IT, and deliver the tools needed to keep analytics always on.
  • Maintain security through permission-based asset management from individuals, teams, and departments.

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Release Note Product Versions

Version Date Release
2020.2.3.27789 June 15, 2020 Major

Known Limitations


  • Analytics Hub only supports Chrome and Firefox. Use of an unsupported browser may cause issues in the application interface or other failures.


  • Depending on the provider of a CA-issued certificate, you may need to run a different ayxhub.ps1 file than the one that comes in the product. A good indicator of this problem is if you encounter errors when running analytic apps and testing connections after executing ayxhub.ps1 -https enable.
  • Self-signed certificates provided by the ayxhub.ps1 script are valid for 60 days.

Consumer Role Limitations

  • Consumers cannot run analytic apps with a File Browse tool.
  • Consumers cannot use the bulk download functionality.
  • Attempting to drag and drop a file into the system may cause the file to be opened in the browser - this is because consumers cannot upload files. This may also occur to users without Create permission in a folder.

Content Displayed in Tables

  • Content may not be refreshed automatically after an action is performed. Refresh your browser if content does not appear to be updating properly.
  • Sorting in tables throughout the platform may be case-sensitive.
  • Columns may not be able to be re-sized.
  • Content may be truncated or difficult to read whenever window size is not full screen.

Data Catalog

  • Syncing in the data catalog should be done by the owner of a connection for highest stability.
  • Syncing the same data source across sites simultaneously can cause failures in the data catalog load.
  • Intermittent defects may be encountered when switching ownership of credentials, connections and data sources.
  • Failed sync operations may leave entries in the data catalog that conflict with future sync attempts. This can be mitigated by using the re-run feature on the failed job within the data catalog results table.

Data Connection Management

  • Descriptions are not populated for some Snowflake tables/columns.

Deleted Content and Users

  • When deleting a user or removing them from a site, their content will remain and may be manually removed or transferred to new owners.
  • When deleting a workflow, the schedules will remain and must be manually deleted - they will continue to run and fail.


  • Some workflows that appear to fail upload may actually succeed - check Analytics Hub to confirm a failure.
  • A workflow with a warning but no error will appear as though it fails in workflow validation.
  • ‘My Files’ is always displayed as the file location. When using ‘Save’, the workflow will be saved to its existing location, not ‘My Files’.
  • Outputs are automatically packaged as dependencies which may cause a workflow extension change from yxmd/yxwz to yxzp upon upload.
  • New file versions are automatically created when uploading an existing workflow - no warning is provided.

Dialog Response Time

  • Some dialogs may not immediately respond to user input as they are still processing the request. Performing the action again during this processing may cause issues. Examples where this might occur - creating a site, creating a group.

File Upload Dialog

  • Issues with the dialog showing in-progress file uploads may appear when uploading a large number of files or navigating to various pages while a file is uploading.


  • Disabled user accounts are synced.
  • Sync/Input of LDAP groups are not supported even though there are configurations that may suggest otherwise.


  • Worker licenses are not displayed in the application interface after entry. Check the status of workers on the Workers page.
  • Entering a license key in the incorrect location - e.g. a user license in the worker input - can cause unexpected issues with license validation and activation. Contact Support for assistance.

Overview Page

  • Metrics displayed on the Overview page may not display correctly depending on actions taken on the platform.


  • Some reports may not render as expected if generated from a run on Analytics Hub, specifically HTML output type.
  • Insights are not supported.


  • Whenever an output folder is removed, the schedule may fail without notification.


  • A worker may not appear as active if the heartbeat setting is modified to be higher than 60 seconds.
  • Changing the Workflow Logs folder may display an error in the application interface but logs will still be written to the chosen location.


  • A warning about user permissions is not displayed when sharing with the ‘All Users’ group.


  • Site names cannot include an underscore (_).
  • A site named ‘metrics’ will cause an issue due to a naming conflict with product functionality.

Special Characters and Encoding

  • Characters other than numbers and English letters (e.g. ~, _) may not display properly in the application interface or might cause issues. Examples:
    • Spaces in a file or schedule name may appear as %20.
    • Characters used in assets loaded to the data catalog may cause failures or issues navigating to the asset.
    • Search for a file with a name containing certain characters may return unexpected results.

User Management

  • When selecting a large number of users in a dialog, it may not refresh with additional users until a search query is entered.
  • ‘Remove Users’ and ‘Remove From Site’ options in the user table will only remove user roles, not group roles.
  • A non-functional SMTP configuration can cause delays in user creation.
  • Bulk removal of groups may not complete as expected.

Workflow Dependencies

  • Some dependencies will not appear if they are in a macro.
  • Some dependencies will not appear if the workflow is directly uploaded instead of saved from Designer.
  • Some dependencies may not appear as expected when creating new workflow versions.

YXI Installer

  • Run install of YXI files using the ADMIN option to avoid possible errors.
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