Designer 2022.3 Release Notes

Last modified: May 17, 2023
Release Note Product Versions
Version Release Date Release End of Support
2022.3.1.395 November 29, 2022 Major November 29, 2024
2022.3.1.430 (Patch 1)* January 25, 2023 Minor/Patch November 29, 2024
2022.3.1.450 (Patch 2) March 8, 2023 Minor/Patch November 29, 2024
2022.3.1.486 (Patch 3) May 2, 2023 Minor/Patch November 29, 2024

*Important: Patch Installation

As of the initial 2022.3 release, Alteryx Designer, Server, and the R Predictive tools use new installer technology. This new installer behaves differently with regard to patch installations than the previous installer.

With the previous installer, each time we released a patch we also released a new full release that contained the patch (and removed the previous full release). This ensured that anyone who download the full release also received all the latest fixes included with the patch.

With the new installer (at least in the short term), we will not release a new full release each time we release a patch. This means that for 2022.3…

  • If you have already installed the full 2022.3.1.395 version, you can install the patch version if you want the fixes in the patch.
  • If you haven't already installed the full 2022.3.1.395 version and you want to install it (and want the patch as well), first install the full release and then install the patch release.

Please stay tuned for updates!

Alteryx Designer version 2022.3 offers separate GA and FIPS 140-2 capable products. For more information about FIPS, go to the NIST FIPS FAQ page.

The general release version of Alteryx Designer is not FIPS capable. A separate release (and installer) is available under separate license terms, for our FIPS 140-2 customers.

Feature and Tool Differences

Please note that certain tools and features might be limited or not available in Alteryx Designer-FIPS. Over time, we will continue to evaluate which tools and features to make available again in future Alteryx Designer-FIPS releases.

Upgrade Considerations: Designer–Server Compatibility

As is normally the case, if you upgrade Designer to 2022.3 and keep an older version of Server, you won’t be able to save workflows to Server (via Designer). You can only save them to Server via the Administrator UI or API.

New with the 2022.3 Release

If you upgrade Server to 2022.3 and keep Designer at version 2022.2 or prior, you'll encounter an error when you attempt to save a workflow from Designer to Server. You can only save them to Server via the Administrator UI or API.

Why? Server 2022.3 includes encryption improvements that are not compatible with previous versions of Designer. Due to the above-mentioned limitations, please make sure to upgrade Designer to 2022.3 if you upgrade Server to 2022.3.

Warning: Known Issue

Do not install Alteryx Designer FIPS to the same location as your non-FIPS Admin Designer.

By default, the FIPS installer recommends a different install location than the non-FIPS installer, but you can manually change it. If you change the install location, ensure it is NOT the same location as the non-FIPS Designer. If you install Alteryx Designer FIPS to the same location as a non-FIPS Admin Designer, your installation, as well as custom files and data that might be within that folder, will be significantly corrupted.

New Features: Designer

OpenSSL3 Cryptographic Module Updates

  • We’ve updated our bundled OpenSSL3 cryptographic engine to OpenSSL 3.0.7, which addresses CVE-3602 and CVE-3786, both rated as High Severity.
  • We’ve bundled the OpenSSL3 Legacy Provider, which supplies older algorithms and ciphers (MD2, MD4, RC4, DES, IDEA, and others) that are no longer packaged as part of the core crypto engine in the 3.x series. Note that the Legacy Provider is not loaded unless it has been manually enabled via backend configuration on a particular Designer or Server host.

Installer Updates

As of the 2022.3 release, Alteryx Designer, Server, and the R Predictive tools use new installer technology. The updated installer detects your operating system language and installs Alteryx products in that language (if applicable). Go to Download and Install a Product for important upgrade and downgrade considerations and review updated command-line options.

Search in Select

You can now perform a search in Designer tools that use the Select functionality. The search returns only the fields that match your search criteria—it searches the Field, Rename, and Description columns. You can then quickly select or deselect all the returned fields to perform actions on them, edit their data types, rename them, and more. We've also added a check box to let you quickly select and deselect all visible fields. Available in the Select, Join, Join Multiple, Append Fields, Select In-DB, Find Nearest, and Spatial Match tools.

