Designer 2020.4 Release Notes

Last modified: July 20, 2022
Release Note Product Versions
Version Release Date Release End of Support
2020.4.5.12471 November 18, 2020 Major May 18, 2022
2020.4.6.36807 May 26, 2021 Minor May 18, 2022
2020.4.7.07392 February 15, 2022 Minor May 18, 2022
2020.4.8.06491 June 23, 2022 Minor May 18, 2022

New Features

To address security vulnerabilities in Python version 3.6, embedded Python has been upgraded from 3.6.8 in the 20.3 release to 3.8.5 in the 20.4 release. Custom tools and connectors (YXI files) developed by Alteryx, partners, or any 3rd party that don't ship with the Alteryx installer might need to be reinstalled. This impacts custom tools installed on Designer, Server, and Alteryx Analytics Hub.

Installation Experience Update

The current installation experience is now quicker due to the use of a new methodology. If you install this version and then decide to go back to a prior version (for example, you install version 2020.4 and then decide to go back to version 2020.3), you must uninstall this version through your operating system (OS) and then install the older version.

Select Alteryx Analytics Hub Upload Location in Designer

When you upload to AAH from Designer, you can now save to a location other than your personal folder. To do so from Alteryx Designer, select Save As > Analytics Hub and choose your AAH instance. Use the Select button next to the Location field and choose where you want to save your workflow. Note that only folders that you have permission to write to are available to select.

Designer Updates

We made several updates to Alteryx Designer to improve performance and usability:

  • You can now select and copy the Alteryx Designer version text (first 3 lines) from the version pop-up window accessed via Help > About.
  • The Select tool now auto-sizes the Field column to fit field names without cutting off any text (up to 40 characters).
  • We made a performance improvement to the Data Cleansing tool. We now allow quotes in the field name.
  • We no longer store the tool, container, and comment position and width/height as floating-point values, but rather as integers.

Results Window Toolbar Updates

The toolbar in the Designer Results window was updated.

  • The Apply and Cancel Data Manipulations icons were moved to the middle of the toolbar.
  • The export, copy, and new window options were consolidated under a single Actions menu item.

Sample Datasets

Sample Datasets are now accessible directly via the Designer Help menu. Go to Help > Sample Datasets.

Learn More about AMP Engine

When the workflow type is Macro, the Runtime tab is now available via the Workflow Configuration window. The Runtime tab gives you access to the Use AMP Engine setting so you can build macros with AMP. Additionally, we added inline links to AMP help content in the Runtime tab as well as the Workflow Complete dialog.

Adobe Analytics Authentication Update

When you use the Adobe Analytics tool, you can now authenticate with credentials for user authentication and JWT for service account authentication.

Sort/Join Memory and Threads Improvements

To efficiently utilize the maximum amount of memory when you run your workflows, you can set the Memory Limit and Default Number of Processing Threads. Navigate to the Engine - General tab in System Settings, the Defaults tab in User Settings, or the Runtime tab in Workflow Configuration.

Complete Formula Function Support in AMP

All built-in Formula functions available in the Formula, MultiRowFormula, and MultiFieldFormula tools in Designer are now supported with AMP.

Additional AMP Tools

With AMP, you can now run the Summarize and Download tools with full functionality.

  • The Download tool now supports all code pages listed in Designer GUI.
  • The Summarize tool supports these additional actions: Spatial Combine, Spatial Create Intersection.

CSV Reading and Writing with Code Pages in AMP

When you use CSV file types in the Input and Output Data tools with AMP, you can now rely on additional code page support without fallback to the Original Engine.

Strings Transcoding for AMP

You are now able to transcode strings from different code pages. Visit Code Pages for a list of supported encodings/code pages.

International Numeric Display Support

There are 2 new settings that you can customize to change how numbers display in Designer: Thousand Separator and Decimal Symbol. These settings affect how numbers display on the Designer canvas, the Results window, and the Browse tool Data Profiling. The default settings depend on the language that you select for the Designer interface, but you can always update the defaults.

Visit Localization User Settings for details.

International Numeric Separator Support

The ToNumber and ToString Conversion functions were updated to support conversion to and from a wide range of numeric formats (including international formats). Visit Conversion functions for details.

Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE21686 Interface list selections don't show on encrypted macro. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE22361 Internal Error in Memory Allocator: "Tool ID #4 did not call FreeMemory in Join Multiple tool with the original engine. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE22862 Jupyter tool: 404 error when loading workflow from a location with Japanese characters in the path. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE24311 Guzzler error in GuzzlerBuildPolygons: "You have found a bug. Replicate, then let us know. We shall fix it soon." 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE24530 Memory Allocator error when running from the command line with the original engine. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE24553 Publish to Tableau TDSX not created with Hyper Output. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE24666 Memory: Consumption only ~80% of allocated Sort/Join with AMP. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE25820 Incorrect temporary path utilized for .Hyper file creation causes issues in certain environments. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE25877 YXDB with Spatial data does not render output in Gallery with AMP. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26129 Using AMP, error reading files using wildcard (*) when the file path contains special characters. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26161 Double Byte space in formula errors out with the AMP engine. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26223 Workflow returns "Invalid XPath" error on Action tool in 2020.2 but it works in 2020.1. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26311 Alteryx error with nested Tool Containers. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26423 Over translation issue on Radio Button (others too) Interface tool in Japanese UI. The name "First N% of Records" translated to a Japanese word. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26449 Japanese UI: In Contingency table macro, an error is thrown from R tools when field names have Japanese characters. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26482 Find and Replace accessibility updates. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26722 Macro with optional inputs doesn't work using AMP engine. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26775 Error: "Unable to translate alias" when saving to the Gallery with the AMP engine enabled. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26857 When a data field contains Japanese characters, the Decision Tree tool returns "Decision Tree: Error: mixing Unicode and octal/hex escapes in a string is not allowed." 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26868 Unhandled Exception occurs when you copy and paste a workflow to a new canvas. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26871 User is unable to open workflows using macros from newer versions of Alteryx. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26902 XLSX overwrite fails when multibyte characters exist in the file name or file path. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26967 XML Parse changed output. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE27007 RegEx tool: Help links in the Configuration panel are broken. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE27019 Update Alteryx.OpenSSL.1.0.2-q.2.3.fips.nupkg hangs in Windows 7. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE27067 Translation issue in Japanese version of Designer: "Cut and Connect Around." 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE27085 Translation change request in Japanese version of Designer for Text to Columns tool. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE27638 AMP missing output with cluster R tools. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
* An error can occur for Alteryx Intelligence Suite tools due to length limits for file paths in Windows. That error might result from your file path being too long. If you encounter that error, contact Support. We have a fix. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2020.4.6.36807

DE28819 Workflows with Download tool fail with 500 error in version 2020.3. 2020.4.6.36807 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2020.4.7.07392

Unable to write to HDFS with Kerberos when Tokens are larger than a certain size. 2020.4.7.07392 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE26424 Results Grid: Error displays when you attempt to sort on In-DB Browse tool. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE26484 Find/Replace only refreshes when you switch tabs with Disable Auto Configure checked. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE26519 Browse tool lands off-screen, with no ability to scroll to it. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE26564 Exporting from the Results grid with a previously used file name does not save. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE26683 DateTime Month Parse: First 3 letters of words can be mistaken for Months. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE26724 The left column of the Results grid doesn't resize correctly when you move from a tab with no results to a tab with results. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE26779 Problem saving a workflow to Server reading the same Excel file multiple times. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE26780 A macro's name is translated when the name is a month's name in English. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE26851 Render tool output from the R anchor of the Forest Model tool is garbled. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE26874 Saving to a shared folder with 2 users can cause the workflow name to appear in the path. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE26905 Workflow never finishes running with Skip Field Names checked for XLSX output. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE26907 Dynamic Input errors for Excel sheets with spaces in sheet names. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE26915 Workflow execution message in Japanese UI is garbled in 2020.3. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE26961 Updating values using workflow constants intermittently fails with AMP. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27050 Using fields with multibyte characters as target variables in Forest Model and Score tools generates an error. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27095 Workflow name with single quotes hangs when saving. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27143 Arrange tool over translation issue. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27146 New Workflow tabs scroll to hide the closing "X" icon. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27167 The field names in the Arrange tool are automatically translated into Japanese from English. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27172 S3 staging append options error when using fully qualified table name. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27278 PDF output by the Render tool gets slower on large records. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27302 Entering an Analytics Hub site connection with HTTP in the URL causes Designer to become unresponsive. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27303 Analytics Hub/Designer: View Log in Browser option navigates to broken URL in Alteryx Analytics Hub. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27339 AMP Engine: OleDB connection error with SQL Server. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27342 Alteryx Analytics Hub: Special characters in Description field cause workflow upload to hang. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27350 Writing to .Hyper file using Create New Extract File overwrites the file if it already exists. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27370 Alteryx Analytics Hub: Connecting to Hub site with expired cert and expired session token opens an empty modal. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27396 .yxzp named differently than the .yxmd file saved in Alteryx Analytics Hub causes an error when saved. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27554 OCI - CLOB error with special and multibyte characters. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27657 Questions constants don't work in YXMC on AMP. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27816 The metadata in the IRG does not populate correctly prior to a workflow run (you might see an error or a red "x"). To prevent this issue, run your workflow. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
TCPE-104 Report and interactive outputs cause intermittent Designer crash. 2020.4.5.12471 Known

*This defect does not have an associated defect number.

Security Updates


Patch/Minor Release Version 2020.4.8.06491

ID Description Version Issue Status



AMP Engine may log sensitive information when processing workflows that contain Gallery Connections. 2020.4.8.06491 Fixed
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