Connect 1.0 Release Notes

Last modified: October 08, 2019

New Features

Connect 1.0, which is the initial release of the product, is a social and data exploration platform that enables you to discover and understand relevant data assets. Connect is an add-on to Alteryx Server 11.3 (minimum) and must be installed on a separate node. Run the separate Connect Loaders installer as administrator on the same machine as Server. To install Connect, see the Alteryx Connect Help.

  • Web access to Connect internal metadata storage on ports 8082 and 9092 is now disabled by default. Administrators can manually enable this access to review Connect usage information. For more information, see the Alteryx Connect Help.
  • Files can now be certified the same as other data sources.

Finding Sources

  • Administrators can easily deploy and manage Connect loaders against data sources.
  • Loaders can be run on a repeating frequency for dependable updates using Alteryx Server.
  • Alteryx Connect respects existing policies and controls around data sources.

Exploring Content

  • Users can search for data assets using a simple, unified interface.
  • Nexus provides an interactive, graphical view of connectedness and dependencies.
  • Navigate assets from single fields to high-level business concepts.

Social Discovery

  • A business glossary provides a user-friendly, interactive hypertext editor for consistent, linked definitions.
  • Users can engage in conversations with subject matter experts to discuss data assets.
  • Users can promote content and assets using social signals, improving the findability of data assets for future users.

Known and Fixed Issues


Issue Status

An error when running the Alteryx Loader has been fixed.


Minor interface and link issues have been fixed.


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