Designer 2021.3 Release Notes

Last modified: December 14, 2022
Release Note Product Versions
Version Release Date Release End of Support
2021.3.1.47945 August 11, 2021 Major February 11, 2023
2021.3.2.54175 September 7, 2021 Minor February 11, 2023
2021.3.3.63061 October 28, 2021 Minor February 11, 2023
2021.3.4.00445 December 21, 2021 Minor February 11, 2023
2021.3.5.03604 February 8, 2022 Minor February 11, 2023
2021.3.6.01129 May 12, 2022 Minor February 11, 2023
2021.3.7.05186 September 15, 2022 Minor February 11, 2023
2021.3.8.17680 December 14, 2022 Minor February 11, 2023

2021.3.1 Issue

The Alteryx Designer 2021.3.1 release contained a defect that prevents users from publishing new workflows with a Gallery Data Connection to Alteryx Server. We immediately addressed this defect with the 2021.3.2 release. Note that you do not need to upgrade Alteryx Server.

New Features

Runner Tool (Sep 23, 2021)

Version 1.1.0: Released September 23, 2021. The Runner tool has been moved to the Developer tool category. It is now distributed as a YXZP file. For more information and installation instructions, go to the Runner tool help page.

Compare Workflows

Use the Compare Workflows feature to compare 2 workflows and quickly identify the differences via visual indicators. You can access this feature via OptionsAdvanced Options in Alteryx Designer.

Recommended Tools

The new Recommended tab in the Designer tool palette suggests tools that you can use while you build out your workflow. Select a tool on your canvas and the Recommended tab displays 6 common downstream tools that typically follow the selected tool.

New Intelligence Suite Tools

The Alteryx Intelligence Suite now includes 2 new Computer Vision tools. The Image Profile tool allows you to extract helpful information from images, and the Image Recognition tool lets you train a machine learning model to classify images.

Tool Container Enhancements

We made some updates to the Tool Container tool. Now, when you disable a Tool Container, the disabled container remains expanded on the canvas and appears dimmed to indicate the disabled state. You can collapse a disabled container to hide its contents. Select the expand/collapse icon within the tool container to do so.

Performance Profiling with AMP Engine

To optimize your workflow when building workflows with AMP, you can now analyze the performance of specific tools with Performance Profiling with AMP. You can turn on profiling with the Enable Performance Profiling checkbox in the Workflow Configuration Runtime settings. For more information, visit the Performance Profiling with AMP Engine help page.

Microsoft Power BI

We made updates to the Microsoft Power BI connector:

  • Built-in multitenant Azure App with an option to use a custom Azure App.
  • Supports multiple table inputs.
  • Keeps existing dataset and its structure with updating and overwriting data.
  • Users can select which workspace to work with.
  • Proxy support.

Generate Support File

Generate a tech support file that contains information that helps our Customer Support Engineers properly troubleshoot your issue. You can upload this file when you submit your support case. Make sure to review the file contents and remove anything you might not want to include.

End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy

The Alteryx End User License Agreement (EULA) and Alteryx Privacy Policy are now accessible via the Help menu in Designer.

Auto Insights Uploader Tool Available via the In/Out Tool Category (version 2021.3.6.01129)

Starting with version 2021.3.6.01129, the Auto Insights Uploader tool is now a default tool in Alteryx Designer. You can access Auto Insights Uploader via the In/Out tool category.

End of Support for 32-bit Database Connections

Alteryx Designer 2021.2 is the last version with the functionality to connect to 32-bit data sources. If you are currently using 32-bit connections, you will not be able to use those connections in 2021.3. See the End of Support for 32-Bit Database Connections FAQs for more details.

Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2021.3

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE9376 Charts from an Allocate report fail to draw correctly. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE10294 POST via Download tool doesn't encode ampersand in the value. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE12035 There should be a field conversion error when failing to convert a GeoJson string to a SpatialObj. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE12079 Join tool losing fields with the original engine. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE14255 Alias/Saved data connection is not supported for HDFS. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE17655 Generating spatial objects from Postgres. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE19244 Experian Demographics Reports: PDF format error. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE20055 HDFS access issue from Alteryx Designer (bad URL). 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE20746 Different error messages of ListBox on the original engine and AMP. The original engine provides more information. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE20847 Standard Macro: Missed expected error or differs with AMP and the original engine. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE21111 Fuzzy Match: Low performance with AMP when compared to the original engine. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE21909 AMP Batch Macro: Unexpected error in Union tool inside a Batch macro. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE22968 Email: Issue with email attachment with Japanese characters. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE23703 Python tool error when called via CreW Runner macro. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE24585 Python tool: Validation error for Gallery publication. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE26721 Database assets packaged incorrectly with version 2020.1 Server causing them to fail to connect. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE27325 Fatal error when you try to connect to to file with no access with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE27470 MRR doesn't match MapInfo. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE27742 Internal error in macro with Detour with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE27866 DateTimeAdd fails range check in type pass. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE27935 PROJ_LIB conflict with PostGIS. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE28102 "The output connection \"@1\" was not valid" in Batch macro with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE28294 Multi-byte characters turning to question mark ('?') in body of Email tool in Designer. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE28313 Data not passing through Block Until Done when reading from Salesforce with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE28402 With AMP, Input Data tool reading a ZIP file with option Output File Name as Field=File Name Only shows file name incorrectly. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE28464 Warning about invalid characters wasn't reported if the field appears across FileBlock boundaries (CSV input) with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE28474 Global Search: Help and Community links. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE28711 Profile panel is missing in the In-DB Browse tool. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE28716 In the main workflow, the connection to the Macro tool changes when the macro is refreshed. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE28737 Dynamic Rename: Incorrect columns renaming for Take Field Names from R Input Meta Data mode. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE28837 Fix message about file not found with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29214 With AMP, Browse tools are displayed in Analytic App results, even when not configured to be shown. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29275 Double-byte space in formula errors out in Designer 2021.1 with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29311 Macro force shutting down Alteryx Designer. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29344 The Run an Analytic App button doesn't apply Runtime tab changes when clicked. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29616 Browse tool throws an InboudNamedPipe GetOverlappedResult with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29653 Defect: Spline Model Marg_effect_header drops variable and can't build charts. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29694 Append Fields tool without connection doesn't fire error when a workflow is run with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29744 Dynamic Rename: New names are lost after a new tool is connected downstream. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29774 Join Multiple tool produces different results with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29806 Workflow continues to run after error with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29829 Excel reading 1 row less than the max number of rows. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29899 Workflow with R tools errors while running with AMP Engine. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29902 Not all GeoJSON types are supported in AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29915 Jupiter Notebooks returns a 404 error when switching to the AMP engine. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29929 BUG-0002 AMP Error: Fuzzy Match: Out of Memory. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE30058 Cross Tab: Workflow failed on AMP Engine but works fine on the original engine. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE30082 Input tool: Content of a field and headers are truncated in AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE30169 Error outputting Spatial Object to YXDB with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33531 Fields not passed to downstream tools from In-DB macros when using AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33565 Fix ComposerText: Cannot output some Chinese characters using Reporting tools. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33566 Fix Output to the Easy Ones: Can't output some Chinese characters using Reporting tools. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33567 Fix PNG: Can't output some Chinese characters using Reporting tools. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33588 Data Profiling date fields in the bin are using 2 digit years in weeks and days bin. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33592 AMP memory deadlock with the new memory reservation. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33593 AMP doesn't recognize a deadlock. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33603 AMP passing progress on inactive tools. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33649 Report text error: Render to Excel (*.xlsx) turns with black background color. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33733 Batch Macro stops working after the first iteration if not all outputs have connected tools with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33774 The Join tool does not join the same data with different types. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33775 Batch Macro doesn't work correctly with AMP when Browse tool is not connected to anchor. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33776 The Imputation tool outputs an additional empty column and mixes the order of the fields on AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33779 AMP Engine Error: Output Data (7): Invalid CodePage: 'UTF16'; trailing text after the integer. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33780 Select Records tool selects the wrong range on AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33782 The Cross Tab tool produces a different field order in AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33785 The Input tool outputs filename as a field on AMP in an incorrect way. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33796 Batch Macro doesn't update the configuration of the tool correctly with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33804 CReW Macro Suite can't be installed under AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33852 Dynamic Rename tool's Take Field Names from First Row of Data improperly functioning via AMP Engine. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33879 Select Records tool select the wrong record when it is used with the Union tool. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33894 21.2 Workflow using AMP with large data into Join freezes Designer. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33945 Workflow that has macros returns the error: "Internal Error: Cannot find e1(13) to et tool's id mapping" with AMP Engine enabled. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33960 Join produces unstable record output from run to run with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33961 Summarize tool produces different output from run to run with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
US65515 SQL Server ODBC: Geometry/geography data read as None/ShapeTypeNull when newline appears after column names in select statement. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
US81856 SQL Server Write: Update default Spatial type to Geometry. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
US82272 SQL Server ODBC: Can't read/write geometry/geography with DSN-less or QuickConnect. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.3.2.54175