Formula Tool Enhancements

We’ve added enhancements to the Formula tool. Each expression now contains an Expression ID number to assist with documenting and troubleshooting your expressions. Additionally, you can now quickly expand and collapse all expressions in the Formula tool via the expand all/collapse all toggle.

Multi Anchor Caching

You can now cache tools that have multiple output anchors (maximum of 5 anchors). This feature extends the caching functionality to over 50 additional tools. Please note that some tools (including those with more than 5 output anchors and In-DB tools) might still not be cacheable.

Disable Single Output Data Tool

You can now quickly disable a single Output Data tool while you develop your workflow or troubleshoot an issue. Use the Disable Tool check box in the tool’s configuration window. While disabled, the Output Data tool is shaded on the canvas to help visually indicate its disabled status.

Fuzzy Match Support for Japanese

We’ve added support for Japanese to the Fuzzy Match tool. You can now apply predefined match styles, that account for Japanese orthography, to Japanese addresses, names, or text.

Results Grid Accessibility Updates

We’ve made updates to the user interface of the Designer Results grid to improve accessibility via screen readers and other assistive technology. Buttons and controls that were previously only visible under certain conditions are now always visible, though inactive if not applicable.

Compare Workflow Enhancements

We've made improvements to the Compare Workflows feature. When you compare 2 workflows with container tools, if their enabled and disabled states are different, the Compare Workflows functionality identifies them as different.

Start Here Updates

We’ve rebuilt and updated the Start Here experience when you launch Designer. Start Here now launches in its own window rather than a tab on the Designer canvas. We’ll update the content periodically to highlight new features and updates in Designer. If you close the window, you can reopen it via Help > Sample Workflows > Start Here.

AMP Tool Support

With AMP, there are now 166 fully supported tools and 11 partially supported tools. The partially supported tools fall back to the original Engine for some unsupported functionality.

All Reporting and R tools are now AMP enabled (except the Insights Reporting tool).

There are 7 more AMP-only Connectors, with several more planned over the next few months, and even more planned for 2023*, 1 new Engines Parity tool, 13 Reporting tools, and 65 R tools for a total of 86 newly supported AMP tools, including the R tool in the Developer category.

*These Connector tools are available as AMP-only, and won't work with the original Engine: Azure Data Lake File Input, Azure Data Lake File Output, Microsoft Power BI Output, OneDrive Input, OneDrive Output, SharePoint Input, and SharePoint Output.

Proxy Support in AMP

Support for networking via proxy has been added to AMP. Support for SFTP over HTTP proxy has been added to both engines. The ability to bypass proxy has been enabled for both engines. You can now specify the Proxy Protocol Type (HTTP and SOCKS5h are supported) in User Settings and System Settings. If you don’t specify the protocol, the default is HTTP.

Engines Parity Utility

Engines Parity Utility is an easy way to compare the original Engine to AMP. It allows you to run both engines in parallel, evaluate the results, and make a decision about which workflow you can confidently convert to AMP. You can run Engines Parity Utility via the command line with AlteryxEngineCmd.exe or run it via Designer using the Gallery Macro download. For more information, go to Engines Parity Utility.

Sleep Method in R Scripts Is Not Needed Anymore

Prior to the 2022.3 release, there was a need in some cases to insert a sleep method in R Scripts to prevent script failure. Adding the call to Sys.sleep(0.1) helped to avoid an R error with loading Graphs. It pauses the execution of the R script for a tenth of a second, which should be enough time for the prior graph to be read by Alteryx before R attempts to send the next graph to Alteryx.

This was fixed for the original engine and AMP with the R conversion feature in 2022.3. You don't need to add the sleep method anymore.

Global Setting to Enable Allow-list for Peer Validation

As an admin with a non-FIPS Designer version, you are now able to specify a list of problematic hosts in a flat file for which peer validation will be skipped. If users encounter issues with certificate authorization, it does not need to stop the users from work. Go to Peer Validation Allow List for more information.

Behavior Analysis Tools Deprecation

The Behavior Analysis tools in Alteryx Designer have been deprecated. These tools will continue to work with US Business Insights Data Packages 2021 Q4 and earlier versions.

DCM External Vault

The External Vault feature allows you to connect DCM with your Vault of choice. You can use External Vaults in DCM to fetch credentials from your Vault and securely use them in your workflow. For more information, go to DCM External Vaults.

