Designer 2023.1 Release Notes

Last modified: May 18, 2023
Release Note Product Versions
Version Release Date Release End of Support
2023.1.1.123 May 17, 2023 Major May 17, 2025

Alteryx Designer version 2023.1 offers separate GA and FIPS 140-2 capable products. For more information about FIPS, go to the NIST FIPS FAQ page.

The general release version of Alteryx Designer is not FIPS capable. A separate release (and installer) is available under separate license terms for our FIPS 140-2 customers.

Feature and Tool Differences

Please note that specific tools and features might be limited or unavailable in Alteryx Designer-FIPS. Over time, we will continue to evaluate which tools and features to make available again in future Alteryx Designer-FIPS releases.

Warning: Known Issue

Do not install Alteryx Designer FIPS in the same location as your non-FIPS Admin Designer.

By default, the FIPS installer recommends a different install location than the non-FIPS installer, but you can manually change it. If you change the install location, ensure it is NOT the same location as the non-FIPS Designer. If you install Alteryx Designer FIPS to the same location as a non-FIPS Admin Designer, your installation, as well as custom files and data that might be within that folder, will be significantly corrupted.

New Features: Designer

New Tool: Control Containers

The Control Container tool is a brand new tool available via the Developer tool category in Designer. Control Containers allow you to build more dynamic and complex processes with better orchestration, logging, and conditional execution.

Here are just some of the capabilities of Control Containers:

  • Manage the sequence in which tools run in your workflow. For example, you can use Control Containers to sequence outputs to different sheets within the same Excel workbook or even output a file in a workflow and use that same file as input later in the same workflow!
  • Conditionally execute workflow branches—use a Filter tool to execute a branch of your workflow depending on whether records pass through the True or False outputs.
  • Use information about the tools that are run, either as logging information or as data to use in your workflow. For example, you can use Control Containers to create an output log for a workflow. Place all tools inside the container, and then output a file from the container’s Logging Output anchor to display the messages from your workflow execution.

AMP Only

The Control Container tool is only compatible with Alteryx Multi-threaded Processing (AMP).

New Formula Functions

We’ve added several new formula functions:

  • AverageNonNull (Math Category)
  • Between (Min/Max Category)
  • Ceil and Floor functions have a new optional parameter to let you raise/lower numeric values to the nearest specified multiple (Math Category).
  • Factorial (Math Category)
  • ToRadians and ToDegrees (Conversion Category)

You can use these anywhere functions are available.

Higher Precision DateTime

You can now specify additional precision for your DateTime and Time data types. This allows for higher precision than seconds—for example, milliseconds, microseconds, nanoseconds, etc.

  • A new f parameter is now available via the DateTime tool and lets you set precision time.
  • A new %1-%18 date-time specifier is available with the DateTimeFormat and DateTimeParse functions.
  • Higher precision is available via the DateTimeAdd, DateTimeDiff, DateTimeFormat, DateTimeNow, DateTimeParse, and DateTimeSeconds functions. Go to DateTime Functions for details.
  • A new DateTimeNowPrecise function is now available. This function returns your operating system's current date-time with digits of precision that you specify via the parameter.
  • You can now also use the Select tool (and other tools with embedded select functionality) to adjust the size of DateTime and Time data to contain your desired precision. This functionality is also available via other tools where you can select field size, like Formula and Generate Rows.

Force SQL WChar Support via Output Data Tool

The Force SQL WChar Support option is now available via the Output Data tool for Oracle OCI connections. This option lets you force all char fields to output to WString to handle multi-byte characters.

Render Tool Data Truncation Fixes

We’ve made an update to help prevent unexpected data truncation in the Render tool. You’ll now encounter an error message when you try to output to PDF when the page size is too small to accommodate the data in your dataset.

Field Name Case Change Updates

To improve the workflow creation process, we've made updates to ensure that changes to the case of a field/column name will propagate to downstream tools without the need for manual reconfiguration. This update doesn’t apply to tools that are macros and doesn’t affect tools that use a pop-out configuration dialog (for example, the Insight and Interactive Chart tools).

