Connect 2022.1 Release Notes

Last modified: April 04, 2023
Release Note Product Versions
Version Date Release End of Support
2022.1.2.d186730d* May 12, 2022 Major May 12, 2024
2022.1.3.486f0dbb** October 12, 2022 Minor May 12, 2024

*The previously released version 2022.1.2.071a9914 and the new 2022.1.2.d186730d are identical, except for the naming convention. If you have version 2022.1.2.071a9914 already installed, you don't need to update it.

**2022.1.3 Patch Update

If you have already downloaded version 2022.1, please install this patch. It fixes a problem with a script in Liquibase XML that can lead to "500: internal server error".

New Features

Additional Enhancements 

Fix for CVE-2022-22965 Spring4Shell Vulnerability 

More information on the CVE-2022-22965 Spring4Shell vulnerability you can find in the Community article Alteryx’s Response to CVE-2022-22965 Spring4Shell Vulnerability. In this Connect version we upgraded the Apache Tomcat Server to version 9.0.62. 

Changed URL for Metadata Loaders Fast Deployment

Because of the change in the authentication from OAuth1 to OAuth2 we use for the Server API now, we've added the Gallery Web API URL setting to the Configuration under Administration Console. For more information, go to Configuration help page.

New Connect API Endpoint to Disable CDN

We've added the /admin/disableCDN endpoint to Connect API. If you have a problem loading content from the CDN server, it’s possible to disable the CDN by using this endpoint. Visit the … help page for more information.

Updated Text Sanitizer  

We’ve updated the behaviour of the text sanitizer. Now it only removes tags (<! and <?) and not words that follow. For example, after you enter names for assets like “test <! test2”, the asset name will be “test test2". 

Upgraded TinyMCE

We’ve upgraded TinyMCE to the latest version 4.9.11. All TinyMCE features work the same as before the upgrade.

Metadata Loaders 

Alteryx Gallery Loader: Stage Area Needs to Be Cleared 

Due to a change in Server authentication, the key word (Load code) used to process data in Connect has been changed. To ensure that existing records are updated, you need to manually clear the stage area for the AYX loader before running it.  

We recommend that you perform a back up before you attempt to clear the stage area. To do so, go to the Administration Console, select Maintenance, and then select Stage. Locate your company's Server by load code—typically http://yourserver/gallery/gallery/api/admin/v1. To make sure it's really the stage you're looking for, you'll see key words containing 'AYX_WF' in the Statistics column. Then select the trash icon for that stage. Once this is completed, you can run the new Alteryx Gallery loader.   

New Databricks Loader (Beta)

You can now upload metadata to Connect from Databricks. Check the Load Metadata from Databricks help page for more information.


Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2022.1.2.d186730d

ID Description Version Issue Status
TCON-587 Lucene search: The field "lifecycleStatusSearchable" is created to be able to search assets by status in Advanced Search. In some specific cases, this field causes an error when Connect tries to reindex some assets. 2022.1.2.d186730d Fixed


Minor Release Version 2022.1.3.486f0dbb

ID Description Version Issue Status
TCON-729 Getting '500: internal server error' message after upgrade to 2022.1. 2022.1.3.486f0dbb Fixed


Major Release Version 2022.1.2.071a9914

ID Description Version Issue Status
TCON-612  Max number of elements in Nexus is not applied.   2022.1.2.071a9914
TCON-729 Getting '500: internal server error' message after upgrade to 2022.1. 2022.1.2.071a9914


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