Designer 2019.4 Release Notes

Last modified: August 31, 2021
Release Note Product Versions
Version Release Date Release End of Support
2019.4.4.20206 December 9, 2019 Major June 9, 2021
2019.4.6.21113 January 6, 2020 Minor July 6, 2021
2019.4.8.22007 January 27, 2020 Minor July 27, 2021

New Features

  • The Input Data tool now supports reading Tableau Hyper Data Extract (.hyper) files.
  • The Multi-Field Formula tool field selection pane is now re-sizable and can accommodate a large number of fields.
  • Designer is now available in Italian.
  • Designer is now available in beta for Chinese. 
  • You can now insert and delete a header from the drop-down menu in the Text Input tool, making copying and pasting easier.
  • You can copy cells, rows, and text from other applications (such as Excel) and paste them into Alteryx, creating a Text Input.
  • You can now select or deselect all left or right fields in a Join Tool in the tool configuration menu.
  • The Find tool (can be opened using the shortcut CTRL + F or by clicking Edit < Find in Designer) was enhanced with the following features:
    • Users can interact with the workflow while it's open. 
    • There is now a results window showing where the value is found. Each column can be sorted, and the number of matches are included. 
    • Canvas indicators for found and selected tools.
    • New filters and match cases. 
  • There are now more options for copying and pasting a tool in a workflow.
  • Multi Resolution Raster (MRR) created by Pitney Bowes is the new reader for read file only, supporting a single raster band from a file, with each pixel in the raster band containing a value.
  • You can now turn location data into business outcomes with high-quality, detailed basemaps from Mapbox. Mapbox macros are now available in the Alteryx Gallery.
  • You can now use your dataset to calculate/aggregate (aggregate within the tool) the sum, count, average, minimum, and maximum of your selected value(s) chosen.
  • Syntax and parenthesis highlighting is now available in the SQL editor and R tool.

Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2019.4.4.20206

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE9123 In the Text Input tool, All Records with Headers  pastes only the header when you Ctl + V inside of a cell. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE13188 Amazon S3 Download tool - error from AWS: The HTTP version specified is not supported. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE15315 Incorrect datatype when writing to Oracle.  2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE15380 RecordID tool output is different after selecting the tool 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE15550 Incorrect behavior when copying manually to Text input tool. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE16857 Error with an append to the hyper file.  2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE17784 Post SWFL error with merge.  2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE19574 Fix insights on Gallery. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE19709 Reading NCLOBs with OCI truncates data.  2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE19951 Unable to upload an insight to Gallery. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE19982 Formulas assigned input fields fail to read back in later formulas. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE20351 App Interface button in toolbar disappears after resetting to defaults. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE20457 Multi-byte character data gets garbled from Report Text to and other Composer tools w/ the email tool. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE20566 Find Tool dialog should handle up/down arrows more intelligently. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE20622 LLS does not honor proxy bypass list settings. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE20649 View XML: Syntax highlighting for Annotation (CData) stops syntax highlighting. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE20750 Input Data annotation shows a large SQL query in the annotation. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE20751 Connect In-Db annotations show a large SQL query in the annotation. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE20752 Exception when pasting in the R Tool, XML editor, SQL editor, when FIPS is enabled. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE20753 Copy and paste can freeze the R tool, SQL editor and XML editor. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE20916 The Interactive Charting tool scatterplot dot sizes don't change when using a data field. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE20958 InDB Score tool throws Unexpected error when running regression workflow. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE21018 Clicking on asset checkboxes are not working after initial export. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE21021 2019.x ignoring proxy details from Internet Options. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE21119 Table tool doesn't allow color graph on Formula. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE21128 Page numbers in the report footer have an issue when there are more than 18 pages. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE21143 Workflow events are not sending email. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE21157 Export Workflow and Save to Gallery does not work for Spanish and Portuguese. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE21184 Keyboard shortcuts do not work when a floating dockable window has the focus 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE21488 Error received when sending multiple email addresses over GMail relay.  2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
DE21578 CEF Renderer does not support proxy. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed
US55496 In the Test View in the Interface Designer of a Batch Macro, control parameters are now text boxes so custom values can be used to debug workflows. 2019.4.4.20206 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2019.4.6.21113

DE22655 Email events are broken in workflows on Gallery.  2019.4.6.21113 Fixed
DE22753 Auto-detect SMTP in email workflow events is broken. 2019.4.6.21113 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2019.4.8.22007

DE19245 Extra blank pages inserted on Allocate Reports when saving PDFs from PCXML/Gallery. 2019.4.8.22007 Fixed
DE22456 AQB not displaying tables/metadata in Teradata. 2019.4.8.22007 Fixed
DE22485 Workflow runs and sends out an email message with a corrupted attachment. 2019.4.8.22007 Fixed
DE22573 Histogram Tool treats Japanese strings as a variable. 2019.4.8.22007 Fixed
DE22574 Scroll bar is unavailable for Japanese users. 2019.4.8.22007 Fixed
DE22633 Association Analysis tool errors for Japanese language. 2019.4.8.22007 Fixed
DE22736 Unable to save style changes in the Fuzzy Match tool.  2019.4.8.22007 Fixed
DE22751 32-bit OCI connections not working in 2019.4 release. 2019.4.8.22007 Fixed
DE22966 Email tool contains raw HTML. 2019.4.8.22007 Fixed
DE23006 Intermittently unable to select/deselect assets from the export modal (Options > Export). Issue is always present with relative paths and is intermittent with absolute paths. 2019.4.8.22007 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE20840 In the Insight tool, an error appears when creating a new filter in design mode. 2019.4.4.20206 Known
DE20844 Leading and trailing spaces are removed from the data in the Table tool. 2019.4.4.20206 Known
DE20865 Moving the overview pane while a workflow is running causes Designer to crash. 2019.4.4.20206 Known
DE20907 A macro without a path causes other macros to break. 2019.4.4.20206 Known
DE20920 Histogram tool is treating Japanese strings as a variable.  2019.4.4.20206 Known
DE20922 In the Interactive Chart tool, the user cannot remove the automated suffix label if the numeric values are very large.  2019.4.4.20206 Known
DE20941 The scroll bar in Export Workflow is unavailable for Japanese users. 2019.4.4.20206 Known
DE21219 Adding any tools to output anchors except Browse causes unexpected errors. 2019.4.4.20206 Known
DE21241 In the Insight tool, data labels can be incorrect when aggregating numeric values. 2019.4.4.20206 Known
DE21243 Street Geocoder UK crashes in version 2019.3 but not 2019.2.  2019.4.4.20206 Known
DE21433 Quartile values include minimum margin of error when profiling numeric values. 2019.4.4.20206 Known
DE22651 Unable to input and output Japanese name hyper file. 2019.4.4.20206 Known
DE22655 Workflow events are not sending emails in Server version 19.4 if the workflow with events enabled was built and saved in Designer 19.3 or earlier. 2019.4.4.20206 Known
DE22669 Tableau Hyper Data Extract (.hyper) files writes fixed decimal data types as string data types.  2019.4.4.20206 Known
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