Note that this change doesn't affect the Engine, nor does it affect how a workflow executes. Field names have always been case-insensitive from an Engine perspective unless otherwise specified.

Dark Mode BETA

Alteryx Designer now lets you select a Dark Mode option as your Designer theme! Preview Dark Mode via the Customization tab of Designer's User Settings.

BETA Release

The initial release of Dark Mode is a Beta release. Only certain Designer interface components have been converted to Dark Mode. Additionally, you might see certain components (including many tool configurations) that are currently only partially converted to Dark Mode. We will continue to include additional elements for Dark Mode in future releases.

Denodo Support

Alteryx now supports the Denodo platform connection. You can use standard workflow processing and In-Database workflow processing tools to read and write your data. For more information, go to Denodo.

Okta Authentication Support for SAP Hana

The 2023.1 release brings Okta authentication support, single sign-on (SSO), for SAP Hana. You can now authenticate to SAP Hana Cloud with Okta accounts.

AWS Secrets Manager

You can now connect DCM to your AWS Secrets Manager instance and then fetch authentication data from AWS Secrets Manager for your workflow. For information on how to configure AWS Secrets Manager, go to AWS Secrets Manager Configuration.

DCM as Default Option

DCM is now set as Enabled and Default in System Settings and Enabled in User Settings. Also, SDK is set to Allow, and the DCM check box is checked on a tool level.

If you upgrade from versions after 21.4, your DCM settings reflect the setup from your previous installation.

Microsoft Access Support

Alteryx now supports the MS Access 2016 Runtime and the MS Access 365 Runtime for reading ACCDB files.

IAM Role Support for S3 Tools

In the S3 Download and S3 Upload tools, you can now select the Assume Role option as a new authentication method to fully leverage roles in your AWS IAM.

New Features: Intelligence Suite

Installer Updates

As of the 2023.1 release, Alteryx Intelligence Suite uses new installer technology. The updated installer detects your operating system language and installs the product in that language (if applicable).

Text Classification Tool

Use the Text Classification tool to build a custom model that classifies text. Label your text data with categories to train a model and then classify new text with the Predict tool.

Enhance Step in Image Processing Tool

Added an image enhancement step to the Image Processing tool. Enhance increases image resolution of your scanned documents. Use Enhance to improve the results of your computer vision tasks.

Auto Option Added to Alignment Step in Image Processing Tool

Auto to automatically align your scanned documents in your OCR workflows.

Apply Annotations to All Pages

Added an Apply First Page of Annotations in Image Template to All Pages checkbox to the PDF to Text and Image to Text tools. Use this checkbox to apply the first page of annotations from the Image Template tool to all pages in batch processing.

End of Support

End of Extended Support Period for 32-bit Connections

For a period of two years from the date of release of Alteryx version 2021.2 (the "Extended Support Period"), Alteryx was providing customer technical support for 32-bit connections. If you currently use 32-bit connections, you will get an error message and will no longer be able to use those connections. Go to End of Support for 32-Bit Database Connections FAQs for more details.

Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2023.1

ID Description Version Issue Status
The Render tool continues to produce a warning when fonts use the default style. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Issues with loading DLLs when using Alteryx 2022.1 .NET API. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Row rule to add a tab, space, or pad left as prefix of a column value doesn’t work when rendering table output to a Word document. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
The Tile tool doesn’t work correctly on the original Engine if the tile method is “Smart Tile” and the tile numeric column value is 0. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TCPE-456 404 error and code loss in the Python tool in workflows downloaded from Server. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Adding a less than (<) symbol in the "Output Message" or the "No Output Files Message" in the Interface Designer Properties window causes an error. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Python code in Jupyter Notebook still doesn’t save the code after you save the workflow (and apply known workarounds). 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
The Data Quality bar in the Results window doesn’t function correctly. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
The Input Data tool doesn’t rename duplicate fields (that have a number at the end) in a logical fashion. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Designer shows a blank screen after you authenticate with Okta set up with AWS Load Balancer. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
The Insights tool can’t be configured when using the Chinese version of Designer. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Can’t find macros that are in a file path with double-byte characters in the path name. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
After updating to Designer 2022.3 the SQL Editor Query fails with ORA-error on workflows that it previously succeeded on. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
The Help button on the Analytic App window doesn’t function properly. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Link in Interface Designer doesn’t work for file paths. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
A job won’t run in the scheduler when the Engine is set to “AMP Engine Only” in Designer. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Designer crashes when publishing Analytic App to Server. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
All rows are not being read from Excel file. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Google Drive Input tool only returns/writes out a faction of records in Designer 22.3.1. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TDALI-4451 Remove the Behavior Analysis option from the Summarize tool. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
OCI writes garbled characters for Chinese (multi-byte) characters. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
SpatialObj type is not recognized when doing a UNION with the PostgreSQL database. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Connecting to HIVE in the 2022.1 version of both Server and Designer (using MIT authentication) results in an error. The resolution for this defect requires an additional step from the user. Reach out to Customer Support at for instructions on how to apply the fix. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Designer shows truncated string value for binary column read from a database. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TDCB-4236 Designer shows truncated string value for binary column read from a database. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TDCB-4359 XLSX: Corrupt file after overwriting range when original data has gaps. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Excel file breaks after you save a range of cells in a workflow with 2 or more Output Data tools to an Excel file. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Stored Procedures in a Dynamic Input tool error: “Unable to find Stored Procedure” when the procedure isn’t created in the DBO schema. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Input Data tool “Out of Memory” error for small XLSX files. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
SQL Server data type money shows as V_String when connected via OLEDB. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
When connecting to IBM DB2 and editing a query that contains WHERE condition with != , the SQL Editor adds a space between the exclamation point and the equals sign causing the query to fail. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TDCE-37 Syntax error: Expected something like '(' between Left and '.'... with Join In-DB if Table/FieldName SQL Style set as “None”. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Snowflake error on Join In-DB tool with the same Connect In-DB tool: “SQL compilation error: duplicate alias “Tool1_7c8a”. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Error "Get Stored Procedure List Error. ' ' is an unexpected token. The expected token is ',', Line 632 position 28.” when viewing Stored Procedures for SQL Server. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
When attempting to write to MySQL with the output option "Update: Insert if New" you get an error if the table has a composite primary key of multiple fields and none of the data have changed in the row. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
ESRI ArcGIS SHP file doesn’t open correctly in 2021.4.2: lat/lon are reversed in polygons in some SHP files, Browse tool error, Report Map tool error. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
With Oracle OCI connection, receive an error “ORA-06576: not a valid function or procedure name” when executing Store Procedures in the Pre or Post SQL statements in the Input Data tool. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Amazon S3 Upload problem: S3 download tool results in an error when utilizing the VPC endpoint. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
When attempting to write to PostgreSQL with the output option "Update: Insert if New" you get an error if the table has a serial field as the primary key. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
"An Unhandled Exception Occurred" when using OleDB with SQL Server In-DB connections. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
.hyper files read into Alteryx as the largest size field possible. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Input Data tool trailing spaces removed if size is less than 40. NCHAR and CHAR from Oracle are now translated as WString and String. Varchar2, Varchar, and LONG are translated as V_String and V_WString. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Changing the table name clears the selected Object ID when outputting to ESRI GeoDatabase. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
The Output Data tool failed to write a GML file when there was a double-byte character in the path or the filename. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TDES-4595 Designer canvas context menu’s Choose Tool Version option doesn’t work. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Render tool PDF reverses Arabic, Hebrew, and other right-to-left languages. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
PNG doesn’t render correctly to PDF from the Render tool. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TDSL-4618 Dynamic save to PDF stopped working with AMP 2022.3. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
In 2022.3, with AMP enabled, the Render tool doesn’t work correctly when you create an Excel file via the Group Data Into Separate Reports option. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Both engines fail to convert 2^63 Float value to Integer. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
AMP engine bug: Summarize tool with Mode action. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
2022.3 Table tool: Column Styling rules aren’t applied to the header. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
AMP Union tool: Error input “#1” was not initialized. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
With AMP enabled, when a Batch macro error occurs on one iteration, the macro doesn't finish the rest of the iterations. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
The Unique tool doesn't give correct data while using AMP engine with larger data sets. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TDYN-447 If you encounter this error: "Error: Select (8): Internal Error: Attempt to read past the end of a blob.", you can address it in Simba MongoDB ODBC driver. Increase the value for "Advanced option | Binary column size" from default to a higher value, like 262136. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TELC-3108 AMP Fuzzy Match discrepancy in results as compared to the original Engine. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
AMP creates excessive temp files. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
The Create Points tool failed with “You have found a bug.” when creating 500k points in the AMP engine. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Python tool: Alteryx.getWorkflowConstants() fails to return any User-defined constants in the AMP engine. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Join Multiple and Select tools error with Fixed Decimals of size 258.0 when AMP is enabled. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
AMP Summarize tool: Group By the same field, wrong results. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Combine Vertical option of Summarize tool corrupts 2 multi-byte characters. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-7785 Designer can't connect directly to a remote controller to create or manage schedules (Desktop Automation/Scheduler). 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TINST-389 Non-Admin User Settings don’t migrate with the 22.3 upgrade. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Patch version doesn’t show on the About window in Designer after you install a patch update on full GA version. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
The Alignment step in the Image Processing tool crops your images after rotation. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TISE-251 The PDF to Text tool allows language selection when you select Read Text Content Only. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
Simba Snowflake ODBC Driver v2.25 results with the error: "CURLerror (curl_easy_perform() failed) code=52 msg = 'Server returned nothing (no headers, no data)". This is resolved with a new driver version. Download and install driver version or newer from to resolve the error. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status
The Interactive Chart tool doesn’t display large values correctly. 2023.1.1.123 Known
OleDB tool setup proceeds even if canceled. 2023.1.1.123 Known
TDCB-4655 Access 32bit drivers fail in tool configuration but runtime works (XLSB, ACCDB). 2023.1.1.123 Known
TDCB-4662 Active Query Builder doesn't work with Access 2016 and 365 64-bit drivers. 2023.1.1.123 Known
ADLS Input generates a Malformed CSV file error. 2023.1.1.123 Known
ADLS Connector on Gallery fails when the DCM credentials are used (specifically with the "Shared Key" authentication type). 2023.1.1.123 Known
Flow parameters don’t work in the Power Automate tool. 2023.1.1.123 Known
TISE-437 The selectable area for the Term Frequency question mark icon in the Text Classification tool might be very small. 2023.1.1.123 Known

