Connect 2.0 Release Notes

Last modified: October 08, 2019

New Features


Connect 2.0 recognizes objects in a different manner. If upgrading to 2.0, you will lose manual edits made to your catalog, including descriptions, links, and conversations. Contact Alteryx Support for guidance through a one-off migration procedure to avoid losing any of your content.

Enhanced Installation and Configuration

  • The Connect installer now detects an existing installation and prompts to upgrade.
  • A configuration wizard now guides administrators through the initial configuration of Connect.

New Data Sources

You can now upload metadata to Connect from the following data sources:

  • Amazon S3
  • Apache Hive
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Teradata

Additional Enhancements

  • The Connect SDK enables partners and customers to develop their own metadata loaders.
  • Windows Authentication allows Connect users to log in using their domain credentials.
  • Metadata for files now includes a list of sheets and columns for .xlsx files and columns for .csv and .yxdb files.
  • In-line editing is now supported on the asset page for the Alternate names, Description, Owner, and Tags fields.
  • You can now hover over an asset link to see a pop-up with asset details.
  • The handling of forgotten user passwords now follows OWASP guidelines.

Known and Fixed Issues


Issue Status

An "Access denied" permissions issue has been resolved.


The database no longer performs a full re-index after a system restart.


An issue where adding a new asset owner removed existing owners has been resolved.


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