AIS-1399 Model fails on Resnet50 with images that are 600 x 600. 2021.3.2.54175 Fixed
TBO-836 Revert breaking change to Lock Workflow feature when in FIPS environments. 2021.3.2.54175 Fixed
TDES-2389 (DE33563) Update for browser version in Designer for SAML dialogs. 2021.3.2.54175 Fixed
TDES-3766 Gallery Data Connection can't be packaged with Designer 2021.3 2021.3.2.54175 Fixed
CEF Upgrade: All tools that use CEF are not loading if you drag and drop tools on the canvas from a global search. 2021.3.2.54175 Fixed
TMG-77 German OS licensing failure. 2021.3.2.54175 Fixed
TMG-89 Offline activation fails in 21.3. 2021.3.2.54175 Fixed
TMG-90 Activate Offline link is broken. 2021.3.2.54175 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.3.3.63061

TCPE-12 Blank screen when authenticating for OneDrive, Dropbox, Dataverse, Box, SharePoint, and Power BI Connectors in Designer version 2021.3.2.54175. We have fixed this issue for SharePoint Input and Output, as well as Power BI Output. Please note that you need to update these connectors for the fix to take effect. 2021.3.3.63061 Fixed
TGAL-5917 Designer fails to launch when whitelist endpoints respond unexpectedly. 2021.3.3.63061 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.3.4.00445

Report and Interactive outputs of the Association Analysis tool intermittently crash Designer. 2021.3.4.00445 Fixed
Report and Interactive outputs of the Field Summary tool intermittently crash Designer. 2021.3.4.00445 Fixed
TDALI-4205 When viewing Behavior Profile reports via the Browse tool, Designer crashes without warning. 2021.3.4.00445 Fixed
GCSE-286 DE341913
Designer crashes when a Browse tool that follows Logistic Regression is dragged or selected. 2021.3.4.00445 Fixed
GCSE-282 DE341913
Viewing Report and Interactive outputs on a Frequency Table tool via Browse tools intermittently causes Designer to crash. 2021.3.4.00445 Fixed
Visual Query Builder: Snowflake schemas that consist of only views don't show. 2021.3.4.00445 Fixed
TDCB-3780 In-DB: CSV writes to Databricks from Designer throw an error if any of the fields contain a delimiter. 2021.3.4.00445 Fixed
TDES-3847 DE331781 Designer crashes when switching between Messages and Browse in the Results window. 2021.3.4.00445 Fixed
TELC-2713 After upgrade from 2020.3 to 2021.2, all production workflows involving HDFS failed with the error: Failed to retrieve upload redirect URL ( Error 500: Internal Server Error - Unknown error. 2021.3.4.00445 Fixed
TPIV-264 Add support for DSN-less connection string for Databricks In-DB Bulk Loader. 2021.3.4.00445 Fixed
TPM-399 The Output tool "Preserve Formatting on Overwrite" setting for XLSX files behaves inconsistently depending on whether the XLSX was last saved by Designer or Excel. 2021.3.4.00445 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.3.5.03604

Unable to write to HDFS with Kerberos when Tokens are larger than a certain size. 2021.3.5.03604 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.3.6.01129

