Promote 2019.1 Release Notes

Last modified: October 10, 2019

New Features

  • Add and remove nodes from your Promote cluster.
  • Promote supports the subdir parameter for custom packages in R.
  • The System Overview page was updated in the administration panel to improve the display for more than three nodes.

Known and Fixed Issues

ID Description Issue status
DE18245 The installer runs on different types of CentOS 7 machine environments. Fixed
DE18080 400 Error sometimes occurs when you try to access the Promote UI through a browser after you upgrade. Known
DE18079 Model UI logs show duplicate output in some cases. Known
DE18094 Promote services can't communicate if the Swarm subnet overlaps with the internal IP address of a node. Known
DE18318 Promote clusters must have less than 100 models, and the sum of the total number of models plus the total number of replications must not exceed approximately 200 due to network limitations. Exceeding these numbers causes issues with model deployment and underlying system services. Known
US36108 H2O models stop working. Known
ID Description Issue status
US46397 Promote installer crashes because it pulled an incompatible Linux kernel version. The version now pegs to long-term-support version kernel-lt-4.x. Fixed
DE18803 Promote installer doesn't communicate environment values to non-master nodes. Fixed


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