Server 2019.2 Release Notes

Last modified: January 25, 2021
Release Note Product Versions
Version Date Release End of Support
2019.2.5.62427 June 7, 2019 Major December 7, 2020
2019.2.7.63499* July 9, 2019 Minor January 9, 2021
2019.2.10.64688 September 5, 2019 Minor March 5, 2021
2019.2.8.18607 October 30, 2019 Minor April 30, 2021
*No items in this release

New Features

  • Packaged drivers have been updated so Server implementations using user-managed MongoDB can be upgraded to version 4.0.3. 
  • Collections have been extended to have user and asset management on a per-user basis, and provide a collaboration space where users can update shared workflows.
  • Admin dashboard cards now link to relevant areas of the product.
  • A new endpoint allows for scripted pulls of information regarding various entities in Server, including workflows, collections, credentials, subscriptions, and users.

Fixed and Known Issues


Minor Release Version 2019.2.7.63499 

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE19750 The Job priorities are processed in the wrong order 2019.2.7.63499 Fixed
DE19799 Can't open a workflow in Alteryx Designer from the Version History window 2019.2.7.63499 Fixed
DE20103 System settings display an error when launching a localized version 2019.2.7.63499 Fixed
US42251 Gallery schedules are intermittently disabled at random 2019.2.7.63499 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2019.2.8.18607 

DE20523 Desktop automation schedules could not be successfully migrated to Gallery. 2019.2.8.18607 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE18922 "Unable to translate alias" error in DCM when creating a data connection.  2019.2.5.62427 Known
DE18954 Diagnostic Dashboard in the Admin Gallery is cutting off parts of the floating window on the date/time information on the CPU and Memory Graphs.  2019.2.5.62427 Known
DE19030 When using the File Browse tool, the Arbitrary File Specification fails on Server, but works in Designer. 2019.2.5.62427 Known
DE19097 User has to reduce resolution to see list contents on this on Admin > Collections > collection detail modal. 2019.2.5.62427 Known
DE19100 IE displays cosmetic issues with borders of the Asset/User Management headers when using the Private studios 2019.2.5.62427 Known
DE19102 When creating a new user in Firefox, credentials saved to the browser load into the subscription ID and password fields.  2019.2.5.62427 Known
DE19105 Gallery Data Connection String Error. A workaround can be found here: US49079 . 2019.2.5.62427 Known
DE19117 Unable to edit user permissions as expected when using IE or Edge.  2019.2.5.62427 Known
DE19119 When a user is entering credentials when running a workflow, an error displays if the password exceeds 62 characters.  2019.2.5.62427 Known
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