Designer 2020.1 Release Notes

Last modified: December 22, 2020


Release Note Product Versions

Version Release Date Release End of Support
2020.1.1.23790 March 5, 2020 Major September 5, 2021
2020.1.2.24185 March 13, 2020 Minor September 13, 2021
2020.1.5.25447 April 13, 2020 Minor October 13, 2021

New Features

Publish to Public Gallery

  • Gallery Artisans can now see an additional confirmation dialog when they select Sharing > Place in Public Gallery. This reminds users content is being publicly shared in the Public Gallery.
  • Additionally, when users select Save As in Designer, they will now see explicit options for Private Gallery and Public Gallery.

Localization Updates

  • Simplified Chinese is now available in Designer, making it the 8th supported language.
  • You can now toggle to any one of our 8 supported languages within Designer. Access all supported languages and Localization Settings via the globe icon next to Help in the main menu.
  • You can now sort your tool palette to follow English Alphabetical order, even if you're using a non-EN user interface. Access this new feature via globe icon > Localization Settings > Tool Palette Order. We do not yet support the sorting of Kanji characters.

Excel Enhancements

Several enhancements related to Excel file input are now available:

  • When you select a .xlsx or .xlsm Excel file in the Input Data and the Output Data tools, you can now select a range for cells, rows, or columns.
  • The Excel Input screen now has a Refresh button. If you can't input an Excel sheet because the file is open in Excel, you can now close the file and select Refresh from the Excel Input screen without closing and reopening the screen.
  • The List of Sheet Names option in the Input Data tool for .xlsx files now returns the sheet names in the order they appear in Excel.
  • You can now Preserve Formatting on Overwrite when overwriting a sheet or range via the Output Data tool Options. In order to preserve formatting, you have to:
    • Select Overwrite Sheet or Range via Output Options.
    • Specify cell ranges in the output file path.

Smarter Data Profiling

Holistic profiling allows you to view profiling for multiple columns at once in a single view in the Browse tool.

Additional Enhancements

  • The following keyboard shortcuts are now available in Designer:
    • Select the Tool Palette: Ctrl + Shift + T
    • Select the Overview panel: Ctrl + Shift + V
    • Select the Results panel: Ctrl + Shift + G (results grid)
    • Select the Configuration panel: Ctrl + Shift + C
    • Select the Canvas: Ctrl + Shift + W
    • Select the Interface Designer Window: Ctrl + Shift + D
  • New one tool examples are available in In/Out, Preparation, Transform, Interface, Calgary, and Developer tool categories.
    • In/Out: Date Time Now
    • Preparation: Create Samples, Oversample Field
    • Transform: Arrange, Weighted Average
    • Interface: Control Parameter, Folder Browse, Macro Input, Macro Output
    • Calgary: Calgary Input, Calgary Join, Calgary Cross Count, Calgary Cross Count Append, Calgary Loader
    • Developer: API Output, Detour, Detour End, Python, Run Command
  • When you select a single tool on your canvas, the F2 key on your keyboard now opens the tool's Annotation configuration window with the cursor placed in the Annotation text field.
  • The font size of container names is no longer oversized when printing a workflow.
  • Macro Input questions are no longer deleted from the XML when they are cached.
  • Comments inside tool containers no longer hide tools.
  • The join order (Input_#1, Input_#2, etc.) in the Join Multiple tool is now maintained after saving.
  • You can now resize column widths in the tool configuration window. This is particularly helpful when working with long field names in the Join, Append Fields, and Join Multiple tools that previously required you to expand the configuration panel in order to see all columns.
  • You can now change the color of the input string number so that it is visible when opting into a darkened canvas in Designer. Go to User Settings > Canvas > Connection Settings > Text Color.
  • You can now open multiple copies of the same workflow again by selecting Allow multiple tabs of the same file to be open in User Settings or by selecting the Shift key while opening a file to open more than one of them.

Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2020.1.1.23790

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE7877 Parts of the canvas interface go blank when moused over. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE17463 In-DB Table/FieldName SQL Style set to None for Read does not work. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE17494 Cannot resize column widths in the user interface. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE18314 Comments inside a Tool Container hide tools, even after saving. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE18653 Browse window is blocking the workflow complete pop-up window, preventing users from selecting OK.  2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE18668 Alteryx 2018.4 takes over screen when a workflow completes. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE18842 Inconsistent metadata handling in Python tools. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE18969 Unable to display Variable Importance plot of Decision Tree Tool in Japanese version of Designer. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE19061 The join order (Input_#1, Input_#2, etc.) in the Join Multiple tool is not maintained after saving. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE19541 Error reading in data from Snowflake if scale for fixed decimal is zero. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE19705 Shapefile (.shp) data, located under a folder that contains Japanese characters in the name, have issue loading encoding info. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE20430 Yxdb viewer comes up behind main Designer window when opening. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE20576 Designer only takes the child elements of the root XML Configuration node and persists that into the workflow, ignoring any attributes on the root XML Configuration node. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE21014 When selecting specific assets when exporting, all assets are packaged and exported. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE21119 The Table tool doesn't allow a color graph based on a formula. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE21164 When importing data that contains multibyte characters into the Decision Tree tool, an error occurs (2019.3.2) 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE21247 The Macro Input questions are deleted from the XML when they are cached. If the macro is saved after Macro Inputs were cached, the questions are missing. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE21325 The Table tool drops borders in Japanese version of Designer. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE21546 Disable All Tools that Write Output should allow caching. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE21924 Tooltips prevent clicking on the menu when you right-click > Insert > Macro... on the Designer canvas. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE21947 When you search for a tool that is inside of a disabled or folded container, go to the last parent container that is visible rather than the place on the canvas where the tool would be if you could see it. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22033 Jupyter tool loses metadata when opening workflows with cached metadata. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22061 Caching a workflow with errors results in an incomplete cache state. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22084 The font size of container names is oversized when printing. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22087 Inputting an open Excel document gives a persistent error message once the Excel document is closed. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22143 Packaging a macro when encrypting results in an error. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22166 Disable All Tools that Write Output: Output tools are disabled after conversion to a macro. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22168 Canvas Settings: Cannot change the color of the input string. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22169 Asset Management list (in user settings) is too small. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22198 In the Reporting Table tool, selecting Bar Graph > Settings > and changing Color Mode, results in an unhandled exception. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22201 Selecting Shift and using your mouse scroll wheel does not scroll horizontally in the browse data grid. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22223 Switching from macro to workflow removes Runtime tab's wrappings. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22258 Unhandled exception when a macro no longer exists. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22265 Selecting Undo changes does nothing in the Save Workflow and Export Workflow dialogs when Group assets by tool is not selected. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22276 Selecting Help from the context menu of some macro tools in the palette takes you to the Macro Tools help page rather than that specific tool's help page. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22277 Close All But This and Close All should not appear when there is only one canvas tab in Designer.  2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22290 When a UNC macro watcher goes offline, Designer locks up. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22299 The Results Grid is slow to render when showing hidden fields. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22307 Annotations do not behave correctly on Interface Tools. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22325 A macro can be dropped into itself when dragged from the tool palette. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22336 The Find tool cannot find the annotation text of interface tools. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22355 Python tool is not finding jupytertool_venv as default environment. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22356 Old Python workflows show "Kernel not found" error when invoking configuration window. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22422 Text files cannot be dropped in the drag & drop section of the Files page of the Single Access Point. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22448 File Recovery pops up when opening a new instance of Designer. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22451 Convert Browse to Macro Output creates a MacroInput question type. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22487 Macro Input In-DB tool has a clipping issue with the connection button. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22518 Using Hide All Fields in the Browse tool and Browse Everywhere causes Show All Fields to not show all of the fields. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22647 Unhandled exception affects some users when they right-click on a tool's context menu. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22669 Tableau Hyper Data Extract (.hyper) files writes fixed decimal data types as string data types.  2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22785 "Open Debug" debug workflow does not support the relative paths used in the original workflow. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22830 Incorrect translation for "Min" in Japanese Summary tool. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
US54807 Default Canvas Annotation Settings to fonts that handle multibyte characters. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2020.1.2.24185

DE23933 Delimiters are not being recognized in Input Tool. 2020.1.2.24185 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2020.1.5.25447

DE23172 In this release we have remediated an XML vulnerability, which may have resulted in a denial of service. 2020.1.5.25447 Fixed
DE23980 When you specify a Microsoft Excel sheet name in the Output Data tool, the sheet name is output as `name$` (` and $ are added). 2020.1.5.25447 Fixed
DE24071 PDF output from the Render tool creates extra pages in Gallery. 2020.1.5.25447 Fixed
DE24178 CSV field name order is no longer preserved in Transpose and Cross Tab tools. 2020.1.5.25447 Fixed
US61335 Canadian geocoder does not work. 2020.1.5.25447 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE17987 Salesforce Output persists a "iterate error HTTP /1.1 400 Bad Request" error in Japanese version. 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE18048 Salesforce Output Security Token Issue 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE18410 Output to Excel using Skip Field Names doesn’t work when Preserve Formatting on Overwrite is also selected. 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE18441 Power BI Output does not display proper dataset name after running. 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE20015 A multibyte character field name with AS query in SQL results in garbled letters. 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE21128 Footer created page numbers are incorrect. Page numbers are stuck at a max of 18. Once at page 19, the page number reads Page 19 of 18. 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE21598 Multibyte character issue in the Oracle Loader App. The message is not displayed correctly in Japanese version. 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE21770 Strange glyphs appear when running the Predictive sample workflow #6 (Decision Tree). 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE21872 A character is not showing on output from the Table tool in Japanese version. 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE21953 Tabbing within the Find window eventually takes the user to the Tool Palette rather than keeping them in the Find window. 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE21955 The DateTime Now tool in Japanese version of Designer is missing several output format options. 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE22207 Find Tool window is not resizing correctly on Dock. 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE22492 Users are unable to create a new Filter for an Insight. 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE22548 The second export from IRG fails due to not bringing up a sheet option. 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE22597 Closing Horizontal/Vertical Tab Groups results in the Run button disappearing. 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE22862 Filename or folder path in Japanese causes UnicodeDecodeError on the Python Tool. 2020.1.1.23790


DE23933 Delimiters are not being recognized in Input Tool. 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE23980 When you specify a Microsoft Excel sheet name in the Output Data tool, the sheet name is output as `name$` (` and $ are added). 2020.1.1.23790 Known
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