Server 2019.1 Release Notes

Last modified: January 25, 2021
Release Note Product Versions
Version Date Release End of Support
2019.1.4.57073 February 13, 2019 Major August 13, 2020
2019.1.6.58192* March 19, 2019 Minor September 19, 2020
2019.1.7.18602 November 5, 2019 Minor May 5, 2021
*No items in this release

New Features

Admin User Management Grid

The Users page in Gallery Administration displays user information as a list in a table when built-in authentication is implemented. From the list view you can add users, edit user information and roles, view user studios, and view the number of collections shared with them.

Admin Collections Management

The Collections page provides visibility into the number of collections that have been created by users, the name and owner of each collection, and the number of workflows and insights that have been shared. From this page you can change the owner, and share the collection with other users and studios.

User Collection Permissions

Collection owners can give other users permission to share a collection and to edit workflows that have been shared in that collection. Users who have been given the permission to edit shared workflows, can open and edit the workflows in Alteryx Designer and can save the changed workflow back to the collection in their Gallery. Admins can manage the users and groups that have access to a collection and can change the owner of the collection as well.

Alteryx Analytics Gallery Email Verification

Users who sign up for a new Alteryx Analytics Gallery account receive an email to verify their email address before they can sign in to the Alteryx Analytics Gallery for the first time.

Embedded MongoDB Password Can Now Be Updated

Users can change the embedded MongoDB password from the command line.


Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2019.1.4.57073

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE17908 Schedule queue in Designer no longer reorders. 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed
DE18131 In the Gallery Admin Diagnostics page, when you hover over the charts in the Worker area and click the last option, a browser window opens with the URL for 2019.1.4.57073 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2019.1.7.18602

DE19716 Server data connection authorization. 2019.1.7.18602 Fixed
DE19750 Job priority is being processed in the wrong order. 2019.1.7.18602 Fixed
DE19799 Opening the workflow in Designer from the Version History window is broken. 2019.1.7.18602 Fixed
DE19998 Opening the workflow in Designer from the Version History window is broken when testing. 2019.1.7.18602 Fixed
DE20523 Desktop automation schedules could not be successfully migrated to Gallery. 2019.1.7.18602 Fixed
US42251 Gallery schedules sometimes become disabled. 2019.1.7.18602 Fixed
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