Google BigQuery Bulk Loading

Bulk loading to Google BigQuery is now available in the Output Data tool. It's supported with OAuth authentication using DCM. Data staging is done in Google Cloud Storage.

In-DB Support for Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is now supported for the In-Database tools. It's supported with OAuth authentication using DCM and includes bulk loading for streaming-in data.

Email Tool OAuth Support

You can now authenticate to Microsoft Exchange Online with OAuth authentication via DCM and obtain a token pair that allows you to send emails from your Exchange Online account. For more information, go to Email Tool.

Azure AD Support for Snowflake

You can now access and manage your Snowflake data with OAuth authentication via DCM. For more information, go to Snowflake OAuth Authentication.

Azure AD Support for Databricks

You can now access and manage (read/write/bulk write) your Databricks data via the private (single-tenant) and the public (multi-tenant) applications with OAuth authentication via DCM. For more information, go to Databricks Azure OAuth Authentication.

Connectors Deprecation

We’ve deprecated these connectors:

  • Dynamics CRM Input and Output
  • Google Sheets Input and Output
  • Publish to Tableau Server
  • Salesforce Einstein Analytics Output
  • Salesforce Wave Output
  • SharePoint List Input and Output

For more information, go to Data Sources or visit the Community article.

Display Updates in Maps

The Mapbox logo and attribute text now appear at the bottom of the basemaps.

Usage Data Configuration

We have removed the configuration for sending usage data in the Designer User Settings. To read more about our philosophy on usage data, go to Improving Our Products with Usage Data and the Alteryx Privacy Policy.

Improved Support for Multi-Byte Characters

We've made improvements to better support multi-byte characters, specifically characters that are common in Japanese data.

New Features: Intelligence Suite

PDF to Text Tool

Extract text encoded as characters directly from your PDF files with >99% accuracy. Add OCR to extract text from images for additional coverage. In most cases, you’ll see an increase in accuracy, speed, and completeness compared to the Image to Text tool.

Zero-shot Text Classification Tool

Classify text into categories of your choice without the need for training data.

Text Summary Tool

Extract a summary of your text based on the TextRank methodology. You can specify the length of the summary by number of sentences.

Image Template Tool Enhancements

Added the ability to edit annotation bounding boxes in the Image Template tool. We enabled this functionality with mini-tate, a new open-source React library from Alteryx.

Shift Step in Image Processing Tool

Added a Shift step to the Image Processing tool. Shift automatically shifts documents into alignment based on a user-defined anchor. Use the Image Template tool to define the anchor with an annotation. Shift can improve OCR results for images that shifted during the scanning process.

Image Recognition Tool Enhancements

Added Evaluation Metrics and Model Report output anchors to the Image Recognition tool. Metrics include information on the precision, recall, and accuracy of each classification label. The report output includes loss and accuracy plots for each epoch. Use these plots to visualize if the tool sufficiently trained the model.

Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2022.3.1.395

ID Description Version Issue Status
K-Centroids Diagnostics tool output is illegible in the Browse tool report in Japanese. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Error while trying to open a PowerPoint file created by the Render tool. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The tool palette can't be loaded when Designer is installed in a folder that has double-byte characters in the name. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Designer 2021.4: Unable to enter a value in the Results filter. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
A CSV file created from the Export functionality in the Browse tool shows question marks for double-byte characters. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
If a workflow that contains spatial data is left open for too long, and you click on the Map tab of the Browse tool, an error displays. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Multi-byte characters display as question marks in the Contingency Table tool. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Attempts to use the Update WHERE clause in the Dynamic Input tool cause Designer to hang when a long string exists in the IN clause. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Certain strings are suddenly not wrapped for translation. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Some multi-byte characters aren't removed by the Data Cleansing tool. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The Allocate Report tool throws "ComposerDoc::GetCSSProperty: Unknown error" when opening the generated PCXML file. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Python: Alteryx.write returns "XmlParse Error: the attribute "type" is missing" if there are double quotes and the double quote is followed by a space and more characters. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Analytic App with Date tool: Sometimes App Results shows the date that the user selected and sometimes it shows today's date. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Attempts to search in the Results window fail with an error when a field name contains "]". 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
404 error in the Python tool after you reopen a saved workflow from Server. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The Email tool encounters problems sending to multiple TO or CC email addresses. The tool sends an email with a blank TO line field or the tool errors with "Failure when receiving data from the peer." 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The Model Comparison tool doesn't link to its help page. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
ComposerDoc::GetCSSProperty: Unknown error with the Report Text and Email tools. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The ampersand character (&) isn't displayed within the title of Interface tools. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
When you set a workflow schedule, it defaults to the local machine timezone and causes an error. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
When you use the Interface Designer's Test View to debug macros that use the Macro Input question output to populate a List Box or Drop Down Interface tool, the fields defined in the Macro Input are not rendered. Since no fields can be selected, the Debug workflow can't be opened. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Unable to switch connection of matched output anchor via the Spatial Match tool. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The Data Cleanse tool converts a Layout field to text. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The Sample tool default annotation for the First n% of rows shows "undefined". 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Interface tools don't show the annotation if the question is empty. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
There is a Unicode rendering issue that relates to reporting layout from the Summarize tool. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
When you add text to a table and use the Summarize tool with the "Combine Horizontal" function, you get an error: Summarize (12) You have found a bug. Replicate, then let us know. We shall fix it soon. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Report Text tool: Font size of 10 or 14 changes to 12 in Excel. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
2020.2: You can't key-in a semicolon in the To field of an email event. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
PowerPoint PPT and PPTX outputs from the Render tool are corrupt. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The Record Limit of the Browse tool's Data Profiling is improperly applied to the Basic Data Profile tool. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The Table tool window has overlapped widgets. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Excel outputs from the Render tool (sourced via the Report Text tool) are corrupt. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The DoubleMetaphone in Fuzzy Match tool Configuration allows users to choose more than 8 key lengths. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The Render tool doesn't output an empty file when it has no records to output. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDALI-4310 When you change from a variable string type (either V_String or V_WString) to a fixed width string type (either String or WString) and the variable field has a limit that was unreasonable for a fixed string, then the size of the field is lowered to 16 KB. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Failed to render Interactive Chart to PDF in both engines. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDALI-4446 An unhandled exception triggers when opening a workflow while certain tools have focus. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDCB-3761 Snowflake bulk with local staging insertion fails when using a custom append field map. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDCB-4060 Azure Databricks bulk proxy test failure. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDCB-4065 An unhandled exception is triggered when you enter an invalid URL for a Databricks Bulk connection. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Designer crashes after you close a workflow with a Connect In-DB tool and a Browse In-DB tool, and then create and run a 2nd workflow with the same tools. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Output Data tool output to Excel creates a corrupted workbook. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Spatial data are read as SpatialObj or Blob due to different Lua scripts being called depending on DSN and non-DSN connections. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed

When writing data of V_WString field type and field size = 65535 to the Amazon Redshift database, the Output Data tool throws an error: "Error: Output Data (4): Character length for <Field> is currently 65535, exceeding the limit of 65531 bytes. Reduce the length by shrinking the column size." and the write fails.

