Connect 2019.3 Release Notes

Last modified: December 11, 2019

New Features

  • Management of old versions was implemented in Connect. You can now delete old versions by selecting Clean Up in Admin Menu and manage deleting of old versions by setting various parameters.
  • Run metadata loaders directly in Connect by selecting Connections in the Admin Menu. Added support for other technologies, including MySQL, Impala, Hive, Spark, and PostgreSQL.
  • Metadata loading and entry creation are optimized, resulting in increasing speed of metadata loading.
  • Upload metadata to Connect from HP Vertica.

  • The Alteryx loader performance is now 8 times faster.

  • Post SQL statement to suspend warehouse after metadata harvesting was added for Snowflake loader.

  • Impala loader now supports ODBC and DSN connection strings.

Known and Fixed Issues



Issue Status


Parsing of the ODBC connection string and objects in the QlikView loader.

US51489 Profiling of CSV files in the Filesystem loader. Fixed
US50918 PowerBI lineage parsing from reports. Fixed
DE19682 Data type harvested incorrectly in the MSSQL loader. Fixed
XF-6778 Inserting a link in Internet Explorer works incorrectly. Fixed
US50971 The Tableau loader fails SSL validation when the SSL is used for the connection between the client (Browser, Designer, loader, etc) and the load balancer. Fixed
DE19199 Setting the number of child objects in Nexus is broken. If the value is changed, no child objects were shown. Fixed
XF-6748 The Connect installer does not close in the Japanese environment. Fixed
XF-6922 When Connect was installed somewhere else than under the standard path, it may cause problems during the upgrade. Fixed
DE20562 Search does not work as expected when using certain Japanese symbols. Fixed
DE19441 It is not possible to add a custom field to Application type if there is an ampersand in the dropdown options. Known
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