Designer 2018.4 Release Notes

Last modified: October 10, 2019

New Features

Version: 2018.4.3.54046

Release Date: November 14, 2018

Data Sources

  • Gzip now supports the ability to read a single data file from a Gzip file.
  • When connecting to a Hana database, the session's default application variable is set to ALTERYX.
  • You can now create a column or row store for an SAP Hana DB connection.
  • To support new ODBC drivers that do not work out of the box with Alteryx, you can now create a custom Lua script which will map driver and database data types to Alteryx types. Use the common.outputOptions enums to modify the write options currently supported in Alteryx:
    Key Alteryx Output Option
    Append Append Existing
    Delete Delete Data & Append
    Overwrite Overwrite Table (Drop)
    Create Create New Table
    UpdateWarn Update; Warn on Update Failure
    UpdateError Update; Error on Update Failure
    Upsert Update; Insert If New
  • To support new ODBC data sources that do not work out of the box with the Alteryx In-Database tools, you can now create a custom Lua script which will define database-specific information.


  • The Publish to Tableau Server tool is now available in the Connectors category on the tool palette. Older versions of the tool are available in the Data Sources district on the Alteryx Gallery.
  • The Write Data In-DB tool now supports the conditional update and deletion of rows in a SQL Server table (ODBC) based on incoming records.


  • Microsoft Power BI Output Tool

    • The following changes were implemented on September 17, 2018:
      • You can download a new version of the tool from the Data Sources district in the Alteryx Analytics Gallery.
      • You can now select workspaces other than My Workspace
      • The overall look and feel was updated.

Additional Enhancements

  • Several enhancements have been made to the user interface.
    • The toolbar has been removed. In most cases, toolbar functionality has been moved to the area just above the canvas, including the Run button.
    • The overall look and feel of the user interface was updated.
    • The close (X) button was removed from the Overview, Results, Configuration, and Interface Designer windows. You can still choose which windows to display using the View menu.
    • The ability to view multiple workflows on the canvas, either vertically or horizontally has been removed.

Known and Fixed Issues



Issue Status

DE17475 Jupyter notebook content is no longer overwritten when the Python tool is copied or saved from another workflow. Fixed
DE16629 Box and Whisker chart values now display in the correct order on the Y axis. Fixed
DE15373 The toggle on the Tool Container tool now correctly enables and disables the tools. Fixed
DE16089 An issue with setting temporary directory paths containing XML escape characters for the Browse tool has been resolved. Fixed
DE9395 Expressions in the Multi-Field Formula tool now save correctly. Fixed
DE17371 An issue with tools that automatically rename columns now correctly displays the renamed column. Fixed
DE17620 & DE17635 An issue that caused slowness when dragging tools onto the canvas and configuring them has been resolved. Fixed
DE17377 When using the Python tool, Alteryx Designer is very slow to respond and stalls when using a .yxdb file. Known
DE17491 When using Alteryx environment variables such as %Engine.TempFilePath% in comments, the Jupyter notebook is not parsed correctly and causes a Jupyter server crash error. Known
DE17471 The random seed option is not available if a dataset containing a seed field is connected to the S input anchor on the Simulation Sampling tool. Known
DE17312 HDFS connection fails authentication and shows the error message "Invalid user name or password." if the password contains some special characters. Known
DE17507 When the input source is a Netezza table, characters encoded with codepage 28605 (ISO/IEC 8859-15 Latin-9 ) do not display correctly. Known
DE17146 Certain multibyte characters do not render correctly in the body of emails and are incorrectly removed from file names. Known
DE17162 In some cases, adding a prefix and adjusting the decimal places of data when using a Table tool and a Render tool displays formatting issues in Excel. Known
DE17436 Unicode characters entered in the Report Text tool render incorrectly in the Email tool. Known
DE17552 When an Interface tool is connected to the Interactive Chart tool the Interactive Chart tool cannot be configured. Known
DE17562 A line break in the chart or axis title causes an error to occur when using the Interactive Chart tool. Known
DE18069 An issue occurs when generating a License Request File from command line using the AlteryxActivateLicenseKeyCmd.exe command. To activate offline, you can still generate the License Request File from the Alteryx Offline Activation window in Alteryx. For help, visit the online help page Activate a License Offline, the community article How to License Alteryx, or watch a short video. Known
DE18112 Version 2018.4 will not open for some users. Instead they get a variation on the following error: There was an error while loading: Unable to create temp directory lock file "...TempEngine..." Known

Version 2018.4.4.54346

Version: 2018.4.4.54346

Release Date: November 20, 2018

This release does not include updates for Designer.

Version: 2018.4.5.55178

Release Date: December 17, 2018

Known and Fixed Issues



Issue Status

DE15503 Transformation with Apache Spark Code tool in R not working. Fixed
DE18165 Designer 2018.4.4.54346 not using proxy. Fixed
DE18112 Version 2018.4 won't open because of "Unable to create temp directory lock file" error. Fixed
DE17992 Tool Tips are not displaying in the Formula & Filter tool configuration window. Fixed
DE17963 Alteryx Button not visible. Fixed


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