Server 2018.4 Release Notes

Last modified: January 06, 2021
Release Note Product Versions
Version Date Release End of Support
2018.4.3.54046 November 14, 2018 Major May 14, 2020
2018.4.4.54346 November 20, 2018 Minor May 20, 2020
2018.4.5.55178 December 17, 2018 Minor June 17, 2020
2018.4.6.17643 October 17, 2019 Minor April 17, 20201

New Features

Server Admin Diagnostics

The Diagnostics page provides visibility into user and asset information on the Gallery and worker machines in an Alteryx Server environment. Use the Diagnostics page to monitor the number of users, assets, collections, studios, credentials, schedules, and jobs on the Server. You can also view the number of worker machines that are connected and identify constraints in resources impacting performance.

Shared Studio Schedules and Results

To help users who collaborate on workflows, the Server now supports the sharing of schedules among all users in a studio. Once the option is enabled, users can see the schedules and job results for workflows published by all users in the studio. Users can edit and manage schedules created by the other users in the studio and view the job results for each workflow.

Automated Workflow Deployment

The automation of workflow deployments is now supported between Server/Gallery environments using a series of endpoints. Once the option to allow workflows to be marked as ready for migration has been enabled, users can then flag workflow and apps for migration and use an endpoint on the target environment to move them into the appropriate subscription (studio) all at once.

Upgrade Service Encryption

Encryption between the components that make up the Alteryx Service has been upgraded to use AES-256 bit encryption. Users connecting directly to a controller to create schedules in Designer will need to have an upgraded version of Designer.

Fixed and Known Issues 


Major Release Version 2018.4.3.54046

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE7970 An issue where the default Sort/Join memory setting was not working when set within 1 GB of the max setting has been resolved.  2018.4.3.54046 Fixed
DE16348 An issue where two license seats were necessary in order to transfer licenses has been resolved. 2018.4.3.54046 Fixed
DE17536 An issue that caused the Alteryx Service to crash if two simultaneous Mongo socket timeout exceptions occur has been resolved. 2018.4.3.54046 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2018.4.4.54346


Running a workflow from the district on the Alteryx Gallery fails if you are not signed in.



Minor Release Version 2018.4.5.55178


Update Gallery Sign up Text.

2018.4.5.55178 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2018.4.6.17643

DE19750 The Job priorities are processed in the wrong order. 2018.4.6.17643 Fixed
DE20523 Desktop schedules could not be successfully migrated to Gallery. 2018.4.6.17643 Fixed

Gallery schedules would sometimes become disabled with the following error message when Artisan permissions were granted via an Active Directory group:

Schedule: was invalid due to error: OwnerApplicationAccessRevoked

2018.4.6.17643 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE17114 An error occurs when the priority of a queued job is changed in the View Schedules window. 2018.4.3.54046 Known
DE17397 Clicking to view the API secret for users who are moved into a new studio results in an error.  2018.4.3.54046 Known
DE17402 Publishing a single image to a render output as an HTML format throws an error when the job is run in the Gallery.  Also, links rendered in PCXML outputs do not work when clicked on, but can be copied and pasted into the browser. 2018.4.3.54046 Known
DE17441 Creating a data connection in the Gallery with a password that uses a pipe symbol causes the connection to fail. 2018.4.3.54046 Known
DE18609 An issue occurs when generating a License Request File from command line using the AlteryxActivateLicenseKeyCmd.exe command. To activate offline, you can still generate the License Request File from the Alteryx Offline Activation window in Alteryx. For help, visit the online help page Activate a License Offline, the community article How to License Alteryx, or watch a short video. 2018.4.3.54046 Known
DE18131 In the Gallery Admin Diagnostics page, when you hover over the charts in the Worker area and click the last option, a browser window opens with the URL for 2018.4.3.54046 Known
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