Designer 2020.2 Release Notes

Last modified: December 22, 2020

Release Note Product Versions

Version Release Date Release End of Support
2020.2.2.27029 June 3, 2020 Major December 3, 2021
2020.2.3.27789 June 15, 2020 Minor December 15, 2021

New Features

Alteryx Analytics Hub

Connect Designer to your Alteryx Analytics Hub site so that you can quickly save and share your workflows with others. Visit Connect to Alteryx Analytics Hub to learn more.

Alteryx Intelligence Suite

The Alteryx Intelligence Suite is now available as a Designer add-on. Alteryx Intelligence Suite offers Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities on top of the great features that are already available with your Designer license. Visit Alteryx Intelligence Suite to learn more.

Alteryx Multi-threaded Processing (AMP)

Alteryx Multi-threaded Processing (AMP) is a new architecture of Alteryx Engine, designed to work with larger volumes of data at higher velocity. To learn more about the AMP Engine as well as differences between the original engine and AMP, visit these resources:

To run workflows with the AMP engine, navigate to the Workflow Configuration pane in Designer and select the Runtime tab. Then check the Use AMP Engine box to enable Alteryx Multi-threaded Processing.

AMP Engine supports Standard, Iterative, and Batch Macros. In addition, 50 tools have been converted to run with AMP.

Smarter Data Profiling

Several updates and improvements were made to the Browse tool data profiling:

  • The holistic view now shows the top values for each column of data. Use the toggle to switch between the top values view and the data profiling charts.
  • For columns that contain only one distinct value across all rows, the Only one value message displays.
  • For columns where each value is unique, the All values are unique message displays.
  • You can now see value ranges at a glance in the holistic view for numerical and data-time columns.
  • You can now see a list of up to 1,000 distinct top values via the more > link in the top values view.

Additional Enhancements

  • Two new functions were added to the Data Cleansing tool: Remove Null Rows and Remove Null Columns.
  • It's back! Due to popular demand, the Open, Save, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, and Redo functions were added to the Designer toolbar.
  • We made some updates to ensure a seamless, smooth experience when using Designer in a non-EN language.
    • In-product help directs to content in the selected language.
    • Search links to results in localized Community pages. Currently, this is supported for FR, DE, JP, ES, and PT languages.
    • Canvas annotation font defaults to a supported language font when you switch to a different language.
  • We added international support to the DateTime tool. Designer now supports dates and times in multiple languages and locale formats.
  • The Text Input tool cell import limit was increased to 10,000. 
  • We made a few enhancements to the Formula tool:
    • You can now delete formulas when they are collapsed in the Configuration window.
    • When you double-click a column name inside of an expression, the brackets around the column name are also selected.
    • Hover tooltips for functions were updated to improve accuracy and consistency.
  • New One Model Examples are available in all supported languages. Download these via the Licensing Portal. Select Alteryx Designer > Alteryx Machine Learning Toolkit and select a download option.
  • R was upgraded to 3.6.3 from 3.5.3., discontinuing support for Microsoft R Client and Microsoft Machine Learning Server.
  • CEF and Chromium were upgraded:
    • CEF was upgraded to 3.3396.1786.gd3e36d0 from 3.3202.1694.gf061c23.
    • Chromium was upgraded to 67.0.3396.79 from 62.0.3202.9400.

Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2020.2

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE8713 Optimizations to the Imputation tool have fixed issues DE8713, DE13143, and DE13287 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE9774 Failing installation when running a command-line installation silently (when TARGETDIR command is also used). 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE13138 The Generate Rows macro expression doesn't keep workflow constant after run. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE13143 Optimizations to the Imputation tool have fixed issues DE8713, DE13143, and DE13287. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE13287 Optimizations to the Imputation tool have fixed issues DE8713, DE13143, and DE13287. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE13561 11.5 Alteryx Designer EXE installation using the command line. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE15545 Missing metadata when a macro ends with a macro in a workflow. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE16422 R tool is inconsistent with NA values returned from data frames. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE17506 Cross Validation tool is not working with SVM. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE17173 Iterative macro repeatedly runs RunCommand on Cancel. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE18187 Decision Tree counts are incorrect in interactive output. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE18336 Decision Tree interactive output shows incorrect confusion matrix and summary metrics. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE18410 The Output Data tool displays a Could not generate a unique name for field error when you output to Excel with the Overwrite option selected. When Skip Field Names is selected, it corrupts the Excel file. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE21243 The UK street geocoder stops running the process with an invalid postcode. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE21872 A Japanese character is omitted in the output from the Table tool. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE22004 Data Cleansing and Formula tools change Int64 value. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE22247 Macro Detour is generating an error. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE22680 Message in Browse Data Profiling stating No Data to Chart when there are no records in a field. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE22971 Passing in a path that starts with "\\" is causing an error in the Filter tool when using the FileExists function. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE22981 With the Trade Area tool, Small Float data types are treated not as a single radius asking for a circle, but as two radii asking for a doughnut. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE23047 K-Centroids Cluster Analysis tool does not work with Japanese field names. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE23144 The copy All Records without Headers feature in the Results window does not work properly when you paste the copied content directly onto the canvas. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE23341 Race condition calling in JS versus plugin engine execution. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE23336 Feedback from the FNO License Server is not readable in multibyte languages. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE23517 An Unhandled Exception Occurred error appears in Designer when you run a workflow with long SQL queries. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE23549 Long Pre- and Post-SQL queries are truncated in the SQL Editor. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE23569 Blank screen when publishing from Designer due to CEF 62 not accepting "SameSite=None". 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE23605 Python tool double number conversion. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE23606 The numeric up/down configuration (N = x) does not update the configuration until after another action occurs. As a result, when you run the workflow via CTRL + R, the configuration change is lost. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE23666 The Active Documents button should display items based on the order of tabs as displayed in Designer, not alphabetical order. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE23682 The incorrect character is used for "Min" text in the Interactive Chart tool when using the Japanese version of Designer. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE23721 The Iterative macro loses field mapping for static inputs on iteration. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE23783 YXI files with spaces in the name or in the installation path do not install. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE23788 When Browse tools are disabled via the Disable All Browse Tools setting and the associated workflow is converted to a macro or app, the tools remain disabled without a user-friendly method to enable them. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE23982 Loading delay after refreshing macro with the Disable Auto Configure User Setting. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE24077 Using the mouse on the Formula tool's select column is not working. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE24148 Fixed issue on Gallery with a report created with PCXML. Creating a PDF of that report has an extra blank page at the beginning and end of the report. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE24164 The auto recover functionality in Designer should not include blank or unchanged workflows. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE24178 CSV field name order is no longer preserved in Transpose and Cross Tab tools. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE24214 Fixed issue in Browse Data Profiling where special characters were not displayed correctly for Top Values. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE24367 Fixed issue in Browse Data Profiling where profiling would fail to load if the user clicked off Browse during the initial load of a large data set. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE24461 Fixed issue in Report Map tool where Grouping broke map layers. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed
DE24605 In 2020.1, when you print a workflow, the workflow name is not included in the header of the page. 2020.2.2.27029 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2020.2.3.27789