TDES-4096 The Designer UI freezes when processing workflows with the v1 AMP version of the SDK. 2021.3.6.01129 Fixed


Image Input tool is unable to read the images if the length of the path (including filename) exceeds 260 characters in Windows 10 and Server 2019. However, there is no issue in Server 2016. All have long path enabled. 2021.3.6.01129 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.3.7.05186

TAAI-15 Proxy support for Auto Insights Uploader tool. 2021.3.7.05186 Fixed


Designer crashes after you close a workflow with a Connect In-DB tool and Browse In-DB tool, and then create and run a 2nd workflow with the same tools.

2021.3.7.05186 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.3.8.17680

TINST-402 The installer displays an Overwrite window during the installation process (while installing Server version 2022.1.1.42588). 2021.3.8.17680 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE29837 Error when trying to write to a range with Output Options > Append to Existing Sheet. Could not generate a unique name for field. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE29986 Generate Rows tool outputs NULL record while using FixedDecimal field. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE30011 Dynamic Input's change entire file path option handles relative paths inconsistently with the original engine. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE30093 Designer opens .xlsx files that are already open in Excel. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE30115 Excel only renders full borders when Cell Padding and Column Padding are set to 0. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE30181 Fix the AMP behavior for the Join Multiple tool when joining by duplicated fields. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33476 Vertical Merge Orientation of Layout tool results in omitted borders via Excel output of Render tool. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33546 DE: Download tool not able to render Chinese characters. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33560 Input tool will not accept % or + in the password of a PostgreSQL DB user or Greenplum DB user. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33569 Fix PDF: Can't output some Chinese characters using Reporting tools. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33584 21.2 AMP Engine error: "The file "debug_temp.yxmd" does not exist" using Debug mode (Interface Designer). 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33598 Snowflake Bulk Loader (Amazon S3) can't append to a table that contains an auto-populated column. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33604 Generate Rows tool is not reporting progress correctly with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33614 Setting Append Field Map to Map by Name doesn't work the first time you output to Snowflake. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33630 Browse tool returns "The FileID does not match in the FileHeader" error in Designer 2021.2. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33773 ConvertFromCodePage doesn't work correctly with AMP. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33777 Data Cleansing tool should not remove "©" as a punctuation mark with the original engine. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33793 Connection string is case-sensitive. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33817 Engine is unable to read files from a directory that contains a dot. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33846 Spatial type has a different name in AMP when used in a Cross Tab. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33880 Access of .xlsx files slow from a network drive in 20.x releases. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33910 Data Profiling of the Browse tool doesn't properly return all records. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33942 Fields are duplicated in Select functionality when there is a field order change and rename (case change). 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33950 Postgres Bulk Loader: Primary key violation reported as success. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33954 User canceled message caused by working being told to die is not recognized as an error by Alteryx engine. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33959 OCI writes garbled characters for Chinese (multi-byte) characters. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE34021 First field does not render in Report Text tool. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE34028 Open Debug doesn't work with AMP Engine enabled. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE34038 Japanese Snowflake Table Name requires double-quotes. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
TCPE-12 Blank screen and user not authenticated when using Azure SSO in the Designer embedded browser. Affected tools: SharePoint Files, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Dataverse, Power BI Output. 2021.3.2.54175 Known
TCPE-104 Report and interactive outputs cause intermittent Designer crash. 2021.3.1.47954 Known
When reading multiline headers, the header appears truncated. 2021.3.1.47954 Known
TDES-3766 Gallery Data Connection can't be packaged with Designer 2021.3 2021.3.1.47945 Known

Minor Release Version 2021.3.4.00445

TPM-1154 Sharepoint Files Input tool: Sharepoint lists are not loaded when you use the Service Principal authentication method. 2021.3.4.00445 Known

Security Updates


Release Version 2021.3.1.47945

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE33626 Disabled external entity parsing for Excel inputs. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33627 Set entity expansion limit to 0 for Excel inputs. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.3.6.01129



AMP Engine may log sensitive information when processing workflows that contain Gallery Connections. 2021.3.6.01129 Fixed
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