Designer 2021.1 Release Notes

Last modified: July 20, 2022
Release Note Product Versions
Version Release Date Release End of Support
2021.1.2.20534 February 10, 2021 Major August 10, 2022
2021.1.3.22649 February 25, 2021 Minor August 10, 2022
2021.1.4.26400 March 25, 2021 Minor August 10, 2022
2021.1.5.42625 July 8, 2021 Minor August 10, 2022
2021.1.6.53528 September 7, 2021 Minor August 10, 2022
2021.1.7.08014 May 24, 2022 Minor August 10, 2022

New Features

Python Tool Base Folder Update for 2021.1.4

The Python tool base folder name was updated in version 2021.1.4. The folder is now called DesignerBaseTools_vEnv. It was previously called Jupytertool_vEnv.

Updates to Results Window Error Messages

We have updated the text for several error messages that you might encounter in the Designer Results window. These updates help you identify what caused the error and what you can do to prevent it. In addition, certain error messages are now clickable and will take you to a Community article with more information about the error and how to address it.

Licensing Update for Versions 11.7 and Older

You can’t upgrade directly from version 11.7 or older to version 2021.1. If you are using Designer version 11.7 or previous and want to upgrade to 2021.1, you have to first upgrade to version 2020.4 or previous. Then you can upgrade to 2021.1.

New Intelligence Suite Tools

The Alteryx Intelligence Suite has 4 new tools that help you assess the health of your data, set feature types, build features from multiple data streams, and automatically create machine learning models. The tools are AutoML, Build Features, Data Health, and Feature Types. You can find them in the Machine Learning category in Designer.

Text Pre-processing Tool Update

The Text Pre-processing tool now has a second input anchor that allows you to pass in lists of stop words.

Use AMP Engine for All New Workflows

You can now enable a user setting to use the AMP Engine for all new workflows that you create.

Designer Keyboard Navigation Upgrades

You can now navigate the tool palette with the keyboard and use the Enter key to place a tool on the canvas. You can also double-click a tool on the tool palette to add it to the canvas. Visit Shortcuts in Alteryx Designer to read more about this feature.

Find and Replace Update

We made several updates to the user interface of the Find and Replace window.

HTML Developer Tools

Users can now access developer tools via Options > Advanced Options > Show HTML Developer Tools.

Download Tool Update

The Download tool now has a Throttle Records checkbox. Use this to indicate the number of records that you want to pass through the tool per minute.

Analytic Applications Support in AMP

The running of Analytic Applications is already well utilized with the original engine. Now there is support for Analytic Applications with AMP.

Build Custom Formula Functions on AMP Using XML

As a Designer user working with AMP, you can now use Custom Formula Functions. You can now create specific functions with XML files and use them in workflows with AMP.

Prevent Deadlocks for Grouping and Blocking Tools with AMP

When you build and run workflows that contain grouping and blocking tools (Join, Join Multiple, Tile, Fuzzy Match, Sorting, etc.) with a low memory limit set, you won’t experience the hang issue on the Join tool anymore.

Improved Error Messaging when Connecting to Alteryx Analytics Hub

If you encounter an error when you connect Designer to Alteryx Analytics Hub, improved messaging lets you know what action you need to take to resolve the error.

New Localization User Setting

You can now customize the date format that displays in the Messages tab of the Results window.

New One Tool Examples

New One Tool Examples are available for tools in the Predictive, Time Series, AB Analysis, Data Investigation, and Machine Learning tool categories.

New One Model Example

A new One Model Example is available for Text Mining tools.

Updated Version of Hyper API

We updated the version of Hyper API to V0.0.11889. Users can now see increased performance when reading and writing Hyper files.

Snowflake Internal Stage Bulkloader Upgrade

We added options to Snowflake Bulk Loader (Local Staging). This allows users to select how to chunk and compress files for bulk loading and can increase performance.

Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2021.1.2.20534

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE17621 Repeatable Defect: Inbound named pipe::not enough bytes read. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE18670 Incorrect DPV codes for ranges of addresses. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE21254 Append Field Map does not allow Custom Mapping for Tableau TDE and Hyper. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE22651 Unable to input/output Japanese Hyper. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE23955 Polygon with hyper file from Alteryx cannot automatically zoom. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE24294 Allocator Deadlock warning message with AMP. Warning messages related to Grouping and Blocking tools have been addressed. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE25056 ToNumber() function hangs if the string is not easily parsed. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE25966 Browse tool crashes when selecting a Date type field (large datasets). 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE26015 Browse tool results in App Results are duplicated when Performance Profiling is turned on. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE26027 Download tool: "InboundNamedPipe GetOverlappedResult: The pipe has been ended". 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE26087 Global Search field gets hidden when Designer window size is set to the minimum possible. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE26383 Tree View ordering of Actions in Interface Designer is not being used by AMP. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE26477 Report Text tool PCXML Expert Mode paired with Email tool (Blank email template). 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE26519 Browse tool lands off-screen. No ability to scroll to it. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE26691 Cache option doesn't function with AMP when the "Disable All Tools that Write Output" option is selected. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE26702 Error when running locked workflows using AMP. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE26851 Render tool output from R anchor from the Forest Model tool is garbled. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE26905 Workflow never finishes running with Skip Field Names checked in Excel XLSX. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE26936 Unable to keep layout settings in other languages. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE26961 Updating values using workflow constants fails with AMP. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE27026 Tile tool with no Unique Field selected - Internal Error, Anchor was not closed with AMP. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE27088 Open Containing Folder: The correct folder is not opened when the path contains a comma. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE27095 Alteryx Analytics Hub: Workflow name with single quotes hangs when saving. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE27111 Unable to edit Paper size field in Render tool in Japanese Designer. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE27143 Arrange tool over-translation. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE27188 Fixed decimal produces negative zero for a sum with AMP. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE27339 OleDB connection error with SQL Server on AMP. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE27350 Writing to Hyper file using "Create New Extract File" will overwrite the file if it exists. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE27458 2020Q2 Data issue ConsumerView Fields not Licensed. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE27664 Reports coming from Predictive tools are not translating. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE27740 Generate Rows Browse Everywhere is not working with AMP. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE27867 Publish to Tableau Server tool fails with error: "The file was not uploaded successfully." 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE27879 Summarize tool combine groups spatial objects when it shouldn't with AMP. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE27985 Multibyte character field names read incorrectly for Tableau Hyper. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE28045 File format options with Snowflake Local Staging don't populate when creating an In DB connection. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE28047 The Data Cleansing tool doesn't work in 2020.4 when the field name contains line breaks. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
US72212 Abbreviations for the month of March not recognized for DateTime. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
US73727 The calendar widget does not work in 20.3 for the Interface Date and AB Trend tool. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.1.3.22649

Un-updated Python library causing the Word Cloud to break. 2021.1.3.22649 Fixed
DE28677 Workflows and Schedules utilizing Server Data Connections get stuck in queue in an initializing state. 2021.1.3.22649 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.1.4.26400

DE28650 Writing fields larger than 16 MB to MSSQL or Snowflake fails with an unknown error. 2021.1.4.26400 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.1.5.42625

DE28819 Workflows with Download tool fail with a 500 error in version 2020.3. 2021.1.5.42625 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.1.6.53528

TBO-836 Revert breaking change to Lock Workflow feature when in FIPS environments. 2021.1.6.53528 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.1.7.08014

Unable to write to HDFS with Kerberos when Tokens are larger than a certain size. 2021.1.7.08014 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE27463 Due to an issue with the way the AMP engine assigns IDs to tools when you drag them onto the canvas, Assisted Modeling might not be able to output the Machine Learning tools onto the canvas when AMP is enabled. To use Assisted Modeling, disable AMP. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE27554 OCI CLOB error with special and multibyte characters. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE27905 Oracle Database Connections limit the User Name to 30 characters when using Active Query Builder. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE27935 Alteryx Designer Report Map functionality broken. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE27952 Sorting results returns 0 results after switching workflows. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE27953 Alteryx Designer Unhandled Exception error with nested containers. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE27954 Workflows using MSSQL DB failed after upgrade to version 2020.3 with an unknown error. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE27955 With the original engine the Test tool checkbox "Don't report errors if there are other errors" is not working. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE27980 Cached macros lose output connection when saved and reopened. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE28074 Spline Model tool in Japanese Designer does not work with its default set values. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE28137 Workflow with warnings returns an irrelevant message to the caller workflow. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE28143 BigQuery Input and Output Connectors only pull in 50 projects. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE28167 The Message tool is incorrectly referencing data with the original engine. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE28192 Oracle Store Proc in post SQL being executed twice when it fails. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE28207 "The Allocator would appear to be deadlocked" warning while reading .yxdb file with 400 MB memory limitation with AMP. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE28211 MBCS Getting garbled from Report Text tool and other Compose tools. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE28294 Multi-byte characters turning to a question mark (?) in the body of the Email tool in Designer. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE28307 Cannot output some Chinese characters using Reporting tools. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE28313 Data not passing through Block Until Done when reading from Salesforce with AMP. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE28328 Error messages from the original engine tools in disabled Tool Containers with AMP. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE28341 Reading a zip archive from a downloaded temp file won't configure reading a file from the archive. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE28758 Different Designer versions execute the same workflow within different duration on non-English OS. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
TCPE-104 Report and interactive outputs cause intermittent Designer crash. 2021.1.2.20534 Known

Security Updates


Minor Release Version 2021.1.5.42625

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE33626 Disabled external entity parsing for Excel inputs. 2021.1.5.42625 Fixed
DE33627 Set entity expansion limit to 0 for Excel inputs. 2021.1.5.42625 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.1.7.08014

AMP Engine may log sensitive information when processing workflows that contain Gallery Connections. 2021.1.7.08014 Fixed
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