DE23949 Designer upload to AAH: Workflow fails to upload if the workflow name is longer than 63 characters. 2020.2.3.27789 Fixed
DE24737 Designer always sends database for Snowflake as "CD_DB". 2020.2.3.27789 Fixed
DE25052 DCM - engine does not output connection metadata from batch and iterative macros. 2020.2.3.27789 Fixed
DE25175 When you upload a workflow from Designer to AAH, no error message shows when saving a simple workflow fails. 2020.2.3.27789 Fixed
DE25229 Unlicensed users are able to publish workflows from Designer to AAH. 2020.2.3.27789 Fixed
DE25260 DCM metadata is incorrect for Output tool. 2020.2.3.27789 Fixed
DE25311 Input tool with .xls file fails to upload from Designer to AAH. 2020.2.3.27789 Fixed
DE25405 Wrong datasource is created when DSN name equals servername. 2020.2.3.27789 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE23527 Issue in Report Table tool where rule configurations are not applied correctly to the table. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23588 Issue in Report Chart tool where secondary y-axis labels overlap primary y-axis labels. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23592 Annotations should not be translated because they are user inputs. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23607 Browse Everywhere displays the No data available. (Use Ctrl+R to run the workflow.) error.  2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23627 Unhandled exception with a relative file path in macro file browse. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23664 Alteryx files cannot be dragged onto the canvas while the workflow is running. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23678 Unable to import when the column header contains Japanese characters. The Output Data tool with Custom Mapping does not recognize Japanese field names. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23679 When connecting to the Oracle table in Japanese via OCI, an ORA-00911 error displays DataWrapOCI: Unable to Prepare the Query. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23706 Timestamp data writes to DataBricks as a string. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23743 Issue in Report Table tool where the user cannot save an expression in Formula for column rule. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23753 Rate=0 results in null payment via the FinancePMT function. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23754 The FinancePMT function produces a different result than Excel PMT. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23808 In the Insight tool, there is an issue where the Filter options close when you select a column. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23853 Output Records, Fields, and the number of Iterations for workflows differ in original Engine and AMP when running with Iterative Macros. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23854 Running a workflow with Iterative Macros results in empty output. Output Records, Fields, and the number of Iterations for the workflow differ in the original Engine and AMP. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23857 When running a workflow with JSON Parse in Iterative Macros, output Records, Fields, and number of Iterations for the workflow differ in original Engine and AMP. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23877 Macro which ends with Child Macro does not pass data to FieldInfo tool. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23900 The XML View of the Table tool contains localized content. This should not be the case. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23914 Auto Field tool is not handling Integers properly via AMP engine. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23923 Missing link for opening Connect search from Designer. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE23958 Using the AMP engine, Designer does not report intentional field conversion errors when processing a workflow with the Multi-Field Formula tool. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24007 The TS Forecast tool does not correctly distribute Multi Byte Character Set (MBCS) strings from inputs to columns headers. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24017 Regardless of configuration, the AMP engine's AlteryxEngineCmd.exe process runs at 'Below Normal' base priority. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24027 The Record Limit for All Inputs setting does network when the AMP engine is turned on. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24092 Use of the Buffer tool causes gaps in the resulting buffer. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24118 Disabling Output not working with macros in apps. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24179 Designer rewrites the same data to a .hyper file that is being read in from the Input Data tool. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24202 Sort/Join Memory setting changes are not reflected in the original Engine and AMP engine workflow run without exiting and relaunching Designer. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24237 Not possible to copy from Select, Group By, or Join tools in versions 2019.4 and up. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24239 Multi-Row Formula showing "amp;" when using the "&" character in a New field. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24306 Clicking the splash screen while loading sometimes causes Designer to open behind other windows without turning on the Taskbar icon. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24347 Render tools do not display Chinese or Japanese fonts and return this error: The font ???? could not be found. The default font "Arial" will be used instead. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24368 Calgary workflow causes AMP engine to hang occasionally. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24373 Connection Errors don't show in Config Runs using AMP engine. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24477 An Excel file with a named range, or a specified range with a header that contains a filter, doesn't produce the expected result. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24513 Join tool shows "?" instead of the correct progress scale using AMP engine. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24553 The Publish to Tableau Server tool doesn't create a .tdsx file with .hyper Output. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24578 Large spatial workflow crashing at 6 hours every time. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24610 Multi Byte Character Set (MBCS) field names are rendered incorrectly in the Report Text tool 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24637 User is not able to delete annotations in the tool. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24638 Users saving an Assisted Modeling model with the Output Data tool must keep Save Source & Description selected. Users may run into issues when attempting to Union models coming from a different Assisted Modeling tool pipeline. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24650 Browse Everywhere doesn't display records from Input Data tool using original engine. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24653 Dictionary sort order differs between the original Engine and AMP engine. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24671 A .xlsx legacy Sheet Name containing pipes produces an error. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24694 Confusion matrix in HTML report, when viewed in Internet Explorer, might be black and white. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24701 Issue in Report Text tool where italicized font also makes font bold weight. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24736 The Oracle connection fails with a password that contains special characters. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE24874 Reporting tools fail to load upstream data with multi-byte characters in Temp Directory path. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE25014 Designer shows the messages inside a macro, despite the Show All Macro Messages function being disabled (in the original engine). 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE25056 The ToNumber() function hangs when it's unable to identify parts of the string that are supposed to be converted to a number. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE25057 The Alteryx application stops working when browsing the data profile on date-time data types. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE25107 The Alteryx application terminates and Windows logs out when you run a workflow with the Multi Field Binning tool and AMP. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE25111 The OverSample tool causes slow processing of a workflow with AMP. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
DE25231 Multiple tools connected to the macro output produces an error when running a workflow with the original engine. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
* PDF Input tool displays "\" in the path incorrectly when Designer is toggled to Chinese. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
* Image to Text tool does not process single digits. This is due to the tool (under the hood) using the Google Tesseract OCR model. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
* Text Pre-Processing Tool: Additional stopwords only work with the lowercase form of a word. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
* Text Pre-Processing tool has issues processing with phone numbers that contain brackets. 2020.2.2.27029 Known
* Text Pre-processing tool is producing less than ideal processing results due to the underlying open-source package. For example:
  • "==" used as a header or separator becomes "= =", even with punctuation filtered.
  • "name(s)" becomes "name(s".
2020.2.2.27029 Known

*This defect does not have an associated defect number.

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