Connect 2021.1 Release Notes

Last modified: June 23, 2022
Release Note Product Versions
Version Date Release End of Support
2021.1 February 10, 2021 Major August 10, 2022
2021.1.8.73b13f67* June 23, 2022 Minor August 10, 2022

*Fix for CVE-2022-22965 Spring4Shell Vulnerability

More information on the CVE-2022-22965 Spring4Shell vulnerability you can find in the Community article Alteryx’s Response to CVE-2022-22965 Spring4Shell Vulnerability. In this Connect version we upgraded the Apache Tomcat Server to version 9.0.62. 

New Features

Health Checks

The new Health Checks section allows you to check the database entries consistency. Go to Admin Menu > Maintenance > Health Checks, start a test, and then run repairs. You can check whether all unique XIDs have equally or less than one active version. In the future, the Health Check section will be expanded with additional options for checking the consistency of the database. For more information, see the Maintenance help page.
See the following short video demonstration about Health Checks.  

SAML: Automatically Redirect to IDP when Logging In

As an admin, you can enable users to be automatically redirected from the Connect login page to SAML IdP. You can set this option only for one SAML. Go to Admin Menu > Settings > Single Sign-On and check the Automatically redirect to IDP when logging in box while adding a new SAML option or edit the existing one. For more information, see the Settings help page.
See the following short video demonstration about enabling users how to be automatically redirected to SAML IdP.


Fixed and Known Issues

Major Release Version 2021.1


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE28011 Table search was not working with Japanese characters. 2021.1 Fixed
DE28153 Problem with Cyrillic letters occured in the LDAP connection settings. 2021.1 Fixed
DE28180 Functionality Active User Count had negative impact on performance. This was resolved by turning off the functionality. 2021.1 Fixed


There are no known issues for Connect. 

Security Updates 


Minor Release Version 2021.1.8.73b13f67

ID Description Version Issue Status
To be disclosed.* 2021.1.8.73b13f67 Fixed

*In accordance with security best practices and to prevent potential manipulation by bad actors, Alteryx does not disclose the details of any open vulnerability until all supported versions are updated with a fix. Beginning with 21.4.2, releases will become available this month, continuing through June, until the fix has been applied to all versions. To ensure that all versions you use are promptly fixed, regular updates during this period are strongly recommended. More information will be made available once the vulnerability has been fixed for all impacted versions.


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