Designer 2019.1 Release Notes

Last modified: December 22, 2020
Release Note Product Versions
Version Release Date Release End of Support
2019.1.4.57073 February 13, 2019 Major August 13, 2020
2019.1.6.58192 March 19, 2019 Minor September 19, 2020
2019.1.7.18602* November 5, 2019 Minor May 5, 2021
*No items in this release      

New Features


  • Python Tool
    • The Python tool now supports more data formats including blob and spatial.
    • There is no longer a restriction on the number of columns that the Python tool will support.
    • There is now an Interactive mode and a Production mode. Production mode enhances speed.
  • Interactive Chart Tool and Insight Tool
    • The new Transforms option in the Interactive Chart and Insight tools lets you add a Split to separate data into multiple layers, so you can choose variable styling for each layer of a chart based on the number of different values within a column. The Transforms option is available for Area, Bar, Box, Line, and Scatter charts.
    • You can create stacked bar charts in the Interactive Chart and Insight tools to display how subgroups of data contribute to the total. You can use an option within bar charts to create column charts. You can use an option within scatter plots to create bubble charts.

Additional Enhancements

  • You can now select multiple tools prior to run and cache, which enables you to cache at multiple points in the workflow simultaneously.
  • Users who have been given the permission to edit workflows shared with them in a collection in their private Gallery, can open the workflows in Designer, edit them, and save the changed workflow directly back to the Gallery collection.

Python SDK

  • A new XML string attribute was added to the configuration file ToolFamily.
  • YXI installers can now be grouped together to share dependencies and a single python virtual environment.
  • Added a new XML string attribute to the configuration file ToolFamilyGlobalStateGroup.
  • A new messaging function, DebugMessageOut was added.

Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2019.1.4.57073

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE13156 When a Union tool is used inside a Batch Macro with "Set a Specific Output Order" checkbox checked. The Batch Macro now returns all of the results. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE15106 The Directory tool no longer loses configuration when clicking on and off the tool. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE15135 New Serial Numbers are now lower case. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE16760 The SVM tool no longer resolves to an error state when a single predictor value is used. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE16854 Installing tools using YXI's failed due to paths being longer than Windows allowed. The error message now explains the problem and proposes a solution. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE17113 You can now add text to tool containers, including multibyte languages (i.e., Chinese, Japanese, Korean). 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE17383 A crash no longer happens when you use a tool based on the Python SDK and do not set all of the output fields. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE17762 When using the In-Database tools that create tables on the target database, an error is no longer issued if the user specified “Overwrite Table (Drop)” and the table doesn’t exist. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE17850 The Avro schema length limit error now surfaces from the session rather than from Alteryx, including vendor details and any other errors. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE17915 The Crew Runner Macro no longer Fails ('F') a workflow when the Results Log contains Unicode characters. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE17939 Designer now opens at the previous display state (maximized or custom size) when opening from minimized state. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE17981 A field with only numeric values and formatted as a string, used in a chart in the Interactive Chart or Insights tools, is displayed as a categorical field with equal spacing between the values instead of relative spacing based on the numeric value. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE17992 Tooltips now display within the expression editor in Formula and Filter tools. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE17997 The Score tool now supports local model file configurations for non-English versions of Designer. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE18035 Writing to Databricks using the In-DB tool no longer returns errors. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE18054 Tools that can be cached outside of containers are now able to be cached inside containers. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE18112 During startup, a temporary directory utilized by Designer was not writable. The proper system path is now respected. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE18198 The Random Forest tool now supports training models on target columns that contain missing values. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE18201 The Receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve can now be generated when predictive tools have missing values. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE18208 The Schedule Workflow icon no longer looks disabled. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE18248 All previously set Oracle connections created with In-DB now display. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE18256 There is now no lag time when dragging a tool to the canvas. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE18286 When you are connected to a session using a 32-bit driver, selecting PreSQL or PostSQL brings up the same dialog as when you are connected to a 64-bit driver session. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2019.1.6.58192

DE18278 Global variables do not reset between iterations in iterative macros. The global variables will retain their value between iterations and need to be initialized directly by the Python SDK tool. 2019.1.6.58192 Fixed
DE18658 Language dictionaries are not loading correctly for insights. 2019.1.6.58192 Fixed
DE18707 An error occurs when using the Add All Browses option and running the workflow. The Add All Browses option is available for tools with multiple output anchors. 2019.1.6.58192 Fixed
DE18839 Enable events cannot be unchecked.    


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE17898 When buffering a line, the Buffering tool may generate extra lines on the buffer that attach to the original line to be-buffered. 2019.1.4.57073 Known
DE18012 When "disable all tool that write output" is selected in the Runtime tab of the workflow configuration, caching appears to work, but it is not. 2019.1.4.57073 Known
DE18015 Users who download French Designer are unable to request a Canadian Geocoder. 2019.1.4.57073 Known
DE18035 When multiple Write Data In-DB tools have a pass-through configuration (i.e., at least one tool is connected to the output) in a single workflow, only the first one will run correctly. 2019.1.4.57073 Known
DE18037 In the Render tool, when a temporary .PNG Image is selected as the output mode, the selection for "Show header and footer on first page" is moved below the viewable space in the configuration window. 2019.1.4.57073 Known
DE18187 Decision Tree tool counts are incorrect in the interactive output. 2019.1.4.57073 Known
DE18196 An error can occur when activating the license from a command line when using SSL where a valid certification path is not found. 2019.1.4.57073 Known
DE18222 In the Interactive Chart tool, there is an issue with single quote characters in the configuration wording. In the French, Spanish, and Portuguese builds the single quote causes issue with the translation and appears incorrect. 2019.1.4.57073 Known
DE18278 Global variables do not reset between iterations in iterative macros. The global variables will retain their value between iterations and need to be initialized directly by the Python SDK tool. 2019.1.4.57073 Known
DE18287 In the Insight tool, the color selector for the Heatmap chart type does not render correctly on output. 2019.1.4.57073 Known
DE18621 Production mode does not print double-byte characters properly. 2019.1.4.57073 Known
DE18622 If a numeric or byte field contains null values, it will be converted to a double type when using .yxdb as the intermediate data type. 2019.1.4.57073 Known
DE18707 An error occurs when using the Add All Browses option and running the workflow. The Add All Browses option is available for tools with multiple output anchors. 2019.1.4.57073 Known
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