What's New in Machine Learning

Last modified: September 22, 2022

Latest Feature Updates

Release Date: Apr. 18, 2022

Facebook® Prophet Estimator

Added Prophet to improve predictions for Time Series Regression models. This addition targets datasets with trends and seasonality.

ARIMA Regressor

Added ARIMA Regressor for Time Series Regression. ARIMA is a high performant statistical algorithm for Time Series datasets.

Select Completed Models

Updated the Stop button in the Auto Model search step. You can now stop the model search and select completed models up to that point.

Features Visibility

Updated the Features panel in the Auto Model step to show all features contributing to your model. This helps you understand and evaluate models based on the features in use. In addition, features used in ensemble models are also shown.

Recent Changes

 Release Date Description
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Sep. 30, 2021 Alteryx Machine Learning docs sneak peek.

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