Control Containers Known Issues

TDES-4700 Insert After and Add Browse After options don't work with Control Containers. 2023.1.1.123 Known
TDES-4836 Improve how Auto-Route Bezier and Auto-Route Perpendicular connections between Control Containers (CC) and other tools/CCs are rendered. Note that straight connections aren't affected. 2023.1.1.123 Known
TDES-4906 Double-clicking a tool in the tool palette should place the tool to the right of Control Containers. 2023.1.1.123 Known
TDES-5430 Action tool connected to a Control Container is missing action types. 2023.1.1.123 Known
TDES-5637 Compare Workflows feature doesn't work with Control Containers. 2023.1.1.123 Known
TDES-5811 The Anchor drag hitbox for Control Container Control Input anchor is too large when you connect from a tool inside that Control Container. 2023.1.1.123 Known
TDES-5955 Inserting Control Containers via Insert in Connection doesn't auto-move tools to make space. 2023.1.1.123 Known
TDES-6029 The Cache and Run Workflow feature has unexpected results in workflows that have Control Containers. 2023.1.1.123 Known


Analytic App with Control Container and Tree tool generates an error.

2023.1.1.123 Known


Tool Container nested inside Control Container (CC) produces an error. As a workaround, use a Control Container instead of Tool Container.

2023.1.1.123 Known


If there are 2 Detour tools fully contained within a Control Container (and the connection between them doesn’t pass across the boundary of a CC), the second Detour tool produces an error. It shouldn’t do this as long as the connection doesn’t cross the boundary of a Control Container.

2023.1.1.123 Known
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