2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDCE-5 The Visual Query Builder doesn't show Snowflake databases in which all schemas only contain views. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
If you click the splash screen while Designer loads, this sometimes causes Designer to open behind other windows without turning on the Taskbar icon. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
When you print a workflow, the counts that follow each tool don't print. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
FIPS DesignerSystemInformation doesn't include FIPS notation. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
A workflow won't open if it has a data pack that isn't installed. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDES-4161 Server sign-in needs to persist between Designer startups. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDES-4396 When you drag and drop tools from the Recommended Tools palette, the tool palette crashes. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Browse Everywhere tells you there is no data and to rerun the workflow, when there is data. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Designer 2021.4: The Input Data tool truncates headers with multilines when reading-in Excel files. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
AMP: The Generate Rows tool doesn't report progress correctly. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The Dictionary Sort in the Sort tool doesn't always place strings that are the same next to each other. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDSL-4314 AMP Fuzzy Match returns a different number of records than the original Engine. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Empty and Null values are included within Concatenated Output of the Cross Tab tool via AMP. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDSL-4356 AMP: The Test tool doesn't work correctly with the "Expression is True for all Records" configuration. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDSL-4359 WideChars aren't rendered from the Map Legend Builder tool. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDSL-4366 AMP ignores Workflow - Configuration > Runtime > Temporary Files > Use Specific Folder setting specifying a UNC path. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
AMP error when using the Control parameter to update the S3 Download tool: Record packets locked at the end of the run: 1. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Calgary Input fails to return results for text that contains special characters on an advanced index, specifically for V_WString. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
"You have found a bug..." error on the Join Multiple tool that exists on the initial tool configuration and after the workflow runs. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The Table tool doesn't produce output when AMP is enabled. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDSL-4423 Both the original Engine and AMP Render tools fail to render wide characters to PDF and PNG. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The Publish to Tableau Server tool throws an error when run from the Gallery with AMP enabled. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Double-byte numbers aren't recognized as a number in the Text Input tool. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The Runner tool (AlteryxRunner.exe) is unable to run a workflow in a double-byte named path. In order to take advantage of the fix, you must download the updated Runner tool from the Community Gallery. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Render tool output PDF is garbled if an upstream Report Text tool's font setting is different than the default. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The Report Footer and Header tools output partially garbled text in Japanese. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDSL-4455 The Runner tool doesn't work correctly on the Japanese and Chinese versions of Designer. In order to take advantage of the fix, you must download the updated Runner tool from the Community Gallery. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
PowerPoint outputs via the Render tool exclude default row border colors. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
AMP Dynamic Input tool fails to replace a string with multi-byte characters. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The original Engine performs better than AMP with regard to downstream processing. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
AMP issue with calculating percentiles using the Summarize tool on large data sets. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Using constants in shimmed tools doesn't work with AMP. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Error: Dynamic Input (1): Error SecString size limit reached: Strings are limited to size between 0 and 1000000 bytes. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
AMP: UTF-16 ignores tab delimiters when a field has a null value. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Metadata for the "Model Output" anchor is added for metadata-only runs. Because the metadata needs to include the classification labels when connected to the predict model, which would require the workflow to run, the metadata run version of the model metadata is missing the classification labels but is populated once run. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDST-2739 The Image Profile tool outputs the Dots per Inch (DPI) for both the length and width. If a physical measurement size (in other words, inches) was not associated with the image, the tool defaults the DPI value to 72, which is incorrect. Now the tool displays NULL as the value. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDST-3012 Previously, the Image Scaling step resized images to a value close to the requested pixel value when Keep Aspect ratio was checked. Now the target dimension matches exactly the requested pixel value and the secondary dimension scales appropriately. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDST-3161 Image Cropping doesn't crop to the requested value every time. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDST-3324 The barcode reader isn't functioning in the Barcode tool. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDST-3612 Document isn't viewable in the Image Template tool. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TDST-3688 The Image Processing tool shows the "automatically and manually rotate images" message in the tooltip. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
The Report Map tool can't edit layers in 2022.1. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
AMP is missing the field name in truncation warnings with the CSV reader. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Run Command in a macro runs twice with AMP. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TELC-2870 Progress (when reading with a record limit) ignores the limit. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
AMP cancels workflow run on 1st error in Azure Data Lake File Output tool. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TELC-2897 Fix RunCommand in IFS.yxmc to be able to run in parallel. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed

Fix RunCommand in Google_Analytics.Prep_Query_String.yxmc to be able to run in parallel.

2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TELC-2899 Fix RunCommand in UTCDateTimeConverterMacro.yxmc to be able to run in parallel. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
"Open Debug" isn't working correctly with AMP enabled. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
21.2 AMP error: "The file "debug_temp.yxmd" does not exist" when using Debug mode with Interface Designer. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Dynamic Input doesn't honor the Record Limit for AMP workflows. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
Error parsing Configuration on the Interactive Chart tool when the Data Source for the Transforms > Splits Enabled By Field contains leading zeros. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
A formula rule doesn't function properly in Basic Table column rules. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TELC-3081 Jupyter Notebook doesn't load and fails with a 404 error if the Detour tool is used and diverts the route to another path that the Python tool isn't on. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TELC-3109 Formula tool: Engine.Workflow.Directory has the wrong encoding with AMP. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TELC-3129 AMP caching: Metadata isn't populating correctly. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TELC-3131 Workflows that contain R tools, and Batch macros that contain other R tools, generate errors when AMP is enabled. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2022.3.1.430

