Connect 2019.2 Release Notes

Last modified: December 09, 2019

New Features

  • The user interface has been updated.
  • You can now view Asset types and Custom fields in the Admin Menu.
  • Added the ability to enable email notifications on changes by loaders.
  • Added support for SSO SAP Hana. Uses Windows authentication to harvest the source.
  • You can now see the results of dynamic output in the workflow and view in the Connect lineage.
  • You can now switch the Entry name and Alternate name using the revert fields option in the XML.
  • You can now embed content within reports by inserting a URL to generate an iframe within that URL.

Known and Fixed Issues


Issue Status

PostgreSQL Loader - wrong database in connection string in Use button.

Templates for MySQL, MSSQL, DB2, and Oracle contained an apostrophe in the name and and were not properly quoted in connection strings. Fixed
When you re-start Connect, the values to execute a loader must be re-entered. Fixed
Unable to obtain API keys automatically from the Alteryx Gallery in the Admin Menu > Connect Configuration > Alteryx Gallery. Fixed
Tableau workbooks and worksheets incorrectly creates two identical versions. Fixed
The Advanced search page takes a long time to load. Fixed
Errors occur in the log when loading SQL data, and there is an apostrophe in the name of an object. Fixed
An error displays when removing broken relationships. Fixed
Using Japanese symbols causes problems when searching using filters with tables. Fixed
The Tableau loader is failing SSL validation when the SSL is used for the connection between the client (Browser, Alteryx Designer, loader, etc.) and the load balancer. At the same time, the standard HTTP connection is used between the load balancer and the Tableau server, which causes the SSL to fail. Known
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