Designer 2018.3 Release Notes

Last modified: December 22, 2020
Release Note Product Versions
Version Release Date Release End of Support
2018.3.4.51585 August 27, 2018 Major February 27, 2020
2018.3.5.52487 October 1, 2018 Minor April 1, 2020

New Features

Data Sources

  • ESRI now supports writing to .gdb files.
  • Oracle and SAP Hana Stored Procedures can be accessed via Pre SQL and Post SQL statements.
  • Apache Spark now supports writing to Microsoft Azure HDInsight.


  • The new Interactive Chart tool lets you create popular chart types to visualize data in your workflow. The chart generated by the tool can be added to a report using the Visual Layout tool, output as different file types using the Render tool, or published to a dashboard using the Insight tool. The Interactive Chart tool replaces the existing Charting tool, which has been deprecated. Workflows that use the Charting tool will still be able to function, but Alteryx recommends updating workflows to use the new Interactive Chart tool.

  • The new Insight tool lets you create interactive dashboards to use to gain deeper insights into your data. You can create and arrange multiple charts and text elements on the dashboard, create filters for viewing specific data, and create drilldowns to let you change the detail level of data displayed. When you use the filters and drilldowns to view data, all related charts in the insight dynamically update. The insight can be published to a Gallery for others to view.

  • The new Python tool with Jupyter Notebook integration is an embedded IDE that allows you to run Python code directly in Alteryx Designer.
  • The Email tool has improved security by removing automatically detected SMTP.
  • The Salesforce Input tool was updated. In the Query Builder Output Fields, when you do not select any fields to retrieve from the table, the query now returns no fields instead of all fields.

SDK Support

  • The C++ SDK is available for general use. You can use the Alteryx C++ SDK to write custom Alteryx plugin tools.
  • The SimpleString data item can be run in encryptionMode.
  • Use the Tool Verification Checklist to verify your custom tools meet standards.
  • There was an overall style update to the widgets and SDK which included the removal of some custom styles to default HTML elements.

Additional Enhancements

  • Users are now able to activate Alteryx products offline from behind a firewall by using Alteryx License Server. Alteryx License Server is an additional licensing product that can be installed locally by an organization's license administrator and used in addition to or alongside the standard Alteryx licensing system. Since the license keys are activated on the license server itself, users can activate offline and without having to use a license key.
  • You can use Windows Authentication with Connect assets.
  • You can set a cache point at any location in a workflow to temporarily store data processed up to that point. Right-click any tool with a single output anchor and select the option to cache and run the workflow. Subsequent runs will start from the cache point instead of rerunning from the beginning of the workflow.
  • While saving a workflow to Alteryx Server Private Gallery, you can assign the workflow to run on a specific worker, if you have been given worker assignment permission.
  • We have added several new one-tool examples, including: Blob Convert, Blob Input, Blob Output, JSON Parse, and Throttle (in the Developer tool category) and Interactive Chart (in the Reporting tool category).
  • You can now access the beta version of Alteryx Designer 2018.3 in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Coming soon: The online Alteryx Designer Help will also be available in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese by pressing F1 or clicking the Help link in Alteryx Designer.
  • The tool configuration windows for the Sample tool and the Text to Column tool have been enhanced.
  • The Salesforce, Marketo, and Google Analytics tools are now being deployed via the Gallery. This change will not affect any previously built workflows that utilize these tools.

Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2018.3.4.51585

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE9493 The code used to calculate the percentage of the data to sample in the Forest Model tool has been modified. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE9631 An issue where the grouping variable in the Survival Analysis tool only accepted the first column has been resolved. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE9852 An error occurring in the Simulation Sampling tool when using triangular distribution has been resoolved. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE10429 The Linear Regression tool no longer fails when a target value is missing. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE11603 An issue with Bernoulli boosted models binary responses has been fixed. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE11733 An issue causing the Boosted Model tool to show a plot error has been fixed. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE11933 Time Series Plot tool indices are now accurate and no longer default to January 8. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE12211 Definitions of the Amersfoor New RD projection have been corrected. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE12599 A Redshift Bulk Load field mapping issue that occurred when using the Append Existing by Name option has been fixed. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE13173 The SharePoint List Input and SharePoint List Output tools now support versions 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, which provides secure communications of information on the internet. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE13748 The code used to calculate the OOB estimate in the Forest Model tool has been modified to resolve a mismatch error. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE14273 An issue caused by missing fonts that occurred when using the Charting tool and Report Map tool has been resolved. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE14910 Narrow strings are now properly converted to UTF8, which is the format that Tableau expects. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE14998 Metadata that was hard-coded into the Score tool has been updated to send and receive correct metadata. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE15006 License expiration notifications no longer display once a trial license expires if a permanent license key has been activated. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE15100 Metadata that was hard-coded into the Score tool has been updated to send and receive correct metadata. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE15111 An error occurring in the K-Centroids Diagnostics tool has been resolved. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE15609 DataPreview no longer truncates decimal places when incoming FixedDecimal column is used in an expression. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE15638 Gallery links are no included in Global Search results. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE16043 An issue that rendered the Alteryx Designer API from .NET inoperable for Alteryx Designer 11.8, 2018.1 & 2018.2 has been fixed. New .NET DLLs that are now available must be copied to the appropriate folders. See Alteryx Developer Help for more information.    
DE16081 An intermittent issue with buttons on the Formula tool not being clickable has been fixed. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE16100 Both Lift Chart axes no correctly start at the standard origin of (0,0). 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed
DE16206 An issue that occured when reading .grd files with non-zero maximum values has been fixed. 2018.3.4.51585 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2018.3.5.52487

DE12359 Selecting Most Recent Vintage map in Map Input tool no longer throws TileSet Errors. 2018.3.5.52487 Fixed
DE17286 An issue that caused Designer to freeze when multiple Python tools are placed on the canvas has been resolved. 2018.3.5.52487 Fixed
DE17349 Issues with some workflows in the Data Sources district in the Gallery not running correctly have been fixed. 2018.3.5.52487 Fixed
DE17391 Errors that occurred when running in FIPS mode have been resolved.    
DE17520 Databricks tokens are now encrypted in Apache Spark for Databricks connections. 2018.3.5.52487 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE16103 Bold and italicized text show HTML code tags when edited directly from the chart page of the Interactive Chart tool. 2018.2.6.512234 Known
DE16323 Text size is not preserved when text has been copied and pasted in the Insight tool. 2018.2.6.512234 Known
DE16394 The color picker for styling a note in the Interactive Chart tool may not display correctly depending on screen resolution size. 2018.2.6.512234 Known
DE16422 The R tool has inconsistent behavior handling Null values in columns that contain boolean records. 2018.2.6.512234 Known
DE16467 Using data that includes a spatial object prevents charts from displaying in the Insight tool. 2018.2.6.512234 Known
DE16577 Wide charts created with the Interactive Chart tool may not show Y axis values until the chart has been output. 2018.2.6.512234 Known
DE16624 Double quotes used in any text field in the Interactive Chart tool do not render in the output. 2018.2.6.512234 Known
DE16629 The numeric values in an axis of a Box and Whisker chart may be out of sequence. 2018.2.6.512234 Known
DE16760 The Support Vector Machine tool has trouble recognizing and loading particular column types. 2018.2.6.512234 Known
DE17022 Modifying the page size in the Render tool does not work when outputing to Powerpoint. 2018.2.6.512234 Known
DE17159 Some areas of the Interactive Chart tool have not been localized and are available only in English. 2018.2.6.512234 Known
DE18069 An issue occurs when generating a License Request File from command line using the AlteryxActivateLicenseKeyCmd.exe command. To activate offline, you can still generate the License Request File from the Alteryx Offline Activation window in Alteryx. For help, visit the online help page Activate a License Offline, the community article How to License Alteryx, or watch a short video. 2018.2.6.512234 Known
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