TAAI-916 The Auto Insights Uploader tool doesn't work in Designer version 2022.3. 2022.3.1.430 Fixed
TDES-4595 The Choose Tool Version option available via certain tools' right-click context menu isn't working. 2022.3.1.430 Fixed
TDSL-4618 Dynamic save of PDF stopped working with AMP in 2022.3. 2022.3.1.430 Fixed
In 2022.3, with AMP enabled, the Render tool works incorrectly when you create an Excel file with the Group Data Into Separate Reports setting. 2022.3.1.430 Fixed
TDST-3823 PDF to Text: Unable to extract text content in PDF (Chinese language). 2022.3.1.430 Fixed
TDYN-338 When you select an Output tool with bulk loading for a Snowflake data source, there is no option to select the username and password authentication using the DSN-less method of connection. 2022.3.1.430 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2022.3.1.450

TAAI-916 The Auto Insights Uploader tool doesn't work in Designer version 2022.3. 2022.3.1.450 Fixed
Issues with loading DLLs when using Alteryx 2022.1 .NET API. 2022.3.1.450 Fixed
TCPE-456 404 error and code loss in the Python tool in workflows that are downloaded from Gallery. 2022.3.1.450 Fixed
Connecting to HIVE via the 2022.1 version of both Server and Designer using the MIT authentication results in an error. 2022.3.1.450 Fixed
The patch number doesn’t display in Designer’s About pane after you install a patch. Only the patch version displays. 2022.3.1.450 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2022.3.1.486

Tools don't read all the rows from an Excel file. 2022.3.1.486 Fixed
The Summarize tool Mode action produces different and unexpected results between AMP and the original Engine. 2022.3.1.486 Fixed
Table tool: Column Styling Rules don't get applied to the header. 2022.3.1.486 Fixed
AMP Union tool: Error input "#1" was not initialized. 2022.3.1.486 Fixed
The Unique tool doesn't give correct data while using AMP with larger data sets. 2022.3.1.486 Fixed
'Filename.yxdb' is not a valid YXDB file on the SharePoint Files Input tool using date-time fields. 2022.3.1.486 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status
AMP creates excessive temp files in the event of a crash. 2022.3.1.395 Known
Generalize tool: There are large interior holes that are closed in the polygon. 2022.3.1.395 Known
When you pull data from a CSV file, if a column name has a trailing space, Alteryx replaces the space with a period. 2022.3.1.395 Known
A message set in Interface Designer (in version 2021.4) doesn't display a message in Server. 2022.3.1.395 Known
Changing the case of an incoming field name breaks some tools. 2022.3.1.395 Known
SQL Server data type money shows up as V_String when connected using OLEDB. 2022.3.1.395 Known
When trying to append data in an Amazon Redshift table that contains a column with the attribute IDENTITY(seed, step) the record is inserted fine, but the value of the first column to be inserted is NULL. 2022.3.1.395 Known
SharePoint Input tool version 2.2.0 inputs "nan" from Excel workbooks for cells with a blank/NULL value. 2022.3.1.395 Known
TDES-4451 When you view the list of selectable fields (x of x dropdown) in the Results window, you can't scroll all the way to the bottom of the field selection list. The last item is cut-off.  2022.3.1.395 Known
Custom fonts don't output to various file types via the Render tool. 2022.3.1.395 Known
TDES-4520 The Service Data Parser macro needs a configuration update. 2022.3.1.395 Known
TDES-4555 Custom macros with multiple outputs aren't running successfully after being cached. 2022.3.1.395 Known
TDES-4595 The Choose Tool Version option in the Designer canvas tool-context menu is not working. 2022.3.1.395 Known
The Render tool PDF reverses Arabic, Hebrew, and other right-to-left (RTL) languages. 2022.3.1.395 Known
PNG doesn't render properly to PDF from the Render tool. 2022.3.1.395 Known

Minor Release Version 2022.3.1.430

The patch number doesn’t display in Designer’s About pane after you install a patch. Only the patch version displays. 2022.3.1.430 Known
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